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Love energy shifts today as Venus moves into Virgo! This sign rules the details, so Venus in Virgo can be a time to pay closer attention to your loved ones and your relationships, noticing the little things and seeing their true value.

Venus normally spends about a month in a zodiac sign, but will move through Virgo a little quicker than that. Venus is progressing at a good pace now, and this period is a quick burst of practical energy for relationships and connections.

Venus has been in Leo, and this pairing is light, carefree, and fun-loving. Venus in Leo wants to enjoy love and relationships and not dwell on anything.

With Venus in Virgo, it’s time to get to work in love. This allows you to notice the details you might otherwise overlook, and have gratitude for the small ways the people you love have a positive impact on your life.

What Does Venus in Virgo Mean?

Venus is the planet of love and relationships, craving connection, and is highly sensual.

Virgo is an Earth sign, and the Earth signs are practical, disciplined, hard-working, and focused. The Earth signs focus on reality, and have little patience for anything that isn’t tangible.

The natural ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury, the planet of the mind. Add the Earth energy to the mental energy of Mercury, and this shows Virgo’s affinity for the details. It’s able to hold its attention long enough to see them, and know just what to do with them.

Venus in Virgo in the Natal Chart

If Venus was in Virgo when you were born, you have Venus in Virgo in your birth chart. As a Venus in Virgo native, you’re someone who naturally pays attention to all of the little details with the people in your life.

For you, this can be the way you show affection for your loved ones, and you can cherish someone who is this way with you. You want someone who knows you well enough to know all of the little idiosyncrasies you have.

The Venus In Virgo Man

The Venus in Virgo man can be a bit shy at first, and takes some time to warm up. Once he does, he can be surprisingly warm and passionate. They can do little things to show they care, and would like the same in return.

Stress can really throw them off, so try to give them adequate time to work that out and take care of the things that they don’t like to ease their stress.

The Venus In Virgo Woman

The Venus in Virgo woman wants to take her time in love and relationships. She wants someone who is interesting enough to stimulate her mind but also respect her enough to not push too much, too fast.

Pickiness can be a bit of a problem at times, and they can have a list they want others to meet, as well as themselves. Someone who can help them accept the imperfect can be just what they need.

Venus in Virgo Compatibility

Fellow Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn are the best when it comes to compatibility for Venus in Virgo. This trio can understand the need for practicality in relationships, and Taurus can help ground some of the frenetic Virgo energy while Capricorn helps pick up responsibilities to take some of the stress off of Virgo’s shoulders.

Scorpio can also be good with Virgo since this sign more serious and can bring out some of the emotion in Virgo. Scorpio can be interesting with its passionate ventures and research, and this can get Virgo’s attention.

A surprisingly good match can also be Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, just like Virgo, so even though their base energy can be pretty different, there is a mental affinity between them.

Venus in Virgo Love Astrology Horoscopes

Now that you’re informed, let’s get to the Venus in Virgo love astrology horoscopes! Read the lovescopes for the zodiac signs below:


You can pay close attention with Venus in Virgo, Aries. This can help you figure out anything that needs to be taken care of, and you can do it without fanfare. You just want to make things better for your loved ones however you can.

If single, you may be more discerning about who to give your time to, and only take a chance on someone if they try to really get to know you.


You can find small ways to show affection with your loved ones while Venus is in Virgo, Taurus. You might make a big deal out of the little things they do for you, and you can be more loving and generous with them in return.

If single, you may want someone to make the first move, and helps you to enjoy yourself.


Small gestures can improve the emotional connection you have with loved ones with Venus in Virgo, Gemini. This can strengthen the foundation of your relationships, and make them more stable and secure.

If single, you can focus on trying to find someone who is supportive emotionally and respects your needs.


Paying attention to communication can be helpful in love while Venus is in Virgo, Cancer. You can open up dialogue with loved ones and feel seen and heard. At the same time, you can detect what people mean and what they really think or feel behind their words, helping you connect.

If single, someone who can stimulate your mind can be your top priority, and you can be attracted to those who are detail-oriented in their ideas and plans.


You can ground your relationships by treasuring the little things with Venus in Virgo, Leo. It can happen in small ways that don’t seem very loud or snazzy, but can help stabilize your relationships with loved ones, and make you feel more connected.

If single, you can be especially cautious about jumping into anything, and want to take as long as you can before moving forward.


Venus is in your sign, Virgo, so this is your time to showcase love and affection with those you care about. If in a relationship, you can pump up the romance in little ways, and make tiny gestures to show you cherish your partner.

If single, you can attract more people to you, and they may find your little quirks to be endearing.


You can be especially helpful while Venus is in Virgo, Libra. You want to do whatever you can for your loved ones, and you can tend to all of the little things that they’d rather not deal with. You can do them quietly and not expect anything in return.

If single, a spiritual connection may be your biggest ask, and little signs can let you know when you’ve met the right one.


Finding new ways of improving your connections with loved ones can be an effect of Venus in Virgo, Scorpio. Your view of the details and little things can help you find solutions, and you can go about connecting in ways you haven’t before.

If single, you may focus more on being friends first, wanting to take things slow and see how well they can pay attention.


Taking care of the little things can be a way of you taking more responsibilities from your loved ones with Venus in Virgo, Sagittarius. This can help free them up, and they can connect with you better as a result.

If single, your standards can be higher than they might usually, and you don’t want to settle for anything less.


An eye for the details can help you find little adventures you can have with your loved ones while Venus is in Virgo, Capricorn. You can have fun together, make new experiences, and appreciate one another.

If single, you may want someone who you respect intellectually and feel may be able to teach you.


You can find small ways of improving emotional bonds with loved ones while Venus is in Virgo, Aquarius. This can make you feel closer, and intimacy can strengthen. Passion can grow, and you can be more open and want to share.

If single, someone brooding, serious, and intense may be on your radar, and you can work to understand them better.


Venus in Virgo puts Venus in your relationship sector, Pisces, so this can be a great period for you to focus on the people in your life. You can pay extra attention to them, and want to feel that they understand you.

If single, commitment and mutual respect can be more important to you, and you can value practicality in others.

Pay Attention With Venus in Virgo

Venus is in Virgo for less than four weeks, moving out of this sign on October 28th. Venus in Virgo benefits from being at beneficial angles to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto during this period, so you can be more positive (Jupiter), responsible (Saturn), open (Uranus), and passionate (Pluto) in your dealings with others and relationships.