Our Monthly Horoscope For December: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

It’s the holidays! For many people, this is our favorite time of year. Being surrounded by family is exciting and heart-warming, but it can lead to unexpected drama and bumps in the road. When we’re wondering how our December will pan out, we need not look further than the stars. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and a cozy sweater, and get ready for horoscopes.

Communication and creativity are major themes of December due to certain planetary events. The Moon in Pisces on December 3rd will enhance our imagination, especially for the Water signs. Mars in Libra during the first few weeks of the month will provide the majority of astrological signs with plenty of energy for socializing. We shouldn’t forget to treat ourselves to a little bit of ‘me’ time this month!

For Christmas day, the universe has gifted us the New Moon in Capricorn, which will provide motivation for visualizing how we want our new year to look. It will make for fantastic dinner conversation. But how will our signs fair during December, specifically? Which sign is bound to have a so-called “passionate upheaval?” Who’s love life will be defined by travel this month? For Cancers, the month will be filled with joy, but not without a few conditions needing to be met first. Here is the December horoscope for our lifestyle, relationships, and love.

24Sagittarius: Will Inspire Herself And Her Loved Ones This Month

Your holiday gift to your loved ones will be your refreshing frame-of-mind and presence. An emphasis will be placed on your friendships this month, as others will seek your advice and long to spend time with you. It is because of your ‘big picture’ perspective on life – you should enjoy all the attention you’ll receive!

Energetic Mars will move into your sign on Christmas day, which will heighten your intensity. If you’re feeling emotional, you should be able to take a step away to calm yourself down. It is this ability to be mindful of others that will have you inspiring your friends all month long.

23Sagittarius Love Horoscope: Her Love Life Will Make Her Feel Totally Alive This Month

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or “it’s complicated”, love will send a jolt to your heart this month! It sounds like you’ll be electrified, and the stars predict there won’t be a dull moment in December. Mercury in retrograde will help you feel a burst of confidence; will you be the one initiating the electrifying moment, or will someone find you under the mistletoe?

Intense passion can sometimes lead to conflict, but it doesn’t sound like you will have to worry about that this month. If you’re a Sagittarius, seize the moment and feel alive under the influence of attraction.

22Capricorn: Tap Into A Creative Outlet To Feel Healthier

Creative opportunities will be abundant this month! There will also be a focus on the state of your mental health, particularly as you move into the holidays. Use your creativity as an outlet for any stress you experience this month. It will help you stay happier.

If you have artistic or healing talents, this is the perfect time to consider turning them into a career. Whatever you do, don’t limit yourself this month. Allow your dreams to percolate as your vision unfolds. Sharing your creativity with your family and loved ones could also help improve your health and strengthen your bond with those you care about.

21Capricorn Love Horoscope: It’s Tempting To Ignore Problems In A Relationship, But They Need Attention

You’ll be facing a dual threat this month in your love life. Problems may have been bubbling in your love life recently, and pressure will be mounting to address the issue. Not only that, unfortunately; your friends will have plenty to say about the situation, and it might not always be helpful.

Don’t allow other people to make decisions in your romantic life. It is valuable to hear outside perspectives, but now is the time to trust your instinct and heart. You’re the only one who has to live with the potential consequences of making a rash decision! Take your time finding a solution, but don’t put it off.

20Aquarius: She’ll Discover A New Interest This Month That Will Follow Her Into The New Year

New interests develop for everyone during their lifetime, and a groundbreaking one could manifest this month due to the planetary alignments in your star sign. Perhaps a movie or a book will pique your interest, but an exciting time is about to begin for yourself.

Aside from the excitement of a new interest in life, you should focus on your health throughout the holidays. Saturn in retrograde until March suggests your health should be of the utmost importance to you. Focus on your diet, your approach to health, and confront any lingering concerns you’ve had.

19Aquarius Love Horoscope: Her Partner Will Give Her Bad Career Advice – Don’t Take It Personally

Sometimes your partner says stupid things. It is not that they don’t love you – sometimes people don’t think about the consequences of their words. A crossroad may surface in your career this month; it could be as small as a disagreement between you and a co-worker or as big as a promotion or dismissal. When you talk to your partner about it, the stars predict they’ll say something dumb… maybe even hurtful.

Don’t take it personally! Use it is an opportunity to discuss your feelings and grow in your relationship. These are the moments that will define you in the long run.

18Pisces: She Should Find A Way To Use Her Sensitive Heart To Help Others This Month

This month will be defined by the healing energies surrounding you. As a Water sign, there is a lot of magic connected to your astrological fate. Use your sensitivity for healing during the holidays; you might find yourself helping friends dealing with rough circumstances. Your presence will bring all the comfort you need, so don’t stress about any expectations your friends may have.

