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According to astrologers, Mercury retrograde in July 2020 has characteristics that will impact more on Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. But people who were born under other signs should not take this for granted, since the retrograde motion of Mercury will affect yours too and probably bring someone or something from the past. Find out how below.


During the period that Mercury will go retrograde, it also conjoins with Mars, which is the ruler of this sign. This means that Aries will need to be careful about communication at home. As Mercury retrograde always brings people back from the past, affairs and sexuality will be in vogue too.


Family and learning will be the most important subjects of this period for you, Taurus. Take the opportunity to spend time with your relatives and reflect on the lessons you receive from them. It may be that family members you have not seen in a long time reappear in your life as well.


Mercury retrograde in July 2020 will make you think about money, Gemini. However, you should be very careful about your plans for the future, especially if investments and applications are involved. Impulsive attitudes to money often generate a lot of regrets after Mercury returns to normal motion.


Mercury retrograde in July 2020 will happen between two eclipses and this will be very powerful for you because it is the month of your birthday, Cancer. Try to protect yourself because the moment will be of tense emotions and hurts from the past. Try to analyze what works for you and prepare an emotional detox.


Leo will be in the midst of an emotional and spiritual review. Your connection to the Divine will be stronger and this is the time to try to find connections with what happens in your life on Earth. Focus on the old issues that will reappear and how you express yourself.


It is no wonder that Mercury retrograde brings people and situations back from the past. Regarding Virgo, friends who you have not heard of for a long time or even questions to be reviewed in friendships that remain should appear. When you think about the future during this time, consider what you live with such close people.


Pay particular attention to your career, Libra. The past and the future will be intertwined and the order is to not repeat the same mistakes of the past. See if there is any repeating pattern in your life and break the chain. Think about what always happens and try to change to see different and successful results.


Mercury retrograde in July 2020 will affect the area of studies, travels and international contacts when we talk about Scorpio. Retrograde motions always move you in a deep way and now is the time to realize what holds you back to the past, so you can let go and accelerate your growth.


Abundance hovers over you this year, Sagittarius, because Jupiter (your ruler) transits through it. Take advantage of Mercury retrograde to analyze your relationships and what you gain from them. Are they promoting abundance in your life? You should also review some old thoughts and let taboos and prejudices go.


The area of partnerships will be affected by Mercury retrograde regarding to Capricorn. It is known that no one should sign contracts this period, but you should pay extra attention to that. There is also a strong tendency to discussions in the love relationships too.


The communication will be the key for you during this period, Aquarius. You should turn your attention to the work environment and your colleagues. The timing will bring some challenges and career tests as well as group tasks. It is time to know who is loyal and who you can count on.


This will be a very slow moment for you, Pisces. Mercury retrograde in July 2020 will direct you to self-care. Be present with your past, clean what needs to be cleaned and reorganize your routine. Take back activities that give you pleasure and have been left behind in the past, take care of your body and the way you feed yourself too.