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The beginning of the retrograde of Mercury, from July 5th onwards, will affect the XII House of Aries. This is the area of the astral chart that refers to the hidden enemies, and events of the past with karmic charge. Avoid repeating old patterns of behaviour, especially those that encourage you to be the saviour, or assume the responsibilities of third parties. Do not offer opportunities to those who yearn for your fall.

The entrance of the planet Venus in the House II of Aries, on July 31st, announces a surprise economic improvement for the natives of the sign, at the end of the month. However, the bonanza can be affected by the retrograde of Mercury, directly on the sign. It is convenient that before the possibilities of investment or high value purchases, you receive advice from close relatives, impartial specialists (not involved in the transaction), or trusted professionals.

Be careful with the management of shared property with family or couple. Jupiter will begin to retrograde in the VIII House of Aries, on 8th July , which may lead to conflicts over material issues. Mercury retrograde, which will take place from July 22nd to April 15th, may increase the tendency to act on impulse, in addition to hindering the concentration and objective analysis of situations.

On the other hand, July is projected as an extremely positive month in the professional environment. The Full Moon of July 1st, marks the successful completion of a project that you have been accompanying for some time. The effort will be rewarded, but it will also take you to consider the levels of wear and tear that you suffer from getting too involved in the tasks, and if it is time to dedicate the same passion to your personal projects.

On July 6th, Mercury and Venus will enter the sign of Aries, and later on the 20th, the Sun will accompany them on the same site, where for a long time remains Uranus, planet of change. This interesting alignment speaks of taking the leadership position, not only within your workplace, but in the home and all areas of your life, prompting many Aries natives to change course.

Before making any sudden decisions, keep in mind that Mercury will retrograde in Aries from July 22nd to April 15th, so all ideas should be considered in depth before being put into operation. In fact, it is possible that you feel immersed in a constant temporal or “deja vu” loop, where the same events tend to repeat themselves over and over again, motivated by the planet’s shadow period of communication, before and after retrograde.

Mercury will begin to retrograde on the 22nd of July , and in his apparent backwardness he will go over the same degrees he will go from July 9th to 22nd, returning to his first position on May 3rd, 18 days after the retrograde has formally culminated on April 15th.

One aspect that you must not forget, is that Mars (ruling planet of Aries) will enter the House X of the sign, from July 17th onwards. The warrior planet will share location with Pluto, Saturn and Lilith. This reunion of stars is translated as an opportunity for transformation, thanks to the positive exchange of ideas with the leaders, perhaps through figures such as mentoring or consulting.

Going to someone with more experience will help overcome misgivings and make assertive decisions, based on a thorough analysis of reality, instead of opting for visceral impulses and responses.

For the students, the difficulties of concentration caused by the retrograde of Mercury in this sign, can represent a difficult obstacle to overcome; but the entrance of the Sun into Aries (on July 20th) will contribute to give them the necessary boost, so as not to abandon the proposed goals.


The entry of Venus into the X House of Taurus, on July 1st, speaks of the possibility of finding important allies along the way, as well as a concept of success aligned with your preferences.

In the first half of July , Taurus natives will stay ahead in the management of the shared property with their partner or relatives, due to the influence of Mars in the House VIII of the sign.  Keep in mind that the low vibration of this planetary position (Mars in the VIII House of Taurus), causes some individuals to enter into competition with their loved ones, on issues such as who has more or earns a higher salary.

The spirits will descend, from July 17th, when the warrior planet passes to the IX House of the sign, prompting the students to assume new challenges and positions of leadership in the groups. Remember that Pluto and Capricorn are also in the IX House of Taurus, so it will not be impulsive actions, but strategies studied and aligned with new and promising objectives.

Continuing with the financial sphere, the entrance of the asteroid Pallas to the Taurus II House at the end of July (on the 29th), will give natives of the sign a better management of economic resources. Pallas in the Taurus House II benefits the organisation of finances and favours those who work in charity or philanthropy.

On the other hand, the labour dynamics are ready to change for the natives of Taurus. The South Node continues in the House X of the sign, imposing the elimination of what prevents you from moving forward. Although Taurus natives often resist changes, circumstances demand attention, and act accordingly. Beyond the fears and misgivings, the call will be less appealable.

A decision is made with regard to changing professional space, opting for a promotion, initiating new complementary activities, or a personal project, which has remained in the shade for some time. The Full Moon of July 31st, will touch the VI House of Taurus, and will emphasise the conclusion of group projects, and the idea of connecting what one does (work) with what one feels (emotional world), and what is desired.