Sometimes it can be easy to be lost in the drama. Jupiter in Libra will enter your 8th house; this means you will have a number of opportunities this month to either expand your intuition or involve yourself in drama. December will be filled with spiritual growth!

17Pisces Love Horoscope: She Should Be Prepared To Run Into Someone She Use To Date

It’s always awkward running into someone you use to have feelings for. Are the feelings still alive? Will you feel nothing when you see them, or will it feel like you’ve been hit by a train? This could be especially uncomfortable if you’re in a relationship with someone else.

It could be brief eye contact or a conversation, but this encounter will make you reevaluate your love life. Perhaps you’ll see how far you’ve come, or perhaps you’ll realize you still want to be with this person. Is it your ex that you want for Christmas?

16Aries: It Is Time For Her To Problem Solve An Unwelcome Pattern

You will be filled with raw energy this month, but how do you plan on using it? This unwelcome pattern will likely have something to do with a relationship, as Jupiter reaches the midpoint of your house of relationship. Jupiter can offer both good fortune but a loss of perspective, which is something to keep in mind when dealing with conflict.

So what is this unwelcome pattern? Perhaps it is the same fight you and someone you care about have been having for months, or maybe it is a toxic habit neither of you has discussed. While patience with others may not be easy, Mars will give you the opportunity to choose tolerance over self-importance later in the month. Take it!

15Aries Love Horoscope: The Stars Are Predicting Her Relationship Status Will Change

When you find yourself approaching problems in a relationship, such as unhealthy patterns, it could lead to a fight and the end. While you walk on thin ice this month to try to mend problems in your relationship, be aware there’s a possibility you might fall through into the icy waters.

If you’re not in a relationship, this could be good news! Perhaps someone you’ve had your eyes on for a while will look your way, or perhaps you might find love at first sight. Whatever the change may be, expect it to be radical!

14Taurus: The Stars Are Brewing Up A Serious ‘Passionate Upheaval’ For Her Holiday Season


An unusual recipe of planetary alignments is brewing for you. Mars and Venus will oppose your Sun, while Neptune, the planet of delusion, forms a harsh angle with Mars. This is where your aforementioned passionate upheaval comes in. This is a recipe for passion, but not the steamy passion you’re hoping for.

This passionate month could manifest in strange ways. You may feel testy about unusual subjects. You may feel bold enough to get into an argument with your boss. Your tenacious heart may even pick up some passive aggressive habits in defense of your ego. It might be a weird month, but if you focus on relaxing during your spare time, you’ll help balance out the raw energy you’re experiencing. This is the perfect time to pick up a new book.

13Taurus Love Horoscope: If She’s Been Feeling Trapped, That’s About To Change

Any emotions making you feel boxed into love will be released this month, Taurus! You’ve been holding back for far too long when it comes to your feelings. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you need to express how you’re feeling in your love life. It’s time to confront your anxiety and strip your feelings down to their bones.

This leap of faith will lead to a reward. With Venus sliding into your partnership sector early in the month, the sooner you approach these feelings and release them, the better. Now is not the time to wait for what you want!

12Gemini: She Needs To Try Harder Than Usual To Understand Those Around Her

You’ll be having a lot of conversations this month, but there won’t be a lot of understanding! Luckily, Saturn will cast an aspect on Mercury which will help you get to the root of the situation. Saturn’s presence will also place an emphasis on self-esteem, money, and talent for you this month. This suggests it might be time to create a game-plan for switching your career to something that better suits your talents.

It’s never fun to be thinking about money during gift-giving season, but is it possible to avoid it? With Saturn’s presence, you might come across a surprise sum of money to help you with your shopping.

11Gemini Love Horoscope: Mending Hurt Feelings Will Be The Biggest Theme Of Her Love Life

If you’re in a relationship, some hardcore healing will take place during December. In a relationship, bad blood can boil over time when you’re not confronting the issue. If you’ve had a difficult fight over the last few weeks, you can expect warmth and compromise to become themes of the entire month. You’re both willing to do what it takes to mend broken bridges.

Recent life expansion has made you adjust, but it has made you realize how much you love each other. When you really get into the healing process, you’ll be surprised about how warm and fuzzy you feel.

10Cancer: The Full Moon In Her Sign Will Bring Her Joy… And A Tiny Bit Of Miscommunication

Your Sun sign is in the path of retrograde Saturn. The next few months will emphasize personal inventory; which of your personal beliefs are keepers and which are not? It can be refreshing to reevaluate your patterns and habits as a year ends. Focusing on the joy your dreams bring you will make this December memorable.

While you will be feeling the full scope of holiday cheer, someone in you life will fill you with confusion and uncertainty as they fail to be straightforward about their needs. This miscommunication could put a damper on your plans, so be on the look out for misunderstandings and be ready to talk it out.

