How to Be Funny and Make People Love Your Company

Funny, charming people aren’t born that way.

They were born just like anyone else, but they learnt to be funny along the way.

During our formative years and our childhood, we start to pick up traits and characters that we see all around us.

But if you haven’t picked up the funny bone influence from past experiences, don’t worry about it.

All it takes is a bit of understanding about being funny, and what it really takes to be a funny person who charms everyone around.

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Being funny isn’t about reciting jokes all the time.

A talking parrot could be the funniest thing in the world if things worked that way.

And being funny isn’t about behaving like a clown either.

A fun person is one who is genuinely happy at heart, and uses situations around themselves to create something funny out of thin air.

How to be funny no matter where you are

If you’re a not-so-funny person and want to get funny, there are two things you need to keep in mind. One, you can’t please everyone, so don’t feel let down if someone’s not laughing. Two, it takes time to become funny.

Remember, when you’re trying to become funnier, you’re changing your whole personality and becoming a better charmer.

And that’ll definitely take time. [Read: 12 types of humor and how it affects relationships and people around you]

To start off on your fun journey to become a funnier person, you have to change the way you look at the world. Don’t be negative or boring. Try to be involved and add to the conversation wherever you are.

Happy and fun people always have a better life. They have more friends, and people always bond better with them instantly. After all, funny people are memorable people.

10 steps to be a funny person who’s loved by all

To actually become a funny person whose company everyone loves, you need to take baby steps into becoming a better you. Here are 13 little steps you need to take to be funny and loved. [Read: How to talk to any guy and make him like you]

#1 Think positive. The art of being funny or humorous starts with positivity. Be optimistic in your approach towards life, and develop the ability to always look at the bright side of everything.

#2 Have a cheerful laugh. A person who has a pleasant laugh or a warm smile plastered on their face while meeting friends or someone new comes across as a likeable and fun person to spend time with. If you want to be funny, you have to start by being seen as a fun and likeable person.

#3 The kind of company you keep. Spend time with your friends, and meet new friends that you think are fun to spend time with. The kind of company you keep can change your outlook towards life. When you spend time with people who love to have a laugh all the time, you’ll be able to watch and learn while working on your own humor at the same time. [Read: 30 tips to make new friends who’ll help you have a better life]

#4 Comedy shows. Sometimes, a bit of inspiration from somewhere can help you get funnier faster. Just like how autobiographies of successful people can help you achieve more in life, watching standup comedy or comedy flicks will definitely make you a funnier and happier person.

And when you’re watching the comedy shows, don’t just listen to the funny lines. Watch how the characters on screen behave and move when they speak funny. After all, being funny isn’t all in the lines you say. The way you behave can make a huge difference to your funny bone. [Read: How to love yourself and become a much better you!]

#5 A mischievous attitude. Funny people always have a streak of mischievousness in them. They like pulling someone’s leg or having a laugh at something funny around them. Mischievous people always see a double meaning in any conversation. Try to think out of the box and see the funny side in everything you do.

#6 Confidence. Be confident, it’s that simple really. It isn’t easy to be funny, and you need to like the person you see in the mirror to actually pull off a joke in the middle of the conversation. If you’re confident and believe that you’re a funny person, everyone else will feel the same way about you too. And another pointer to remember, funny people get funnier the more confident they feel.

#7 Think funny. Change the way you look at the world. Always try to see a funny side to everything. By doing that, your humor will start to get spontaneous. And to truly appreciate the fun things in life, you need to start taking things just a little more lightly.

#8 Read a lot of jokes. Jokes and funny one liners will give you a lot of catchphrases that you could use yourself. It’ll also help you visualize scenarios better in your own life. You really don’t have to memorize jokes. Just knowing what happens at a bar or in a class can help you recreate the same joke when you experience something similar in your real life.

#9 Work on your intonation. Understand when to pause and when to continue talking while speaking to someone. Read the newspaper aloud for about half an hour every day. A serious guy could say a joke, and people may just smile at him. A funny guy could say the same joke, and people may start laughing halfway through the joke.