Speaking of desire, the planet Venus will enter the sign of Taurus, also on July 31st, placing on the table the concept of valuation, referring both to the personal, as the issues to which the natives dedicate time and effort.


The entrance of the asteroid Psyche in the IX House of Gemini, on July 16th, invites you to reflect on the fears that prevent you from moving forward, in topics such as international deals, professional studies or assume a role of teacher, leader or guide. You need to face your fears and move forward with your life.

While finances will remain stable for natives of Gemini, you might encounter power struggles around shared assets (with family or couple) due to income from Mars to sign House VIII (on July 17th). On the same site (House VIII of Gemini), are Pluto and Saturn.

Pluto is a spiritual planet (dwarf), so it drives transformations from within, while Saturn is considered a social planet, and as such reflects the way we integrate or participate in the world (Jupiter is also a social planet and is in retrograde in July ).

In this regard, while Pluto and Saturn are working to change the patterns in which power relations are translated into the immediate environment (partner and family), Mars bursts impetuously to take the lead.

Acting on impulse, besides causing displeasure and misunderstandings, will lead you to waste the internal work that you have developed, to date. It is recommended to use saturnine energy and practice prudence. Do not forget, that Pluto and Mars are rulers of Scorpio: the sign of mystery, transformation and intense passions, so discussions can be heated and with many references to the past. Focus on the present, and let go what no longer makes sense.

The month of July will also bring intense moments for the natives of Gemini, in the workplace, due to the start of the retrograde of Jupiter (on July 8th), in the House VI of the sign.

This planetary position suggests a growing conflict between professional career, personal life and lifestyle. It is a propitious moment to evaluate what is really important for you, and how you want to take your next years, such as personal goals, professional goals and management of family relationships.

It is noteworthy that this energy accompanies the presence of several planets and heavenly bodies (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Chiron and Juno) in the X House Gemini, during the first half of July . Although, with the passing of days, Mercury, Venus and the Sun will gradually abandon the site (House X of Gemini), its effects will not fail to affect the natives of Gemini.

House X is the area of professional vocation and public image, so the natives of Gemini will be considering if the occupation they are currently performing, is alienated with their goals or should change their strategy. Also, the alignments speak of the search for appropriate mentors or advisors for what you want to achieve. The exchange of experiences will be fruitful and enriching.

The lunar cycles will also accompany the dynamic of the professional life of Gemini, during the month of March. The Full Moon of March 1st will touch House VI of the sign, pointing out the importance of emotional commitment to what you do.

Next, the New Moon of the 17th will happen on the X House of Gemini, with which it is spoken of the diffusion of a new project.

Finally, the Full Moon of the 31st will also be a Blue Moon (second full moon that occurs in a month), it will happen in the House of Gemini V indicating the completion of the period of creation of an idea, which can be decisive in the immediate work future.

Another aspect to consider, in the month of March, is the beginning of the retrograde of Mercury (ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo), on March 22nd, which will generate friction in dealing with colleagues and friends. The situation can harm the execution of group work, mainly in the case of students.


The retrograde of Mercury, from 5th to 27th, in the IX House of Cancer, invites the natives of this zodiac sign to reflect on those projects associated with international moves or gains in foreign currency. There are procedures that you are not considering, and you should review them in detail, before taking a decisive step.

The finances will remain stable for the natives of the sign during the month of March. Ceres will begin its direct phase, on March 19th, in the II Cancer House, one of the best locations for this celestial body, since it promotes the good administration of resources.

Also, keep in mind that the South Node continues in House VIII of your sign, which translates as an opportunity to release those patterns that generate tension, around the goods you share with loved ones (family, couple).

In the workplace, Mars will leave House VI of Cancer, from day 17th onwards, indicating greater fluidity in daily activities (lowers the level of self-demand, anxiety and stress).

However, the warrior planet will move to the House VII of the sign, which can affect the deal with the partners (and the couple). Mars in the House VII, can be observed in two slopes (or vibrations): you can take advantage of the available energy to share experiences with your partner, to drive the course towards common goals, or to enter into a process of rivalry.

