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Moons August 2023: Two Full Moons (Aquarius And Pisces) & A New Moon In Fiery Leo


The celestial dance of the Moon has always captured human imagination. Throughout history, people have attributed various meanings and energies to the different lunar phases. August 2023 promises to be a remarkable month for lunar enthusiasts, with two full moons in the signs of Aquarius and Pisces and a new moon in fiery Leo. In this article, we will explore the significance of these lunar events and how they may influence our lives.

Understanding Moons and Lunar Phases

What is a Full Moon?

A full moon occurs when the Earth is positioned between the Sun and the Moon, causing the lunar surface to be fully illuminated. This lunar phase symbolizes completion, fruition, and heightened energy. Full moons are often associated with intense emotions and are believed to amplify our intentions and desires.

What is a New Moon?

Conversely, a new moon takes place when the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, making it appear invisible from the Earth. New moons represent new beginnings, making them an excellent time for setting intentions and starting fresh. As the moon waxes, its energy grows, making it an ideal period for manifesting goals.

The Moons of August 2023

Full Moon in Aquarius

The first full moon of August 2023 will grace the skies in the intellectual and visionary sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is known for its innovative and humanitarian nature. During this full moon, emotions may be heightened, and a sense of humanitarianism and interconnectedness may prevail. It’s a time for embracing our uniqueness and celebrating diversity. How to get an Aquarius man to fall for you

Full Moon in Pisces

The second full moon of August 2023 will occur in the dreamy and empathetic sign of Pisces. This ethereal lunar phase can bring about heightened intuition and emotional sensitivity. It’s a period for introspection, creativity, and connecting with our deepest emotions. The Pisces full moon encourages us to explore our spiritual side and embrace compassion. Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a Pisces. Here are the secret ways to make a strong relationship with Pisces!

New Moon in Leo

Towards the end of August 2023, a dynamic new moon will shine in the sign of Leo, the confident and passionate lion. This is a time for embracing our inner strength and expressing ourselves boldly. The Leo new moon sparks creativity, encourages self-confidence, and invites us to pursue our passions with vigor. Leo Man is easy to get, but easy to Lose. “HOLD TIGHT” Know the SECRETS

The Astrological Significance

Aquarius Full Moon

Under the Aquarius full moon, our focus may shift to social causes and community involvement. It’s a time to break free from limiting beliefs and embrace progressive ideas. We may find ourselves seeking new ways to contribute positively to the world around us.

Pisces Full Moon

The Pisces full moon heightens our emotional awareness and fosters a sense of empathy and understanding. It’s a time to let go of emotional baggage and embrace forgiveness. This moon encourages us to tap into our intuition and explore the realm of imagination and creativity.

Leo New Moon

With the Leo new moon, we are urged to step into the spotlight and showcase our talents and passions. It’s a favorable time for starting new ventures and pursuing our heart’s desires. Confidence and self-expression take center stage during this lunar phase.

How Moons Influence Us

The Moon’s influence on human behavior and emotions has been a topic of fascination for centuries. From affecting the tides to influencing our moods, the Moon’s energy is undeniable. During full moons, emotions may run high, and conflicts may come to a head. Conversely, new moons offer an opportunity for renewal and introspection.

Harnessing Moon Energy

Moon Rituals and Practices

Many cultures have developed moon-related rituals and practices to align themselves with the lunar cycles. From moon gazing to performing specific ceremonies, these rituals can be a way to connect with the natural rhythm of the cosmos.

Setting Intentions

New moons are especially potent for setting intentions and planting seeds for the future. By clarifying our goals and aspirations during the new moon phase, we can harness the moon’s energy to manifest positive changes in our lives.


August 2023 promises a celestial spectacle with two full moons in Aquarius and Pisces and a new moon in Leo. Each lunar phase brings its unique energies and astrological significance. Whether it’s embracing our humanitarian side, exploring our creativity, or confidently pursuing our passions, the moons of August offer us a chance to connect with the cosmos and harness its powerful influence.


  1. What is the significance of a full moon in Aquarius?The full moon in Aquarius emphasizes humanitarianism, innovation, and embracing our unique qualities.
  2. How can I make the most of the Pisces full moon?The Pisces full moon is an ideal time for introspection, connecting with emotions, and exploring creativity through artistic pursuits.
  3. What does the Leo new moon signify?The Leo new moon encourages self-expression, confidence, and pursuing our passions with enthusiasm.
  4. Can lunar phases affect our emotions?Yes, many people believe that lunar phases, especially full moons, can intensify emotions and lead to a surge in energy.
  5. How can I harness moon energy in my daily life?You can harness moon energy through rituals, meditation, setting intentions, and embracing the natural rhythms of the lunar cycles.

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