August13 , 2022

July 2020 New Moon: Control The Ego, The Wounds Will Heal



24th July 2020 will be hosting a New Moon in Aries and it will bring some restrictions for us all.

This is going to be a challenging luminary, which is scheduled to bring sickness and grief. Forming conjunction with Chiron, it will open our karmic wounds and can also create new wounds this July .

The coronavirus pandemic is creating unprecedented panic and fear. The New Moon will be fueling this atmosphere of inhibition further. But we must remember that Chiron is, in fact, a healer.

Irrespective of the wounds, it will work to bring us wisdom that will help us heal. It will spread empathy and compassion, and we as a community must tap into this healing energy.

According to Astrology, the New Moon will be at 4 degrees in Aries, and only one major planet will be in its aspect. There will be a mild yet positive impact from the Moon s*xtile Saturn.

The lunar nodes, along with Lilith and Chiron, will have a greater influence on this New Moon. Lunar nodes are associated with karma, family, and past lives.

Chiron is associated with magic, healing, as well as karmic wounds. Black Moon Lilith, the Dark Goddess archetype, is considered to be the feminine counterpart of Chiron, giving out similar energies.

Saturn s*xtiling the New Moon in Aries will offer us the perseverance needed to survive these difficult times. It will make us more practical and responsible. Despite the difficulties in the community, the presence of Saturn near this Moon will enable us to finish difficult tasks that have been pending.

There is also scope for exchange of knowledge and wisdom – ask your elders for advice and share your knowledge with the younger ones.

Wounds and Healing: Chiron

Representing both healing and wounding, Chiron will have quite an impact on this New Moon in Aries. Our wounds, physical and emotional, now come to the surface with Chiron.

We will again suffer our past pains accompanied by renewed guilt for the pain we have caused others. A new loss or wound may also come up during this time.

As we experience all these, it is important to express ourselves. Those with childhood trauma are posed to reexperience them now, especially if they were related to their parents.

We will be more sensitive now, with our empathy intensifying. We will connect with the wounds of our dear ones and feel their pain as well. Alienation, rejection, victimization will be common during this period, leading to self-pity and utter loss of confidence.

But the more aggressive ones among us may turn volatile as a reaction to this potent energy. Just remember that hurting yourself or others will not help you heal yourself.

Try to tap into the healing and nurturing energy of Chiron and the Aries Moon. You can focus on Tarot, astrology, and even medicine to heal your wounds- internal and external. Pay attention to your thoughts too- Chiron in its highest manifestation often works to heal us via our thoughts.

We need to accept that the whole world is going through a difficult time, given the pandemic. The New Moon in Aries also brings new challenges. Be it Chiron’s wounds, or the ones from Lilith and the nodes, we are set to experience pain and loss. But Chiron can also help us heal. So, we need to focus on that too.

The 4 weeks following this New Moon in Aries will carry the energy of this Moon. We have to focus on healing ourselves and others despite the grief we experience. The only thing we have to remember is this too shall pass.