How to be Charming and Liked by Everyone

For some people, being charming and likeable comes naturally.

But for some others, any conversation for over a few minutes ends up involving toe curls and awkward silences.

So what makes some people naturally warm?

Are they lucky with the opposite sex?

Or do they have something that you still don’t understand?

How to be charming and liked by everyone

To have the ability to charm people or be liked by everyone, you need to become a better conversationalist.

A true conversationalist knows the secret behind attracting attention and keeping people interested in the conversation.

Use these 13 tips on how to be charming and you’ll definitely be liked by everyone too.

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#1 Don’t be selfish. When you’re talking to someone, don’t talk only about the things you know or like.

Start off by talking about something you know the other person would like. Only the charmers and smooth talkers know this fact.

To keep someone interested in the conversation, learn to build their excitement up by talking about things they like and they’ll end up having a longer and happier conversation with you.

#2 Smile a genuine smile. At first sight, a happy-to-see-you smile can make someone feel happy to see you, and relaxed to talk to you. Let your happiness be infectious to everyone around you. Don’t behave in a grumpy manner. Exude positive vibes and everyone else will feel uplifted after talking to you.

#3 Be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t fidget around or shuffle your feet nervously. Relax and feel comfortable wherever you are. When you feel positive, your vibes will make the other person feel more comfortable with you. Don’t be a fake and don’t try to be someone you’re not. Like yourself and others will be charmed by your presence. [Read: Easy tips to love yourself a lot more]

#4 Get them talking. If you want to know how to be charming, the secret is in getting the other person to feel like they’re doing all the talking. People like talking about things that revolve around their own lives. When you’re talking to someone, ask them about their day or recent activities. And be genuinely interested in what they have to say.

#5 Make others feel more positive. When you’re having a conversation with someone, compliment them about something you like, be it their clothes or their work. When you make the person you’re talking to feel positive and confident, they’ll enjoy talking to you more often. After all, you do make them feel good about themselves. Be gracious and yet, sincere and people will love spending time with you.

#6 Flirt and flatter. Don’t be sexual or excessively flirty, or you’ll come off as an incessant flirt. A charming person is someone who makes everyone feel good about themselves after a conversation. Say good things about the person you’re talking with, without overdoing it. As long as you’re likeable and warm, everyone else will enjoy a conversation with you. [Read: How to flirt with a guy without really flirting]

#7 Empathize with them. Relate to the person you’re talking to. They’ll appreciate it and feel a lot better. Always try to relate to them by saying something similar that happened to you too, especially when it’s something painful or less flattering and embarrassing. When you help people feel better about themselves, they’ll be grateful and find you a lot more charming and sweet.

#8 Be enthusiastic and lively in the conversation. Listen to what the other person says and add your own details now and then. By doing that, you’ll find more things to talk about and come up with new and interesting conversation pointers all through the conversation. Don’t ever look bored or you’ll end up hurting the other person’s feelings.

#9 Eye contact. The way you look at the person while talking to them can say a lot about you and the interest you have in the conversation. If you want to be charming and liked, open your eyes slightly wider than you normally would, and smile just a little bit. It reveals a sign of awe and deep interest. The person you’re talking to would feel flattered and continue talking for as long as you seem fascinated. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#10 Be pleasant in your voice and the words you choose. Don’t yell or speak rudely if you want to be charming. Good conversationalists speak softly, in a pleasant voice. Unless you have no choice but to shout out to be heard when you’re in a group, be pleasant and focus more on your gestures and smile than anything else.

#11 Watch the signs. If someone feels bored or looks around a lot, change the conversation to something else. It probably means they’re not interested in what you’re talking about. You may think you’re being interesting, but more often than not, you may just be boring. A conversation involves at least two people. If you want to have a charming conversation, the people involved have to be interested in what’s being discussed.

#12 Touch. This is preferably used with the opposite sex and can do wonders in being likeable and charming. Now and then, touch the person you’re talking to. It builds a better connection and brings both of you closer. [Read: The art of flirting by touch]

#13 Know when to end the conversation. Don’t drag a conversation on forever, even if you think you have a lot of interesting things to say. Keep the talking balanced and make sure the person you’re talking to gets enough time to say what they want to say. And if you ever feel like you’re running out of things to say, excuse yourself and tell them you need to be somewhere else. If you want to be charming, it’s always better to end a conversation earlier in a happy way than drag something to the point of boredom.

Conversations are like fine wine. They get better the longer you talk to each other. Once you speak well with someone, they’ll subconsciously start speaking better to you. And what you’ll have in the end is a perfect conversation.

If you want to be liked by everyone you talk to, use these 13 tips on how to be charming and likeable and you’ll have happier and more enjoyable conversations with everyone almost immediately.


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