Although the presence of Lilith also the VII House of Cancer, is more prone to encourage disputes and discord, you have the support of Saturn and Pluto (in the same House VII) as elements of transformers. Pluto promotes evolution and changes, after a process of catharsis and evaluation of internal motivations; whereas Saturn urges to act with prudence and to assume the responsibility of the own actions. With these alignments, the natives of Cancer have all to their advantage to succeed in the situation, despite the retrograde of Mercury, will occur in his House X, from March 22nd to April 14th.

Keep in mind that House X is the area of professional vocation and public image, and is the place where a succession of stars (Venus, Mercury, Sun and Uranus), will be transiting in March. The retrograde of Mercury can interfere with the direct projection of your professional image (face to face), but with Venus, the Sun and Uranus in your favour, you can make use of alternative methods.

Increase your network of contacts online; participate in forums and events through the internet; and update your professional profile in social networks, are some of the well-planned activities for this season. On the other hand, the New Moon of March 17th, will take place in the IX House of Cancer, marking an excellent opportunity to refine those intentions related to learning new languages, gains in foreign currency, emigration plans or studies in another country, courses of professional or university level update.


On March 6th, Uranus will enter the Leo X House, changing your perception of what it means to succeed, as opposed to what you have learned with the Full Moon eclipse of January 21st.

The first Full Moon of the month of March, on the 1st of the month, will touch the Leo II House, signalling the completion of transactions involving rentals, real estate purchases, savings or insurance funds. Although the Moon in the II House is a position that guarantees to adapt to the circumstances (there is little or a lot of money), it also encourages the accumulation of possessions as a way to achieve emotional security.

It is a good time to cultivate self-esteem and personal courage, beyond financial worries. Remember that having money at your fingertips does not guarantee happiness or good health. The Sun, Neptune, Chiron and Juno will remain in the VIII House of Leo, throughout the first half of March (Venus and Mercury will leave this site on March 6th), so you can count on the financial support of your loved ones.

In spite of this, avoid taking advantage of the situation because you can generate resentment if you do not act with sufficient prudence. Using family money for extravagant objects, instead of attending unavoidable payments is a bad idea.

The New Moon of March 17th, which will touch precisely the VIII House of Leo, indicates a good opportunity to invest in family businesses, or deal with those issues of the common past that weigh on you.

In the workplace, the entry of Venus to the Leo House VI (March 17th) drives a frenetic activity in the professional environment. The native begins to demand more efficiency and productive, or can request it to his colleagues.

Avoid falling into the tyranny of considering yourself in competition with the world, or impose the pace of work to third parties, because not only affect your health, but generate intense negativity around you.

Pluto and Saturn are also found in Leo’s VI House, and you can make use of the available energies, acting with prudence and responsibility to create changes that remain in time.

Another aspect to consider, is that a significant number of planets (Venus, Mercury, the Sun) will be transiting the IX House of Leo, where Uranus is located, planet of changes and revolutions.

This translates as a significant increase in opportunities for professional improvement and contacts abroad, including the intention to leave everything and start a new career elsewhere.

It is essential that you do not act on impulse during this period of the year, since from March 22nd to April 14th, Mercury will retrograde in your House IX, which together with the influence of Uranus can cause real cataclysms.

It is not about fearing changes or settling for a reality that you no longer feel as your own, but to take advantage of the retrograde of the communication planet to reflect on what you want to achieve and how to achieve it, and not jump into the void without an address or an authentic motive (the whim is not valid).


The entrance of Venus in the VI House of Virgo, on March 1st, is about doing your work with the greatest dedication and enthusiasm, something that will make you the centre of attentions. However, the entrance of the asteroid Psyche into the same location on March 16th, will leave in evidence your biggest fears about it.

In general, finances will remain stable for the children of Virgo, during the month of March, although the management of shared assets (with relatives or the couple) can present certain challenges.

As you will remember, Uranus is located in Virgo House VIII, signalling unexpected changes in the dynamics that surround the administration of inheritances, business and economic responsibilities with the family.

On March 6th, Mercury and Venus will enter the same site (House VIII of Virgo), broadening the perspectives on the matter, and contributing to find other forms of understanding, which are beneficial for all.

The entry of the Sun into Virgo House VIII will emphasize the climate of general understanding among those involved, but the negotiations may be affected by the retrograde of Mercury.

The planet of communication will enter the retrograde phase from March 22nd to April 14th, in the VIII House of Virgo. As stellar movement will occur under the influence of Aries, reactive behaviours will be the order of the day.

