June29 , 2022

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Love has been important for many years now, Virgo. Your 7th house has been strong and will remain so for many more years. This year the love and social life seem even stronger than they have been.

The Western, social sector of your chart –the sector that focuses on other people –is overwhelmingly dominant this year. So you are more focused on others. Your social grace is stronger than usual.

You are probably more popular than usual too. Aside from this, the love trends are pretty much as they have been for many years and we have written about them before. Not trying to be repetitive here, we’re just describing what is. You are always idealistic in love, always searching for the perfect love. You like perfection in everything but especially in love. And these days even more so. Your standards for love are very high. And, in many cases, no mere mortal could ever live up to them.

This produces a subtle sense of disappointment or disillusionment even in the best of relationships. They can be good, but not of the ultimate standard. For a Virgo it is always helpful to understand that perfection is a process. It is rarely handed to us on a silver platter. Perfection is something we create –or allow to manifest. So, as long as we are constantly improving –as long as the relationship is better today than last week or last month –we are on the road to perfection, though not yet there. Neptune, as our regular readers know, is the most spiritual of planets, and he is the ruler of your 7th house. A very powerful position.

The spiritual force is very strong these days, especially in love and the social life. Thus, if you are looking for love in nightclubs and bars you’re probably wasting your time. You might find sex there, but not love. For love you should attend spiritual or charitable-type gatherings: meditation seminars or lectures, prayer meetings, the yoga studio, charity events or events sponsored by or involving altruistic kinds of causes.

In love you need a spiritual-type person –ministers, mystics, spiritual channels, psychics and the like. But you would also be attracted to artistic types –poets, musicians, dancers, film-makers or people involved in the film industry. Perhaps the main danger in love –and this too has been the case for many years –is the tendency to over-idealize your partner. You tend to put him or her on such a pedestal that no human can occupy. And when your partner proves to be human there is disappointment.

The love life will sparkle from February 3 to March 3 (though there will be twists and turns as your ruler Mercury will go retrograde during this period); March 16 to April 11; May 29 to August 4 (there will be twists and turns this period too, with another Mercury retrograde); September 27 to October 28 (again Mercury’s retrograde complicates things); and November 11 to December 1. With your 5th house very strong all year there will be plenty of opportunities for love affairs –fun, unserious kinds of relationships.

These are not likely to lead to marriage. There is much turmoil in your friendships this year. Four lunar eclipses affect this area and two eclipses occur in your 11th house of friends. So friendships are getting tested. Friends are having many dramas this year.