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How Your Jupiter Sign Influences Your Zodiac Sign Wealth And Wisdom.

Every year, Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, protects Earth from space debris thanks to its massive gravitational pull. Considering its size and status as Earth’s protector, it’s no wonder astrologers have deemed Jupiter as the greater benefic (or do-gooder) in astrology, a symbol of abundance, philosophy, and wisdom. Jupiter is often known as the planet of luck, and its placement in your natal chart points to the area of life where you’re granted gifts and blessings.

Jupiter indicates your philosophical and spiritual world views, perception of wealth, and your experiences of travel and long journeys. Jupiter is a planet of faith, showing a glimpse into our beliefs and what kinds of risks we’re willing to take based on intuition rather than facts. Jupiter also hints at our sense of purpose, and its position indicates what we’re interested in learning and what we’re capable of teaching others. Being the planet of growth and expansion has its pluses, but Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches, and too much of a good thing can sometimes not be so great—Jupiter could even expand a situation that isn’t serving you! Knowing your Jupiter sign can be enlightening if you want a better understanding of your approach to learning, what you’re being schooled on during this life, and which experiences open your mind most.

Jupiter spends approximately 12 months in a sign, so it can be anywhere in relation to your sun sign, making it important that you check your chart to know where Jupiter was located when you were born.

To find your Jupiter sign, plug in your birth date, time, and location to your preferred birth chart generator and find the symbol that looks like a crescent moon attached to a cross, or an elaborate number four.

Once you’ve figured it out, here is the lucky charm for Jupiter influence


Aries Jupiter

Lucky charms: trophies from past victories and charms that bring you success, anything made of iron, the color red, a lucky hat

Taurus Jupiter

Lucky charms: plant material, something green, lucky scarf or necklace

Gemini Jupiter

Lucky charms: transit tokens and tickets, movie stubs, cute key chain, fables, your phone

Cancer Jupiter

Lucky charms: heirlooms, lucky bra, lucky mug, a locket, mood ring

Leo Jupiter

Lucky charms: your hair or facial hair, pocket comb, gold chain

Virgo Jupiter

Lucky charms: prayer beads, satchel of herbs

Libra Jupiter

Lucky charms: necklace

Scorpio Jupiter

Lucky charms: tarot card, lingerie

Sagittarius Jupiter

Lucky charms: deck of playing cards, backpack, a horseshoe

Capricorn Jupiter

Lucky charms: lucky penny, wishbone, fossils, heirlooms, paycheck to future self

Aquarius Jupiter

Lucky charms: lightning bolt keychain, lucky anklet, water bottle

Pisces Jupiter

Lucky charms: lucky seashell, socks, a talisman that’s been prayed over


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