It is important to point out that Mercury retrograde in Aries is an excellent opportunity for you to explore your true feelings, about a certain situation. Turn the reaction into an answer.

If you choose to give in to the impulses and present the opinions in the worst way, you will cause considerable damage in the relationship with the loved ones, experiencing a strong feeling of guilt.

One aspect to be considered, within family conflicts with financial origins, will be represented by the start of the retrograde of Jupiter in Virgo III House, from July 8th.

House III is the area of communications, daily trips and relationships with the immediate environment, such as neighbours and siblings (attention to this point, and the shared property of House VIII).

The Blue Moon (second full moon in a month) that will occur on July 31st, will touch the Virgo House II, signalling the culmination of a purchase or creative project, in which you had invested time and effort,

In the workplace, we remember that the South Node is maintained in the VI House of Virgo, encouraging the native to reconsider their work habits, individual talents, and desire to contribute.

It is about using the talents themselves for the benefit of a collective, but not under an anonymous figure, but with a leading role. It is what you can expressly do for others, away from those who try to restrict you.

In the same order of ideas, on July 29th, the asteroid Pallas will enter the House X of Virgo, conferring the skill necessary to save any situation, which attempts to undermine your professional reputation.

But beware, that this planetary position (Pallas in House X) is usually accompanied by an imbalance in the home – work system (the subject has to devote more to the work, neglecting the family environment).

For the students of Virgo, a surprise awaits them at the end of the month with the entrance of Venus in the House IX of the sign (31st July ). Guaranteed inspiration for those dedicated to the arts, and opportunities for fun and romance.


The entrance of Uranus into House VIII of Libra, where Mars remains, is reflected in the consideration of new ways of achieving economic stability, which relates to the family group. Pay attention to this phase, it might be important to you.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will begin its phase of retrograde in the II House of Libra, on July 8th. This planetary movement, although maintaining the constant flow of money, also reveals wasteful attitudes and blockages to prosperity, such as a lack of deserving awareness.

However, you should not see the retrograde of Jupiter as a negative transit, it is simply one of the many ways, in which this planet usually provides help and show avenues of growth.

Retrograde Jupiter warns that if we cling to a certain route, without observing the general plane, we can miss the landscape, a shorter path or the appearance of other access roads.

In the same way, it suggests that if you cling to what you do not have, you forget to enjoy the blessings you receive and it does not refer only to the material, because Jupiter also talks about beliefs, the spiritual and personal development.

On the other hand, we have that the asteroid Pallas continues in the VIII House of Libra (until July 29th), contributing in the organization of the family economy, or the shared property with the couple.

Subsequently, on July 31st, Venus will enter this same site (House VIII of Libra), attracting interesting investment opportunities for those native Libra dedicated to finance.

In the labour field, professional options continue to be considered, which arose as a result of the passage of several planets over House VI of Libra, during the second half of February and the first half of July .

In this sense, the New Moon of July 17th, will also touch House VI of the balance, signalling the start of new projects (inside or outside the space in which you currently perform).

Despite the fact that House VI of Libra currently has the influence of Neptune, which can emphasize unrealistic strategies, Juno and Chiron are also in this location.

Juno seeks commitment and stability, while Chiron speaks of being your main source of support, just as you are for others. These energies, coupled with creativity from Neptune, will help you in the positive unfolding of your ideas and presentations.

For the students of Libra, the entrance of the asteroid Pallas to the IX House of the sign (on July 29th), guarantees a period of great organization, with important successes in topics such as administration, statistics, languages and public relations.


The entrance of Uranus in the VII House of Scorpio, on July 6th, is related to the appearance of an ally or associate out of the ordinary, an individual that will help you to evolve, getting you out of you comfort zone.

Finances continue to rise for the children of Scorpio during the month of July . The presence of Jupiter and Ceres in House II of this sign, refers to business opportunities that occur unexpectedly, rewards for sustained work, and new ventures that involve contacts abroad or academic life.

Additionally, remember that Juno is kept in the VIII House of Scorpio, pointing towards a commitment to consolidate the family or shared heritage. On July 31st, Mars will enter this sector of the astral map (House VIII), which will promote actions in this regard.

Although you have good intentions, it is convenient that you do not take lightly, decisions that can affect the common goods. Keep in mind that Juno in House VIII also speaks of trust and commitment (consider the opinions of others, just as you want your contributions to be appreciated).

