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On July 20th, the Full Moon will be in Libra, which will have a significant impact on the VII House of Aries. The lunar event announces a change of status in what matters to relationships, and business associations.

July is considered as an interesting season for the natives of Aries, with the retrograde of Mercury on the sign of the Ram, as of 22nd July , and the apparent setback of Jupiter in the House VIII, since the 8th. In low vibration, these stellar events can cause problems of concentration, difficulties in communications with third parties and differences for economic reasons, with family members or the couple.

What will set the pace of the month will be the way you assume these available energies. With a retrograde planet in your sign and another in House VIII is an excellent period for introspection. Mercury will enter Aries, on 06/03, and that same day Venus (planet of love and desire) will enter the same place, where Uranus is already, and later the Sun will arrive (July 20th).

Added to this, you will have Saturn, Pluto and Mars (from 17th July  on wards) in the House X. We are talking about changes, but not superficial but deep that will take the Arian to unsuspected destinations. While the passage of several planets in your sign, will give you great attraction to the opposite sex, the focus will be on the internal debate and a complete structural change (not something superficial).

It is essential that in these circumstances, do not yield to act on impulse, and take advantage of the vibrations of the retrograde planets to reflect on your next steps, before taking a definitive direction.  how to love an Aries and Secrets Things You Need To Know About An Aries


The retrograde of Mercury in the XI House of Taurus, from the 5th to the 28th July , can pose difficulties in dealing with the closest friends, especially those who accompany you from childhood or adolescence. July will be a tumultuous month, in emotional matters, for the natives of Taurus. The beginning of the retrograde of Jupiter in the House VII of the sign, speaks of conflicts in the couple relationships (it can also allude to a professional associate), for economic reasons or the intervention of a third person.

It should be noted that the passage of several planets through the XII House of Taurus (Mercury, Venus, the Sun), indicates that it may be someone from the past or a situation that you gave by the end, when it was not entirely true. Here we also talk about behaviour patterns (negative) that affect the dynamics of relationships, but that can be revised during the retrograde of Mercury.

Keep in mind that although the communication planet will carry out its retrograde process, from July 22nd to April 14th, events that occur during the shadow period should be considered with special attention. The first shadow of Mercury will take place from July 9th to 21st, and the second from April 15th to May 3rd, the date when the messenger of the gods returns to Aries, to the point where it will begin to retrograde.

The events that occur in the first shadow period and the retrograde phase will be reviewed in the second shadow period, before proceeding with a final decision. Taurus singles may feel called to love action during the month of July , but it is convenient to dedicate time to the healing of old wounds, before getting involved in new relationships. Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell


The Full Moon in Libra of July 20th, will affect the House V of Gemini, bringing with it a change of status in romantic relationships, and advances in the dynamics of interaction with children.

With Mars in the VII House of Gemini, during the first half of July , the activities carried out as a couple will become more important and unexpected encounters will be the order of the day. However, the tensions caused in the workplace by the retrograde of Jupiter in House VI of the sign (as of July 8th), will increase stress levels, generating discussions with loved ones.

It is time to take the energies of Saturn and Pluto, present in the VIII House of Gemini, to act with prudence and bring out the old grudges, with the sole purpose of propitiating spiritual healing. In the same way, the retrograde of Mercury (ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo) in the Gemini House X, from July 22nd to April 14th, indicates a period of estrangement or debate with friends and colleagues.

If we take as a reference that this retrograde phase will occur under the influence of Aries, we talk about evaluating those friendships and relationships that hinder our own personal growth. This energy is similar to that predicted by the Chinese Horoscope, as part of the Year of the Earth Dog (started on February 16th), which highlights the importance of loyalty and sincerity, above superficial or negative relationships. Gemini Man Flirts. But NOT if You Know The Secrets of HIM



The entrance of Venus in the VIII House of Cancer on July 1st, propitiates intimate moments as a couple. This transit also favours conversations and moments shared with the family. The presence of Lilith in the VII House of Cancer presents two possible behaviour patterns: the belief that life is unfair to you, or the ability to appreciate even the smallest details of everyday life.

The entry of Mars in the same location (House VII Cancer), can increase reactivity, creating the illusion that relationships are more a competition than a sharing of ideas. Fortunately, you count on Pluto and Saturn in the VII House of the crab, which impels you to analyse situations with attachment to reality, without getting carried away by impulses or a distorted perspective. The final decision will be yours alone.

Another aspect to consider is the beginning of the retrograde phase of Jupiter, starting on July 8th. This planetary movement invites us to experience the frustrations of the past through third parties. An example of this trend, generated by Jupiter retrograde in House V, are the parents who wanted to practice a certain activity in their childhood, but could not do it and now place that weight on the shoulders of their children.

Or that they were affected by a lack, and struggle not to repeat it (work until exhaustion so that children do not lack luxuries, regardless of whether they want them or not, and lose quality time with them on the way). It also involves people who want a certain type of relationship (aka “the perfect partner”), and do not accept deviations from that idea, giving the couple the responsibility to create their happiness.