How you say something funny matters a lot more than what you’re actually saying. Funny people always have great intonation. [Read: How to network and meet interesting people at parties]

#10 Be mysterious. As you get funnier, people will just expect you to have a funny retort to everything someone says. But you don’t really need to prove that you’re a funny person all the time. At times, even if you just smile, others around you will end up laughing because they’ll assume you’re thinking something funny!

#11 Use the right props. You don’t always have to initiate a joke or say something funny when you’re with your friends. Use other people’s answers or questions, and comment on it by saying something funny.

If someone asks a question, answer something funny. What’s the worst that could happen? People may not get your joke and think you’re answering seriously. That’s still not bad, is it? [Read: How to meet someone and get them to like you immediately]

#12 Know your world. Be aware of what’s happening around you. Funny people are funny because they already know the serious answers to questions about current affairs, and they twist the truth and say something funny instead. Remember, a funny person is also a very smart person who knows what’s going on in the world.

#13 Be who you are. Add humor to your life and the way you talk, but don’t try to be someone else. This is the biggest mistake many people end up committing while trying to be funny. If you’re the serious type, you don’t need to become a chatterbox or vice versa. Stick to who you are, and learn to be funny by adding that funny side to the real you.

The three types of funny you can be

There are many ways to be funny. But there are three traits you can add into your communication which will always work, without making it seem like you’re trying too hard. Use any or all of these three types of humor in your conversation and you’ll always leave people around you in splits. [Read: 15 obvious flirting signs between a guy and a girl]

#1 Sex. If someone around you says something, try to find a hidden meaning that can be related to sex. And answer back to the question or the comment keeping the sexual reference in mind. It doesn’t have to be obvious, but others have to get what you mean.

#2 Sarcasm. This is where you answer a question back with a serious face, but you say something that’s actually really funny.

#3 Self deprecation. This isn’t one of the best types of humor to use, but it does work. This is the kind of humor where you put yourself down in front of someone else in a funny way, especially when you’ve done something wrong. Think Hugh Grant in all his funny chick flicks and you’ll know what I mean.

But a word of caution here, use self deprecating humor only around people you’re close to, or others may think you’re a weak character who has low self esteem and can be pushed around. After all, you can’t constantly push yourself down and expect others to think you’re a class act. [Read: How to attract a girl using self deprecating humor]

The kinds of humor to avoid

If you’re trying to be funny, you can say whatever you like, but try to avoid crossing the thin line which can make your joke go from funny to uncomfortable.

#1 Demeaning jokes. Don’t ridicule someone else in a conversation just to make others laugh. It may work for a line or two, but others around you may just start to feel awkward about the whole thing very soon. This works in standup comedy, and not always in real life.

#2 Mimicry. Mimicking a friend who’s not around may be a laugh at first. But others may think of you as a rude person who doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. It’s just not funny, unless that person you’re making fun of is around and able to defend themselves by mimicking you or ridiculing you. [Read: Is your negative thinking ruing your life?]

Don’t flog the dead horse

Don’t be predictable or crave for attention by joking around all the time. There’s nothing worse than a funny person whose jokes are way too obvious. You don’t need to make the whole room laugh all the time. At times, it’s okay to sit down quietly. You’re not a standup comedian, you know?

Be funny when you see the opportunity, but don’t sit on the edge of the seat and constantly try to say something funny all the time. A funny conversationalist makes the room laugh now and then, a standup comedian looks for ways to keep the room in splits all the time.

Don’t give up

This is the most important tip you need to remember. We must all learn to walk before we can run. And just like that, you’ll learn to get funnier as time goes by. Don’t be disheartened if your funny lines don’t work at first or if some people don’t get your jokes. [Read: Bad friends – 10 circumstances when you should end a friendship]

Even the funniest of people could be stuck in the middle of lifeless company now and then. Recollect your lines when you get back home and see if you said something offending. Learn from your mistakes, and you’ll get better with every passing day.



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