October1 , 2022

How Psychotic Each Zodiac Sign Is (Ranked From Least To Most) In 2020 Year



People suffering from psychosis can usually fault their own life circumstances. However, there’s no denying the
zodiac creates certain personality traits that lend to more extreme behavior. All of the signs have a dark side. The
difference lies in the way each one reacts. Some are more prone to psychotic behavior than others. Some are
absolutely terrifying to be around during times of crisis. To see where your sign falls on the scale, read on:


Ruled by graceful Venus, it goes without saying Libras are the most balanced sign of the zodiac. They’re the least
likely to stray from their usual behavior, preferring to wander somewhere in the middle of the road. When a crisis
hits, they have the ability to stay level-headed and calm. Problems arise only when the scales are tipped too far
in any direction. When they’re overloaded, whether it’s by work, family matters, or relationships, you just might
glimpse a rare side of them. They will obsessively struggle to restore balance to their life, losing their poised,
Venusian sense of cool in the process. This is when the ugly crying starts—until everything settles, it’s best to

Geminis are charming and witty, making them appear the least suspicious of psychotic behavior. You’ll have to
pay attention, or you won’t even know it’s happening. The Mercury-ruled twins are highly skilled at verbal
espionage. They can figure out what makes you tick through careful observation, twist your words around, and
effortlessly tell lies. Oen, just for funsies. If they’re laying the compliments on thick, you can bet they’re up to
something devious. You’d better watch your back.

3. LEO

The lions of the zodiac have a mighty roar, but their bark is oen worse than their bite. Gied at creating drama,
Leos know how to appear unstable, but it’s usually all for show or to receive recognition. They can make scenes
like no other, and you can bet their crazed rampage will be loud and attention-grabbing. But when the limelight
fades, Leos are no longer interested in behavior that doesn’t ultimately benefit them.


Virgos have an eye for detail. Much like Gemini, these Mercury-ruled folks are keen observers. They notice every
flaw. They pay attention when you make mistakes. They figure out how to push your buttons. And they do this all
for their own advantage. When you don’t live up to their expectations, be prepared to be taken down. Their idea
of perfection is much too high for you to ever reach, and they’re already doubting your abilities. Chances are,
they’re storing away a giant vessel of ammo to use against you when they’re ready to attack.


Ruled by optimistic Jupiter, Sagittarians usually like to do most things for the thrill of it. Too much of a good
thing is always a good thing. So when they venture off the deep end, you can count on them doing it in a BIG
way. Their break-down won’t be as grandiose as a Leo’s, but they will go overboard. The archers are risk-takers,
the kind that go skydiving, run with the bulls, and shoot their self in the leg just to see what it feels like to take a
bullet. They’ll gamble away thousands without blinking an eye, and then move onto the next activity. Eventually,
these thrill-seekers run out of steam. When that happens, you don’t want to be anywhere near them. Their lows
are as dramatic as their highs.


Aquarians aren’t usually ones to display psychotic episodes. Ruled by zany Uranus, they pretty much march to
the beat of their own drum, uncaring of what others think. However, when their strive to be unique is done for
uniqueness’s sake, their behavior begins to border the edge of madness. Nothing makes sense anymore. Black is
white. Up is down. The sky is purple. Suddenly their lives begin to resemble something out of a Wonderland. If
you dare to get caught up in it, you’re going to get pushed down the rabbit hole. They don’t care what happens
to you either. Aquarians are an air sign, and internalizing emotions aren’t their strong suit. It’s much safer to
keep your distance.


These free-spirited hippies may appear to enjoy peace and happiness. That is, until the delusions start taking
over. Ruled by the murky waters of Neptune, these fishes can’t always distinguish reality from fantasy. This
pushes them into the frightening territory of true psychosis. Their lives oen mirror that of a dreamland. They
keep one foot on earthly planes and one in the spiritual realms. Their psychic nature can oen become a doubleedged sword, connecting the fish to bad energies and spirits alike. When their waking reality starts to resemble a
nightmare, they’re forced to lash out.


Aries-zodiac-sign-traits/) are the breed of psychos you don’t want to be around
when things go south. Ruled by passionate Mars, they are driven more by action and less by logic. Rational
thought doesn’t even occur to a crazed Ram, which means they don’t react out of fear of consequences. They live
purely in the moment—so if they feel like throwing a porcelain lamp at your head, you had better duck.

It goes without saying that Scorpio would rank high on this list. The general rule of thumb is to never cross a
Scorpio or you’ll end up regretting it for life. These are the revenge-seekers of the zodiac. Betrayal stings them to
their very core. Their need for control and dominance outweighs rational logic. Their obsessive nature is much
like a focused laser—you don’t want to be their intended target. Because once they decide to pull the trigger,
they never miss.


You will never witness a Capricorn’s psychotic side, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Instead, you will
experience their version of crazy through well-laid plans. Much like Scorpio, the goats know how to plot and
scheme. However, they take it to the next level, making Scorpios look like amateurs by default. These clever
goats are skilled at putting their emotions aside and turning their plans of revenge into a goal. By the time you
catch on, it will be too late. They are skilled, dedicated, and they take their goals seriously. Don’t ever get on a
Capricorn’s bad side. They’re the serial killers who never get caught.


The Taurus’s psychotic side doesn’t show itself until the eleventh hour. It takes a lot to trigger a bull as they tend
to bottle their emotions. On the outside, it may appear they have all the calm of Buddhist monks, but on the
inside, a storm is quietly brewing. All of those emotions fester until they can’t take it anymore. At that point, even
the smallest of slights will set them off. Then it’s like flashing a red scarf to a deranged bull—you’d better get out
of their way. No one throws a temper tantrum quite like a Taurus. Their transition from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde will
leave you scratching your head, wondering if they’re experiencing a case of the body snatchers.

Here we have it, folks. The sweet, affectionate Cancers are also guilty of having the most mental instability. It
isn’t so hard to understand why. Ruled by the moon, Cancers are highly charged by their emotions. These
lunarian types react based on the way they feel. Emotions don’t always abide by the laws of logic and reasoning.
Cancers are known to be jealous and suspicious, especially when it comes to their closest relationships, such as
lovers and family members. Disloyalty will absolutely push them over the edge. Never betray them, or else you
may end up the victim of a crime of passion.