Retrograde Jupiter in the V House of Cancer offers the option of looking at the face of the grudges of the past, linked to childhood situations or old relationships, and working on its final resolution, to win the liberation (own and of the people of the environment). Here are some qualities of Cancer men and how you should treat them the right way. 

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The entrance of Psyche in the House VII of Leo on July 16th, generates questions about what makes you feel vulnerable within the relationship, and what is your level of confidence with respect to your partner. The beginning of the retrograde of Jupiter in the IV House of Leo, from July 8th, represents a period of internal contradiction, related to the concept of home that you forged in childhood.

When a retrograde planet opens a compass for the recapitulation, the reflection of new projects and the healing of old wounds. Retrograde Jupiter indicates that maybe not everything is what you expect or want, but the results will be better. It should be remembered that the Sun will be in the VIII House of Leo, until July 20th (Venus and Mercury will leave that area, on July 6th, while Neptune, Chiron and Juno will continue on the same site, where it will also take place the New Moon of the month (on the 17th).

With so many stars passing through the VIII House of Leo, and especially the New Moon, an important opportunity is emerging to heal behavioural patterns, learned in the family environment, and that you are unconsciously repeating in your new home (it can be relationships of couple or with children).

If you are single and have no offspring, it is possible that the old programming remains anchored to the relationship you have with yourself, preventing you from experiencing complete satisfaction, when reaching goals and objectives. Leo Man easy to get, but easy to Lose. “HOLD TIGHT” Know the SECRETS

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Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, will be retrograde from July 5th to 28th in the VII House of the sign. Virgo natives should take advantage of this transit to analyse the way they communicate with themselves, and with their life partner.

The positive streak continues for Virgo natives, during the month of July , although it will be a period charged with enough intensity, due to the passage of several planets over the House VIII of the sign, and the retrograde of Mercury in the same location.

Confrontations with the couple or the family, motivated mainly by economic reasons, although the roots of the problem are much deeper, as you will discover during the retrograde phase of the communication planet, from July 22nd to April 14th. Considering that Uranus is also present in House VIII of Virgo, we are talking about unexpected confrontations, which bring out old resentments. Take advantage of the retrograde of Mercury, to reflect on your true feelings, if in reality you are looking for liberation and not martyrdom (sacrifice).

Fortunately, the beginning of the direct phase of the asteroid Ceres in the XII House of Virgo (18th July ), will promote mental clarity and reconciliation with the decisions and facts of the past. On the sentimental level, the New Moon of July 17th, will give you the opportunity to start new projects as a couple (or define what you really want in a relationship, if you are single).

The entrance of Venus in the IX House of Virgo, from July 31st, opens the door to romances with people abroad or of another culture (attention to online relationships), or connected with institutions of university education. Here are the secrets things that you should know about loving a Virgo

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With Venus in the V House of Libra, as of July 1st, a motivating relationship is shared with your children and the people closest to the work team. Good time for a nice and pleasure trip as a couple. Although Mercury retrograde will occur in Libra’s House VII, from July 22nd to April 14th, March will be a good time for relationships, even for those Libra children who decide to remain single.

Venus and Mercury will enter House VII of the balance, starting on July 6, and will be followed by the Sun, on the 20th. Uranus, planet of change, has been in this same location for some time. While the position of Uranus presents a certain tendency to unforeseen ruptures, the other planets emphasize the opportunity to deepen the theme of trust and common interests with the partner.

Although the asteroid Pallas in House VIII speaks of disconnection towards too intense emotions, it also confers depth when examining the position of the other. Small disagreements can be resolved if you put your heart to it, and Mercury’s retrograde, coupled with Jupiter’s apparent retreat in Libra’s House II (as of July 8th), offers a broad window of reflection.

Both Mercury and Jupiter in retrograde aim to work on relationships from the perspective of common goals and personal valuation: they matter as a couple but also as individuals, with their own aspirations. The Full Moon in Libra of July 31st will give you greater clarity, on the subject of personal goals. If a separation occurs, it must respond to a period of meditation and not to a mere impulse or caprice.

Another aspect that you should consider is the entry of Mars (warrior planet) to the IV House of Libra, from 17th July , which may generate some reactivity within the family. With Pluto and Saturn in the same location, it is advisable to attend to the reason of the elderly, to overcome the disagreements.  How to get a Libra Man fall for you

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The entrance of Venus in the IV House of Scorpio, on July 1st, will favour the harmonic relationships with members of your origin family, and the changes in the decoration or structure of the home. The passage of Venus on House IV of Scorpio, from March 1st to 25th, will favour reconciliation and harmonious relationships in the home, as well as changes in the decoration and physical structure of the home.

As the asteroid Psyche will move to this location (House IV of Venus) on July 16th, and Mercury will retrograde in House V of Scorpio, from July 5th to 27th, an excellent season is presented before you to reflect on your beliefs and ideas, associated with the family and children theme.

Maybe you feel a bit pressured, or there is a conflict between your present opinion and the model you observed in your childhood. Whatever the situation, spend time introspection and make sure your decisions are based on what you really want, and the social conditioning or expectations of third parties.

On the other hand, on July 6th, Uranus will enter the VII House of Scorpio, where it will remain until April 2026. We talk about a period of time to change the old mental framework, associated with the roles within the relationships that you support yourself, your partner or associate.