In the labour field, the entrance of the Sun in the VI House of Scorpio (on July 20th) will place on the table interesting opportunities for Scorpio natives who wish to progress in their career, in the usual workplace or under a new work scheme (entrepreneurship, consultancies, societies).

Do not forget that Chiron is in this same place (House VI of Scorpio) so you may have to overcome personal confidence problems, before taking on new responsibilities.

On the other hand, the entrance of Uranus in the House VII of Scorpio (July 6th) indicates the appearance of an ally or associate outside the common, an individual that will help you to evolve, removing you from the comfortable zone.

Uranus will remain in the VII House of Scorpio until April 2026, so there is talk of an extended period of time in which you will be creating new structures, within the relationships of couple and associations.

Another astrological aspect to consider during this time of year, is the New Moon in Pisces on July 6th, which will touch the V House of Scorpio, alluding to a new creative project (or romantic adventure).

As Mercury will be retrograde on this site, from July 5th to 27th, you may experience mental blockages or you may not feel the urge to make a hasty decision about it. Do not worry and take the necessary time to reflect on it (do not give the results as a matter of fact).

Last but not least, on July 29th the asteroid Eros will enter the X House of Scorpio, so it is advisable not to establish relationships in the workplace or maintain the greatest discretion if it is inevitable. Likewise, avoid starting relationships, if your final interest is not romantic.


The entrance of Uranus into the VI House of Sagittarius, on July 6th, brings along fundamental changes in the work structures, which can be evidenced in departures, promotions or delivery of new responsibilities.

The finances will remain stable for the children of Sagittarius, during July 2020. As Pluto, Saturn and the South Node are kept on the centaur’s House II, consciousness work continues to be oriented to cultivate personal value, and better financial management.

When Pluto and Saturn are involved, it is assumed that it is not a fast process, since it is fundamental to dismantle the old structures, debts and beliefs, to propitiate an efficient management of resources.

In the labour field, the entry of Uranus into the VI House of Sagittarius, on July 6th, indicates significant changes in the professional level, which may be manifested as a new position or opportunity, the transfer to another department, a promotion or the acceptance of greater responsibility.

It is worth noting that Uranus will remain in House VI of Sagittarius, until April 2026, so there is talk of an extended period of time devoted to dealing with these issues.

However, the presence of Mars in House VI of Sagittarius (until 30th July ), can cause stress or anxiety in the face of changes, or the desire for changes to occur in the blink of an eye.

Everything has its time, and you must learn to respect it. While repetition of routine can cause frustration, it is not time to act impulsively. Consider the possibility of devoting attention to hobbies or complementary activities, that move your thoughts away from work dynamics.

With the entry of the Sun into the V House of Sagittarius (on July 20th), July is an excellent season for the development of personal projects, creatively use your talents or enjoy romance; however, given that Chiron is also in this location (House V), it is likely that before moving forward, you should reinforce your self-confidence.

Finally, the Full Moon of July 20th in Libra, will affect the House XI of Sagittarius, which suggests changes in the work teams, and distancing from the usual social circle.

Do not forget that Pallas is retrograding in the XI House of Sagittarius, so debates may arise due to organizational issues or differences in perception.

If you do not feel clear about it, do not worry because April 19th will be the Double Full Moon in Libra, an astrological event that is characterized to make conscious what is not obvious.


Psyche will enter the Capricorn II House, on July 16th. For natives of this sign, it is about recognizing those aspects that make them feel vulnerable, around the topic of financial security.

July 2020 will be a particularly positive period for the finances of Capricorn’s children. The passage of Venus on the House II of the sign, from the 1st to the 25th of the month, points to the receipt of income through group events, artistic activities, transactions related to real estate.

On the other hand, the entrance of the asteroid Psyche in the same location (House II of Capricorn), on March 16th, will be an interesting astrological aspect and full of meaning.

Psyche in the Capricorn House II alludes to patterns that threaten your prosperity, such as lack of merit, false beliefs about money and work, and the tendency to accumulate objects, among other issues that generate insecurity financial.

Far from wanting to make you feel pressured or unstable, Psyche’s transit over the Capricorn House II seeks to identify and expose the source of the imbalance, to help you overcome it.

Psyche aims to recognize what must be transformed, but from compassion, not criticism or recrimination. It is not wrong to gather assets or possessions, but when your security is based on them and not on yourself, you lose balance.

