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July 2021 Monthly Horoscope: Integrating Change And Pursuing Passion

July begins a day after the January 31 total lunar eclipse in wild-hearted, flashy Leo. Ends up it’s not just March that will “come in like a Lion” in 2020. We’re surfing right into July on the waves of TWO full moons that bookended January, making the second lunation a “blue” moon, a supermoon AND an eclipse all rolled into one (would certainly Leo have it otherwise?).

This was the end result of events stimulated by the August 21, 2021 “Great American Eclipse,” which left a route of vision-protecting paper glasses and raving events in its wake last summer season. Seeds grew then are ultimately growing into something that makes actual feeling. Do you seem like a different individual with new priorities? You just might!

The only regulation currently is to anticipate the unforeseen. Eclipses can resound for numerous days, if not all month long, as well as July begins pulsing with both progression and also riot.

Valentine’s Day might appear like a small occasion (extra on that particular soon), specifically given that it drops the day previously yet another eclipse. Cupid might simply need to share the stage with la luna … and also a pack of cosmic dogs.

On July 15, a partial solar (new moon) eclipse lands in team-spirited Aquarius, sending out surges with our communities, friendships and also cooperations. While we can locate ourselves scrambling to adapt to worldly story twists, allow’s not obtain too comfy right now.

In addition to being a solar eclipse, July 15 starts the Chinese year of the Planet Dog. After an exhausting year under the Fire Fowl’s rule (Twitter wars, pecking orders … enough already!), the collaborative and loyal Canine might come as a welcomed alleviation.

Thankfully, this ought to be an extra coolheaded eclipse (reasonably talking), given that we’re dealing with logical Aquarius as opposed to drama-rama Leo. The second eclipse on the 15th will certainly additionally fall on a NEW moon, placing the focus on fresh starts as well as vibrant starts, instead of the quick modifications and also discoveries stimulated by a moon or lunar eclipse. With the Sun in Aquarius up until July 18 (#AquariusSeason), right here’s wishing the Water Bearer’s laid-back vibe can cool down some of that happy Lion’s fire.

Both eclipses will certainly reverberate again this summertime– much like they did in 2021 — as one more pair lands back in both Leo as well as Aquarius. Mark your schedule: July 27 will bring an Aquarius overall lunar eclipse (the end result of the July 15 occasion), complied with by a Leo solar eclipse on August 11. Prepare for a lot more modifications to your individual objectives, self-expression, friendships and collaborations. Exercising the equilibrium between solo fame (ruled by Leo) and also synergy (Aquarius’ domain) is a larger style.

On the global/political stage, these eclipses can bring more management modifications, waves of advocacy, and also “people vs. the power” showdowns. Leo is all about speaking up and also speaking up, while Aquarius brings people with each other around an usual reason. The January eclipse put the spotlight on Leo Robert Mueller as well as warmed up the FBI’s examination right into Russian election hacking. It also accompanied the sentencing of Leo gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar– while pushing over 150 survivors to affirm regarding his years of sexual assault. Awards period, from the Globes to the Grammys, brought a rallying cry in support of the #MeToo activity.

July is an unusual month due to the fact that there are NO full moons, which implies certain stories may not totally unravel until March. Normally, we have one full moon per month, but given that January had 2 (on the 1st and the 31st) and July is the year’s shortest month, we will not see la luna ruptured right into her bodacious glory up until March 1.

Valentine’s Day could be outweighed by the eclipse, and to top it off, it falls on a Wednesday AND ALSO a “balsamic” (nearly new) moon, when individuals have a tendency to be on the sleepier or less determined side. Cupid might get a warm reception this year, and most of us may be far better off rolling our charming plans right into a Chinese New Year event, or waiting till the weekend break to allow commemorate the occasion.

Or, hang tight till Pisces season begins on July 18, a month when we move from heady Aquarius to the heart-centered Fish. Astrologically talking, V-Day is a little bit of an organizing mistake: WHY have a touchy-feely vacation during the most analytical season? Aquarius is the indicator of emotional detachment and laid-back links, which does not precisely establish the stage for grand, gushy motions. However tell THAT to the Valentine’s Industrial Facility. When it comes to us, we’ll hold off and also let the planetary mermaid draw the trends of our hearts right into much deeper waters later this month.


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