September30 , 2022

How an AQUARIUS improve their Love and social life in 2020



The love and romantic life is not prominent this year. For a start, most of the long-term planets are in the Eastern sector of self –of personal independence. While the Western, social sector will strengthen as the year unfolds, it will never overpower the Eastern sector. At its strongest (and this will only be for brief periods) it will equal the Eastern sector. So, you are more independent this year. More self-sufficient. You chart your own course. You have less need of others than usual.

This is a wonderful trait but is not that good for love. Secondly, your 7th house of love is basically empty this year, while your 1st house of the self gets steadily stronger as the year progresses. Only short-term planets will move through the 7th house. So romance seems to be on the back burner. In spite of this, the Moon’s North Node (an abstract point) will move into your 7th house on May 6 and stay there for the rest of the year. So, while it is good to be independent and self-sufficient, it is also good to socialize and cultivate friendships.

I read this as a social year tending to the status quo. Singles will tend to stay single, and those who are married will tend to stay married. Aquarians are more into friendships than love. In fact love is just a ‘friendship with benefits’. 

Love is just friendship on a deeper level. This area will be active this year. Your planet of friends, Jupiter, will travel with your career planet. This shows that a lot of your socializing is career-related. You are meeting important, influential people and interacting with them. These are not romantic meetings, but more about professional affinities. The friendships of the 11th house are different from the friendships of the 7th house.

The 7th house shows friendships of the heart –you just love these people, regardless of status, position or wealth. The friendships of the 11th house are more platonic –they are friendships of the mind, friendships based on common interests. These latter are what’s happening this year. Since Jupiter will spend almost all year in your 12th house of spirituality, you are meeting spiritual kinds of people. Perhaps they are corporate types, but they are spiritual. These connections further your spiritual path as well as your career.

On December 20 Jupiter will enter your own sign. This shows that friends are very devoted to you and that you attract friends easily. They seek you out rather than vice versa.