If Your All Isn’t Enough, Then You’re Probably Wasting It On The Wrong Man


You’ve poured yourself into your man and now your body is tired. You’ve constantly sought out ways to make him happy and now your soul is tired.

You feel drained because you’ve given yourself entirely to him. You feel empty from inside and life has slowly lost its color.

You’ve tried hard to make him love you, you’ve done your best to make your relationship work, and that’s made you feel like you aren’t good enough.

Your feelings are selfless and he’s only been selfish. You worry more about him than about yourself.

He is all that’s important in your life. But unfortunately, you don’t get the same feeling from his side.


You constantly feel that you don’t deserve him because everything you do is wrong.

You must understand that if it is true love, if he is your soulmate, then even the smallest things you do will be right for him.

He’ll appreciate your effort more than those gestures.

You’ve been waiting for him to change far too long. You are somehow still sure that he loves you and that it will make him change for you – make him be a better person for you.

He isn’t changing. He’s only there because he knows that he can control you and you’ll do everything he asks you to do because you want to stay with him.


He’ll use your love only to feed his own ego, which is already inflated. And you’ll be left with low self-esteem issues.

He’s become the center of your life and now everything is about him.

You’ve lost your friends because of him. You’ve even distanced yourself from your family. People who were always there for you. People who were your biggest support in life.

You’ve distanced yourself from everyone who tried to tell you that man isn’t for you. Because you thought that they only wanted to separate you two.

Do you believe them now? Do you see that everything they’ve been telling you about him all this time is true?


You’ve tried so hard to make his family accept you and to get them to like you. And they have. They see how kind and good a woman you are.

How many times have you made plans for the weekend or put together a romantic dinner, only for him to ditch you and go out with his pals? You would never do something like that to him.

He is the only person you can open up to but he never has time to listen to you. How many times have you cried yourself to sleep because of his actions?

Then how many times have you put on makeup the next morning and acted as if nothing happened?

You are missing some great things that will be so much better for you. Maybe you are missing the one who’ll love you like he never did. Who will love and appreciate everything you do for him.


Great things are waiting for you and all you have to do is to let go of him. Let go of that wrong man who’s proven to you so many times that he isn’t your destiny.

Your life is a book and you are the only author. Look at this relationship as one of your biggest life lessons.

Name that lesson “What love should never feel like” and close that chapter.

Trust me that you are good enough. You are better than that. He is a blind man and nothing you do will make him see what kind of woman he has by his side.

Until he loses you. Then he’ll understand. Then he’ll regret it. Then he’ll wish to turn back time and undo all those lousy things he put you through.


Every second of your life is precious, so please stop wasting it on the wrong man. You’ll only lose yourself that way.

And there is nothing worse than that. To lose yourself in love. To lose yourself for someone who didn’t deserve you in the first place.

It’s hard to pick yourself up after that. It’s hard to learn to love yourself again.

Make the right choice. Stop wasting your precious time. Please, choose yourself for once.

You’ll see how beautiful life can be without him. His absence will bring back colors to your life.


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