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On July 6th, the Cancer season will begin. It’s a wonderful time to manifest your dreams. The Sun and the moon are going to be full of the Piscean energy this season.

Plus, there is the wonderful ‘dreamy’ Neptune entering with its massive magical power. Add to that the movement of Uranus into steady Taurus and you get electric-inducing magic coming your way.

So, how should we act when these wonderful alignments are taking place?


You are ready – you can do it. Start believing in yourself and the process. Remember that you are actually a spiritual person who is stuck in a human body sharing human experiences. Try to be attentive to the needs of your body and don’t push yourself too much.


You are unique and somehow, your uniqueness makes you feel like you are alone. Well, we can’t really deny it – there is no one like you. But you have to accept yourself as well as believe that there are other groups out there who are willing to accept you as you are. So, just go out and find the tribe that accepts you.


If you put your mind to something, you know you can achieve it. So, what’s stopping you? Start to believe in yourself and make the most of it. Find out what makes you happy – find out your dreams and work towards it. You can do it.


Going out of your comfort zone is scary but that’s how you grow. It is outside our comfort zone that life actually begins. So, stop doubting yourself and take a leap of faith. No one can tell what you will find once you get out of your comfort zone, but it might turn out for the best.



As a Leo, you are supposed to be proud of yourself. What happened? Yes, the past may have been terrible and you are worried what the future holds – but don’t dwell in them. Live in the now, forgive others and yourself, and move forward. Be free.


Are you genuine when it comes to your relationship? Maybe you are putting too much of yourself in the relationship and in the process, and losing your identity. Try to hold back a bit. Develop boundaries and try to merge your efforts with that of your partner. Balance is the key.


Is your current routine not fulfilling enough? Try to develop more space for your spiritual and physical side. Develop compassion, especially for your own self. Remember, your health is important and it should always be the priority.



There is something that inspires you – but are you sure you are tapping into it? Your muse is important for you, but if you don’t connect with it, then it’s kind of useless. So, be genuine about your relationship with your muse and connect with it – it will be magical.


Emotions are important and if it goes a bit out of balance, then it can cause havoc in your mind, body, and soul. So, ask yourself, are you ok and secure with all your emotions? Be compassionate and try to remain safe. Also, make sure that you consider home as a place of solace and peace – stay safe within.


You are filled with different kinds of ideas, but you don’t even express half of them. Use your voice- express it! Even though you may not know it yet, your ideas are magical and they might heal someone. Maybe they can heal you too.



You have different values that do not coincide with that of the world, and it’s perfectly alright. They are relevant and that is important. Try to tap into it and become one with it. Remember the magical being that you are – don’t keep the magic tucked away.


You have the freedom to choose what you want. So, stop selling yourself short. Do whatever you wish to do and bring color to the lives of others and yourself. Glow!

Let this Pisces season make every dream of yours come true. It’s an amazing season for dreams and ambition. So, keep dreaming!