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January 2022 Astro Forecast: Gentler Energies Great For Introspection

Being a leap year, January 2022 has 29 days. The 29th of January is unique since it is offering us the number 8 numerologically.
8 stands for abundance, a sense of equilibrium, and enormous capacity for our souls. You can anticipate this month to bring all these things with it. January is mosting likely to feel like a breeze after the hefty January.

Moon In Leo– 8th January
January’s Moon Eclipse was intense, however, this one due in January will be much lighter. Its vibrations are mosting likely to make us feel straightened with our soul’s course. It will likewise make us more certain. Whatever job you have been putting in towards your objective since August 2019, is going to thrive.

If any previous issues were troubling you, this Moon will certainly bring the much-needed closure to them.

Mars Moves Into Capricorn– 16th January
Generally, this positioning is an enthusiastic one. The natural power will make us feel heavy and also we might require inspiration.

So, the representation will become exceptionally vital. Time out when you need to, it will bring you the much-required ideas.

In Capricorn, Mars will certainly support your enthusiastic goals. However, you need to get a little tactical and also patient when using this power. This is much more so because of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in March

Mercury Retrograde– 18th January to 10th March.
During this time, you need to end up being slower in your technique towards things. Happening in the water indicator of Pisces, this Retrograde will bless us with instinct and also a sharp 6th sense. The Sun also shifts right into Pisces during this moment.

Sunlight In Pisces- 18th– 19th January
The Sunlight has gone through all the stages as well as now is nearing the cycle’s end. This will mark the ending and locking up of loose ends. You’ll harvest the fruits of seeds you had sown.

Review whatever lessons you’ve discovered and also whatever presents you’ve made throughout the last twelvemonth. A brand-new cycle is quickly to start!

Neptune S*xtile Jupiter- 20th January
Although it is to occur on this set day, you will feel its results throughout the month. This setting of Jupiter and also Neptune is unique and also rare as it takes place every 4 as well as 9 years conversely. However, this sextile will certainly happen three times in 2022, in January, July-August, and also October.

It will bring peace as well as healing homes in your life. Your resonances will also be heightened as a result of this configuration.

New Moon In Pisces– 23rd January
March is full of new beginnings as well as this New Moon will certainly set the pace for them.

In general, January will certainly be a calming month. It will certainly heal the contusions left by January and past that. Maintain your rate slow-moving throughout the Mercury Retrograde. Be in touch with the globe yet at the same time also attempt to continue to be connected with your psyche.

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