In the workplace, Juno in House VI Capricorn refers to the commitment to the professional development of the subject, by increasing productivity and efficiency. It is not surprising that the Capricorn feels the need to run for new tasks or responsibilities, the command of new teams or an emerging project that has captured their attention.

On March 31st, with the entry of Mars on this site (House VI of Capricorn), you will feel the confidence to make your plans and ideas known, but do not rush too much, or try to pressure the people who will make the decision.

In this sense, the Full Moon in Libra of March 20, will touch the House X of Capricorn, indicating that it reaches a point where it is crucial to step forward, and not hide your talents in the shade, if you really want project to the next level, in the professional area.

Remember that the asteroid Pallas is retrograding in the House X of Capricorn, therefore, so that everything goes as expected, it is necessary that you evaluate your planning and the levels of organization that you apply in your day to day, since it can work against you otherwise.


From the 5th to the 27th March, the retrograde of Mercury will take place in the II House of Aquarius, which translates into difficulty to choose between the different investment possibilities. It is advised not to take risks, and analyse the information in detail, before making a decision.

March 2020 will be an important period for the sons and daughters of Aquarius, in financial matters. The New Moon in Pisces of March 6th, will touch the House II of the sign, suggesting the possibility of business opportunities, investment, salary increases, and the development of new sources of income.

However, the retrograde of Mercury in the same location (House II of Aquarius), from March 5th to 27th, will force paralysis of the immediate plans temporarily, while the different options are analysed in depth.

Do not take it as something negative, because sometimes a pause is needed before taking the right direction. Avoid taking risks, and do not be afraid to ask for advice from friends, colleagues or people who know the subject.

In the workplace, the desire to reinvent the professional path (North Node in House VI of Aquarius) continues, making use of one’s own talents and inclinations, which can lead you to unexplored paths.

The Full Moon in Libra on March 20th, will touch House IX of Aquarius, signalling the culmination of a cycle associated with international or academic procedures.

Remember that Pallas is retrograde in this same location (House IX of Aquarius), so we do not talk about a final end, but to complete a level to propel you to the next.

If these proceedings involve the handling of documents or the appearance at appointments with a specific time, take your forecasts to leave nothing to chance, and have what you need to hand in advance (better to arrive 15 minutes before, than five hours later).

Important: this astrological aspect (Retrograde shovels in the IX House of Aquarius) can wreak havoc on student life. Pay double attention to dates and deadlines for submitting assignments or presenting evidence.

On the other hand, the entry of Mars into the V House of Aquarius, on March 31st, alludes to a creative explosion and the growing desire to share your projects (and talents) with the world. Do not forget that the Juno asteroid is also kept in the V House of Aquarius, where it has influenced to create the necessary structures to manifest your art and vocation.

If your initiatives and new projects involve the participation of friends or colleagues, you will have favourable results, since Jupiter stays in the XI House of Aquarius, indicating the social circle as a source of support and inspiration.


With the Sun in the II House of Pisces, as of March 20th, a significant increase in the inflow of resources is expected, either due to salary adjustments or the payment of old forgotten debts.

March 2020 will be a productive period for the sons and daughters of Pisces, in financial matters. The entry of the Sun in House II of the sign, on the 20th, indicates the possibility of perceiving a greater flow of income, either by salary adjustments or the payment of old forgotten debts.

Remember that Chiron is also present in the II House of Pisces, so it is important to consider if you are not using material objects to compensate for other gaps, gain acceptance or manipulate the attention of third parties (couple, family, friends, colleagues).

On the other hand, on March 20th the Full Moon will be produced in Libra, which will play the VIII House of Pisces, which refers to the closing of a financial transaction, which involved the participation of people with whom you keep shared assets (family, partner, partner).

It is important to note that Retrograde Pallas is present in the VIII House of Pisces, so it is convenient that if there are documents to be signed, they should be reviewed carefully by the interested parties. Avoid being late to meetings where these issues will be discussed.

In the workplace, the creativity of the natives of Pisces will be on the rise (North Node in House V), although the entry of Uranus into the House III sign (March 6th) can unbalance the order of their thoughts, and make them susceptible to experiencing episodes of nervousness.

Jupiter and Ceres are kept in House X of the sign of Pisces, which means that you can progress and expand through your profession, especially if the career you chose is aligned with your purpose.

Finally, if you have in mind to establish alliances or develop initiatives with friends or colleagues, it is advisable that they are projects with long-term results, given the influence of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node positioned in the House XI of Pisces.



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