September30 , 2022

How An Libra Improve Their Love And Social Life In 2020



The Western, social sector of the Horoscope is totally dominant. Sure, the Eastern sector will strengthen a bit as the year progresses, but it will never overpower the West. So though there will be periods of relative independence, the year ahead is about exercising your social genius (which is considerable).

More importantly Mars, your love planet, will spend over six months in your 7th house of love, from June 28 onwards. He is very powerful here in his own sign and house, and this increases your social magnetism even further. It shows that there is a relationship happening.

For singles it shows romance. But it doesn’t seem a smooth ride, however; family obligations and duties interfere. Perhaps the family or a parent figure is obstructive.

But Libra knows how to handle challenging relationships. With Mars in your 7th house you tend to fall in love quickly. You tend to jump into relationships quickly too. You would also attract similar people –impulsiveness is the main problem this year. A little caution, a little more ‘stepping back’might be a good idea. You could be attracted to athletic types of people. People in the military or police would also be alluring. You like independent, bold people.

The sexual magnetism would be the prime attraction. Romantic opportunities happen in the usual places this year –at parties, weddings and social gatherings. They can happen at the gym or sports field too. These would be interesting places to go on dates as well. Those in or working on their second or third marriages (and many of you are) will socialize more, but love tends towards the status quo. Mars is not a very fast-moving planet, but neither is he very slow.

This year he will move through six signs and houses of your chart so there are short-term trends in love that are best dealt with in the monthly reports. While Mars is in your 7th house he will make one of his rare retrogrades –from September 9 to November 14. This will add complication to the relationship. Important decisions about love shouldn’t be made during that retrograde period. Jupiter’s move into your 5th house of fun and creativity at the end of the year indicates a possible love affair. There will be plenty of opportunities for love affairs in 2021 as well.