August13 , 2022

How The Spooky November 2020 New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign



The 15th November Moon will be accompanied by the Mercury Retrograde, which makes the situation a bit more complicated.


Put yourself in the shoes of those who have taken a rip-off or who have told you something very secret.

At this point, you will have to decide whether to betray their trust or continue to deserve it.

The day may not be at all simple indeed, you could repeatedly have doubts, even collapses, but in the end, you will do what suits you more, ethically or professionally.


If you are not clear about what you should or could do in your life, it means that you have not yet properly addressed the question, that you have postponed it and that you will have to face it very soon.

You cannot, in fact, wash the hands of something that depends directly on you and that could put you in trouble or completely clear your way.

You have to reflect and understand what is happening.


You have some pending issues to assert because tomorrow will be too late and you may not even be able to remember all the things you are clear about now.

You cannot block yourself from fear.

After all, now you are prepared to hold a discussion as long as the thing is fresh, the more the time passes, the more you could be influenced by the judgment of those who would not want to have trouble and that would gladly put everything to silence.


You must protect your feelings more, especially from people who would like to use them against you as if they were weaknesses to be eliminated, but at the same time, you should not boast about it inadequately.

Defending one’s feelings, which are rightly felt in the first person and impose one’s own way of perceiving things to others, are two distinct and different things, which should never be confused.


Prepare your suitcase or get ready for something adventurous on this day, because what will happen may be unbelievable.

Only you can decide whether to participate or not.

Obviously, a new experience can only do you good, you could solve many of your fears about something that you do not know yet and you could add a piece to your daily life.


Your plans for the day may suddenly change when you receive news that concern you personally but that is quite shocking to the normal course of your actions.

It will have a strange effect on you and you may even have second thoughts.

After the initial adjustment, however, you will have to do everything to not be too influenced by those around you, who don’t even know you well enough.


You will work much faster on this day if you have a heart free from certain weights, especially sentimental and personal ones, which could really negatively affect the success of a project you have been working on for a while.

Do not give priority to any of the problems that will arisebecause you do not know yet if they can be real or if someone has proposed them to you for jealousy or to slow down your race.


Go slowly towards the future, because something could still happen and it is right that you have more visions on your side, before embarking on a definitive and definite path.

There are not many alternatives, so you’ll soon find out if what you think is right or wrong, you just have to be patient and show a willingness to the people around you.


Work issues could take the upper hand and your aggression could come out, especially considering that you have not yet managed to say your own on certain subjects, and this pushes you a bit.

However, it was you who allowed others not to talk to you, not to make you clear, so it would be a little like crying over spilled milk.

On the contrary, you should use anger as a vehicle for your grit, to necessarily pull out.


If you do not want people close to you to get in trouble, be embarrassed or put in a bad light, on this day you will absolutely have to speak with everyone’s heart and bring out the most intimate part of you.

Those who will observe you will not be content with something generic and ready-made but instead will find a way to communicate directly with your soul and you should not refuse every time!


Every opportunity you have missed in the past has been able to teach you something and to grant you a new possibility, a redemption, and in some way, something positive that you have not always been able to grasp.

But now you have a very clear view of what is happening and you should make a decision in the light of the facts.

You can no longer hide your head in the sand, it would also be disrespectful to those who believe in you.


Of the possibilities you have always had so many, luck has kissed you several times and you cannot really complain.

You are one of the most fortunate signs of the Zodiac and this should be clear on this day.

Whatever happens in fact, you will have to find the positive side of the affair and never throw yourself into easy disappointment or discouragement.