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The entry of the Sun into the V House of Sagittarius on July 20th, alludes to the possibilities of romance with someone of captivating personality. This planetary position also suggests emotion for the achievements of the descendants. The New Moon in Pisces of July 6th, will touch the House IV of Sagittarius, signalling the beginning of a process of moving to another home, the reconnection with the roots and the recovery of family ties.

Favourable conditions will not present themselves immediately, as indicated by the presence of retrograde Mercury in the same sector of the astral map, from July 5th to 27th; you must have patience and reflect on the events, before identifying the true direction.

The passage of Venus on House III of Sagittarius, from July 1st to 25th, will contribute in this sense, and will aim to promote balance in what is thought and what is felt, in addition to turning the focus towards what you consider really important to you.

On the other hand, the entrance of the Sun in the House V of Sagittarius, on July 20th, alludes to possibilities of romance, with someone of a captivating personality. This planetary position also suggests the enjoyment of seduction as a couple, and pride in the achievements of the children.

However, remember that Chiron is also in the House V of Sagittarius, so you should evaluate if you do not use these situations to evade reality, or you are projecting shortcomings of the past in your loved ones.

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Eros, asteroid of lust, will be traveling on the VII and VIII Houses of Capricorn, in the month of July , which translates in the continuous search of sensual experiences, as a couple. The transit of Venus on Capricorn House II, from July 1st to 25th, indicates that it is an excellent season to dedicate time to personal improvement, especially through collective activities such as workshops, seminars and congresses.

The entry of the asteroid Psyche in this same location (Capricorn House II, on July 16th, alludes to that it is also a favourable period to work the insecurities that can undermine your self-esteem, with professional psychological support, of course. Another astrological aspect that you must take into account is the New Moon in Pisces on July 6, which will touch the Capricorn House III, opening a window to the change of internal dialogue, and the way you communicate with others.

However, it will not be a simple process, since Mercury will be retrograding from the same sector of the astral map, from July 5th to 27th, which points will require reflection to overcome the old mental scheme. On the other hand, on July 6th will be the entry of Uranus into the House V Capricorn, a transit that will remain until April 2026, involving days of self-discovery, which will change the way you express your talent, and your ideas around to children, creative power, romance and the enjoyment of pleasure.

It is important to remember that on July 20th, the Sun will enter your House IV, where Chiron is also located. This alignment refers to reconnect with the home, and heal old emotional wounds associated with the theme family and parental figures. For Capricorn couples, this time of year will be dedicated to the pleasure and enjoyment of sensuality, thanks to the transit of the asteroid Eros on the VII and VIII Houses of the sign.

Finally, with Jupiter and Ceres in the XII House of Capricorn, you may not feel the desire to pour your energy into social life, and you prefer to spend time in introspection, meditation, and the connection with the spiritual, regardless of the path or religion. What do you profess?

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The Aquarians, who are committed, will give more importance to the couple’s dynamics, thanks to the entrance of Eros into the VII House of the sign, on July 29th. Additionally, this transit is characterized by providing you with great social appeal.

The Aquarians will enjoy a favourable period for relationships, during July 2020, although things will not be marching precisely on wheels at home, due to the entry of Uranus into the House IV of the sign.

The planet Eros will pass from House VI to House VII of the sign of the water carrier, on July 29th, which translates into the desire to please the partner, but without forgetting their own pleasure and enjoyment.

This transit will give you great social attraction, which added to the presence of Jupiter and Ceres in the House XI of Aquarius, can become the soul of the party, or win the admiration of friends and colleagues.

Also, the arrival of Mars to the House V of Aquarius, on July 31st, aims to take the reins on the romantic plane, especially during the games of conquest. Do not forget that Juno remains in this location (House V), so the subject will be clear on what you want, before launching into a new adventure.

The most important astrological aspect of the season is the entrance of Uranus to the IV House of Aquarius, a transit that will remain active until April 2026, and will concentrate the energies in the transformation of ideas related to the home, the family, the roots, and inner security itself.

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The entrance of Venus in the XII House of Pisces, on July 1st, is related to the repetition of past patterns, linked to relationships between couples, or the appearance of an old love. The passage of Venus on the XII House of Pisces, from 1st to 25th July , alludes to the reunion with an old love, or the repetition of situations that were believed overcome, within the dynamics of a couple.

Additionally, as the asteroid Psyche will enter this site (House XII of Pisces), on July 16th, the subject may feel particularly vulnerable or at the mercy of events. At this point, it is crucial to take your own sensitivity as a strength, and reinforce self-love (the Sun and Chiron in the Pisces House II, as of July 20th ), instead of placing your emotional security on the shoulders of other.

The Full Moon in Libra on July 20th, will touch the VIII House of Pisces, which suggests that a relationship (with yourself or a third party) will go to the next level, if you leave behind what you no longer contribute to the present.

If you are not clear about the blockade to overcome, you will have a new opportunity on April, when the Double Full Moon will be produced in Libra, an astrological event that is characterised by making conscious, that which remained in the shadows. Here the secrets ways to make a strong relationship with a Pisces!



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