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December 2022: The month of thoughtful exploration

May is the month of thoughtful exploration.

Who are you and what do you stand for? May’s cosmic action splits the bill between planets in earthy, grounded Taurus and playful, expressive Gemini. The Sun makes its annual rounds through Taurus until May 21, accompanied by energizer Mars until the 11th. During this time, people crave security and simplicity, and motivational Mars inspires us to streamline away. Taurus is the sign that rules values—and value—so there’s a “quality over quantity” approach to life during Taurus season. It’s a time to align everything, from your style to your schedule, with your true essence. The May 17 Taurus new moon is an especially good day to make a high-quality (even luxury) purchase, or to invest in some enhancement that will simplify your day-to-day life.


But while you’re busy prioritizing and paring down, the urge to explore new ideas strikes simultaneously. Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind, is in its home sign of Gemini from April 30-July 8. Under curious Gemini’s spell, we seek novelty, instead of the Taurus “built to last” ethos. How can we make a firm decision and stick to it when Gemini keeps presenting so many intriguing options? On the other hand, Gemini will prevent us from getting stuck in a bullish rut.

The key? Check out all of your choices, then check IN with your values. Taurus is a sensual sign—your body sensations are an intelligent compass now. Do you tense up at the idea of trying something, or do you feel relaxed and receptive?

Another reason to think twice before diving into anything? Mercury pays an extra-long visit to Gemini this year because (drumroll) it will go retrograde (backward) from May 18-June 11. Be sure to back up your electronic data, triple-check travel plans and take a tolerant approach, as Mercury retrograde can foil technology, transportation and basic human interactions. Unresolved issues and conversations may need to be addressed, since Mercury retrograde brings back the past. (For more on Mercury retrograde, see


A propensity for arguments is fueled by hotheaded Mars in Gemini from May 11-June 24. Be warned: playing devil’s advocate could leave the pitchfork stuck in YOU. But do feel free to passionately advocate for anything that you believe in. When the Sun starts its monthlong Gemini tour on May 21, we leave the earthbound Taurus vibes behind—but hopefully not its practical lessons.

Of course, there are other planetary plot twists along the way. On May 3, a full moon in detail-obsessed Scorpio spotlights the ties that bind—financially, emotionally and sexually. This full moon will form an exact square (90-degree angle) to expansive Jupiter in Leo, hitting the brakes on anything we’ve gotten overly eager about. The effect is sort of like putting a tight leash on a sloppy Golden Retriever. Our “inner puppies” will get an obedience lesson from controlling Scorpio, which will remind us of the power of restraint. Tempered enthusiasm can be a mighty weapon.

In short, the key this month is really about checks and balances. Honor the past without getting stuck in it. Let your values guide you, but not limit you.


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