June27 , 2022

Make The Most Of September 2020 With These 3 Healing Crystals


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As the Sun shifts to the earth sign of September, we will be receiving some grounding energy to help us move away from the fire of Leo season.

September season 2020 starts on 22nd August, and the Sun will move into Libra on 23rd September.

Mercury will be influencing our communications in the coming weeks as it is the ruling planet of September. Here are 3 crystals that can help you harness the energy of September season:

1. Rhyolite

September love to put their all into their work, but forget to make time for fun. Rhyolite crystals can bring some fun this September season and help us take a break.

It activates the Root Chakra and helps us stay grounded. It brings positive changes and revitalizes us. If you are trying to manifest your dreams, make sure you have a Rhyolite near you.

2. Rhodonite

Rhodonite gives the energy of unconditional love and opens our Heart Chakra. The influence of Mercury on September makes them overly analytical and they often get stuck in their heads. This is why Rhodonite can help us now to bring a balance between the mind and the heart.

September tend to close themselves in, suffering from their wounds alone. The only way to heal is to start loving yourself. Rhodonite crystals can help release deep-seated painful memories that are still hurting us. September season or not, Rhodonite can help us in times of stress by replacing our anxieties with self-love.

3. Kyanite

This empowering crystal works great with the intellectual energy that September give off. If you are stuck in a messy situation, Kyanite can bring clarity. It also protects us from negative energy while helping us connect and communicate with others. It resolves conflicts, both inner and external.

During the September season, we tend to become too critical and demanding of ourselves and of others. Kyanite will help us draw the boundaries and stop us from chasing unachievable perfection.

As we jump into a practical and hard-working phase now, let’s not forget the other aspects of life. If we can take care of those around us, they will take care of us too. Enjoy September season 2020!