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Mars goes through a sign generally for 6 weeks, but it can also stay up to 6 months in the same Mars sign. The energy of Mars is so powerful and vibrant that it can crush the influences of other planets. Despite its small size, it is a planet that imposes itself.



Aries is known as the most quarrelsome of the zodiac; discussion is practically in the blood of this Mars sign. Expresses anger very directly and aggressively. If this person did not like something, you will know it right away.

When upset about something, they explode – often without thinking, which can lead to late regrets. It’s those guys who express their anger at everything they are entitled to.


One must look at the position of Venus in the horoscope, since when it is on Taurus, Mars is governed by the desires of the female planet. Because Taurus is more moderate, they tend to think before acting and speaking. But at a time of great irritation, they hardly keep their feelings a secret and express themselves very well, making it clear that they are angry.


Mars in Gemini can be extremely argumentative; they love a debate and an exchange of ideas. It may take a while, but when the Gemini gets into a fight, it is hard to leave.

This is because Gemini express exactly what they have in mind; if they have a chance, they continue for hours to defend their point. And if their moment of anger coincides with a day of bad mood, someone will regret it.


Here, Mars expresses anger in a dramatic and intense way, very indirect as well. These are people who may take a while to realize that they are angry. It is easier to defend others, especially family, than to defend yourself.

As a good sign of the water element, Cancer is ruled by feelings. There is a good chance of not expressing yourself as you would like, keeping your anger to yourself because you can’t “put it out”.


Leo is a fire sign, a familiar element to Mars, so this placement is very ardent, dramatic and theatrical. But it is also very dynamic and generous.

Pure fire (Leo has the Sun as ruler), it prioritizes good intentions and energies. But when angry, it will express itself as a flare. That means exploding, saying whatever comes to mind and acting on impulse. The Lion also says everything they think.


When in this sign, Mars has a very meticulous action. It is very organized, technical, logical and disciplined. This is an excellent placement for researchers in general.

Discreet, at first, the Virgo native may even keep the bad feelings they are experiencing hidden, because they prefer to analyze the situation with a cool head and only then take action.

If a Virgo have a problem with someone, for example, they will call for a conversation and focus on the issue more subtly, pointing out all possible errors of the situation.


People with this Mars sign are not so direct or impulsive. They should always think about how their actions will affect the other, or how they will affect their own image.

As they live surrounded by people, however much they want to hide their anger, Libra natives will not succeed; someone will notice. They often end up feeling great regret if the situation involves a close person.


Determination, passion and intensity are keywords here. Self-control is a very important thing for these people, who will position themselves in a very passionate and intense way. The Scorpio’s anger will only be perceived by those closest to them. Reserved, they prefer to share the situation with whom they trust. They can even block the person or whatever caused their anger.


Sagittarius say what they think out loud without a filter. When they are very angry, there is no filter that can make them calm. Their fury is expressed almost automatically.

These natives also express what they think is a way to alleviate the situation. Their way of expressing anger is dramatic; it can end up becoming a bit rude.


Capricorn is a comfortable sign for Mars. They can be very bossy, authoritarian, and a little cold. These natives express themselves very directly. They tend to give many chances, until they cannot. Therefore, their anger is explosive. If it is a matter of work, you will want to solve the problem on the spot, whatever the cost.


This Mars sign is very detached, shows its anger with coldness and little emotion. Definitely, Aquarius does not like discussions. If something or someone disturbs this sign’s peace to the point where they become angry, they will express themselves on the spot. That done, they get over their anger; they get the situation out of the way and get on with their life.


This is a very elusive Mars sign, so Mars has a difficult time dealing with confrontation and compromising relationships. Also sentimental, Pisces natives show their anger with a tone of regret.

This sign tend to express itself strongly, and may even explode. In the end, however, you will forgive. Even if it takes so long for that to happen.


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