June27 , 2022

If You Have October 2020 In Your Life, Tell Them You Love Them


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If you have a October in your life, you need to understand our love language: words of affirmation. A October embodies this.

October need a sense of security. We need stability and the reassurance that everything will be okay. When it comes to relationships, we might feel as if we aren’t giving enough to the other person, when in fact we are giving plenty, if not more.

In every relationship I’ve been in, I gave so much of myself to the other person, wanting to be good enough for them. I never really got that reassurance I needed and because of that, my anxiety became so much worse. Panic attacks and self-doubt became a real thing for me. I started over-analyzing everything I did, wondering if I could’ve done something differently to be enough for them.

It might be an anxiety thing, or maybe it’s really just a October thing, but paranoia is real. October overanalyze everything. I mean it. Everything. If you’re inconsistent with your actions, we’ll get anxious over it. We question whether or not we did something wrong to make you act a certain way.

When October are anxious, we are anxious. I mean, we isolate ourselves, we stay quiet. I’m a big cryer. Sometimes October keep things bottled up, fearful of being judged for expressing our feelings. We’re sensitive creatures so we don’t like being looked at in a negative light. Most of the time, though, October don’t keep things bottled up because we know how anxious we can get if we do. We just have to let it all out.

If you know a October with anxiety, reassure them that they’re good enough. They’ll thank you for it.

If you are an anxious October, remember that you are enough.

Until someone comes around and reminds you how great you are, keep telling yourself this: you are enough