How to be Mysterious without Being Too Distant

We always want what we can’t have, and when we find someone to be mysterious, it means they are alluring, and we can’t figure them out. And that’s exactly why we keep wanting more – so that we can understand them. When you have that air of mystery, you leave potential partners scrambling for clues to find out more about you. And we all have an inner Nancy Drew inside of us somewhere.

The mysterious ones are always a challenge. They leave people puzzled and confused, but ultimately also attracted to what they can’t figure out. It’s like being a bit of a tease, but they’re playing with your mind so well that you won’t be able to stop thinking about them. Now isn’t that a really fun yet effective strategy that you can use in your dating life?

How to be more mysterious

If you want to come across as a mystery yourself, but also want to make sure you don’t scare off your potential partner without appearing distant, try these tips below.

#1 Don’t respond right away. If you want to be mysterious to the person you’re talking to, a very easy way to do so is to not respond to every text and/or call right away. I know, with technology, we are always all so tuned in that it can be hard to avoid replying to someone immediately.

But if you want to appear mysterious, then start by not replying to a text or call as soon as you receive it. Wait a half hour, or even a couple of hours. You’re not actually ignoring them, you’re just living your life, and are so busy doing other things that you couldn’t respond right away. That’s the opposite of clingy, and we all know that being clingy isn’t a good look.

#2 Don’t always be available. Along with not responding right away, if your guy or girl asks you to hang out or do something, don’t always say yes. Instead, say yes some of the time. If you don’t feel like doing something, then don’t do it. No one is forcing you to do so. Besides, when you two finally hang out, you’ll probably enjoy it even more because you’re not always together.

#3 Less is more. Just because you meet someone you are into and excited about, doesn’t mean you have to tell them your entire life story in the first 30 minutes of meeting one another. Less is more, and in this case, a lot less is more. If you want your mysterious-ness freak flag to fly, then remember to become a great listener, and do less of the talking.

You can talk about yourself, but you don’t have to name all the girlfriends you went to see a movie with or all the guys who are still hung up on you. Instead, you can say something like “Yeah, I like to go on movie dates,” or “Yeah, sometimes, I still get calls from guys I went out with.” Keep it short, keep it simple, and they’ll go nuts trying to find out more about you.

#4 Be unique. When you have your own sense of style, it means you have your own look, and you definitely don’t look like everyone else around you. It means you set your own stage. If you want to be mysterious, then be the unique you that you’ve always been.

Don’t blend in with everyone else. Stand out from the crowd by wearing that outrageous outfit you’ve always wanted to wear. Change your hair color. Express an unpopular opinion. Be who you really are without feeling the pressure to just go with the flow all the time. That guy or gal you’re into will definitely be intrigued by the way you’re not fazed by the opinion of others.

#5 Use your sense of humor. One thing people love is someone that can make them laugh. If you have always thought of yourself as being pretty witty, then it’s your time to shine. You don’t have to be sarcastic or make knock-knock jokes all the time because that can be really annoying *which is the complete opposite of mysterious*, but it is good to use it from time to time to keep things interesting.

Most of the time when people ask something like “what’s up?” they are used to getting the typical reply of “not much, what about you?” So if that’s how conversations always go with someone you’re into, hit them up with a witty one-liner or remark. It’s not something they receive every day, and it’ll perk them right up because they got a response and a prelude to a clever conversation. Win-win!

#6 Be confident. Who wants to be around an insecure person? I’ll tell you: no one. Confidence is always sexy, always. It adds to the air of mystery because the one you like might start to wonder where you’re getting all your confidence from. Why are you so secure in yourself? Why do you always look and act like no one can knock you down? Why are you so damn sexy?

When you want to exude an aura of mysteriousness, you’re not out to tease them, hurt them, and especially not to push them away, but you do want to keep them on their toes wondering about you, who you are, what you like, what you don’t like, and everything else in between.


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