9Cancer Love Horoscope: Her Love Life Will Revolve Around Travel

An opportunity or situation will arise for you that requires extensive travel! If you’re in a relationship, this might place a strain on your partnership. If you can’t find a way to travel together, this will offer a new test. If you have to try long distance for a few days or weeks, maybe you can find a way to spice up your love life in a new way. Steamy phone calls?

If you’re single, you might meet someone you have an instant connection with during your travels. Are they a brief fling or a soul-mate? It might be the most interesting trip of your life.

8Leo: She Will Open Her Mind To A New Outlook On Life

As Jupiter moves through your 3rd house this month, a major theme of December will be communication and thought. It is time to open your mind to new ideas and see the world through a new lens. It could offer you the chance to meet new, exciting people. A new outlook on life is the perfect way to close out the year.

Venus entering into your 5th house will inspire your creative personality. Perhaps you can create hand-made gifts for Christmas presents? Venus’ presence will also increase the likelihood of romantic encounters mid-month if you’re on the hunt for a perfect date.

7Leo Love Horoscope: A Radical Conversation With Someone She’s Dating Will Happen Right Before Christmas

I know what you’re thinking: radical in what way? Radical can mean a lot of different things. Will your partner propose on Christmas Eve? Will your relationship meet its demise? There are too many variables to know, but you have a sense of the state of your relationship. You might already have an idea of what the conversation will be… maybe you’re the one initiating it.

Don’t fret: the stars are predicting these conversation will be positive. It could even leave you electrified. If you’re single, you will have a lightbulb moment concerning why you may be single.

6Virgo: She’ll Feel Confident With Herself Thanks To Mercury In Retrograde

Before you can get to the fun part of the month when you’re feeling yourself, you need to focus on your spending habits. Saving money will be important for your career path in the new year! After you create a money regimen, it is time to enjoy your inspired mood influenced by Mercury in retrograde. December will be defined by fulfillment, creativity, and spontaneity.

As a Virgo, when you feel fulfilled, you feel confident. Use this confidence to go after something you’ve been too afraid to approach. You deserve the best, and without being weighed down by self-doubt, there is no reason you should not get everything you want in life.

5Virgo Love Horoscope: When She Makes A Sacrifice In Her Love Life, She’ll Struggle With Resentment

Resentment can destroy a relationship permanently. If it starts to bloom, crush it before it grows! Resentment can often surface if you need to make a personal sacrifice for your partner, which is what you should expect to do in December, particularly during the holiday season.

You need to remind yourself why you love your partner during this month to survive it. If you can make this duty-bound sacrifice and avoid resentment, it will make your relationship stronger than ever. If you have to clean up after your partners reckless mess (and this is why you’re making a sacrifice) remember the importance of communication.

4Libra: She’ll Either Experience A Boost In Creativity Or A New Career Opportunity

Mercury in retrograde may negatively effect your ability to communicate, but it may inspire you and give you the confidence to go after a new career opportunity. This combined with Jupiter reaching the halfway mark of your Sun sign suggests expanding business opportunities on your horizon.

If a career opportunity is not the direction your life is taking, the the alignment between Neptune and Jupiter on December 1st will offer a boost in creativity. The holiday season is always the perfect time to be creative, so use this to your benefit. Will you create the perfect gift for a loved one?

3Libra Love Horoscope: Her Love Life Will Be A Rollercoaster, But This Could Be A Good Thing

Woo! Rollercoasters are exhilarating, right? Is this crazy love, or are you crazy IN love? If you’re unattached, be prepared to have a wild fling that leaves you breathless with a racing heart. If you’re in a relationship, things will get steamy and intense. It might startle you how much passion still burns between you and your partner.

Venus and Uranus will oppose each other during the beginning of the month, which is causing chaos. Venus’ influence is creating passionate, romantic chaos, so enjoy the heat while it lasts. If you’re not a fan of this crazy love sensation, try finding some space and alone time to figure out what you want.

2Scorpio: She Should Express Her Most Passionate Feelings This Holiday Season

Passion is your forte, right Scorpio? Well, the transit of Mars and Venus through your Sun sign has been in motion for weeks, and it will ignite your intensity and passion as December begins. Whether a steamy encounter is on the horizon, or you’re feeling particularly feisty about topics you care about, you’ll be on fire all month.

It might be a strange way to kick off the merriest month of the year, so be sure to spend extra time working on your tolerance. It is easy for you to be wrapped up in your own perspective, but be mindful of what others think, even if you disagree.

1Scorpio Love Horoscope: She’ll Be Magnetic This Month

This month, Venus will move into your sign after being in retrograde. This event makes you ripe for love, and you might not even realize how magnetic you are. You’ll notice extra attention from people as they try to get you to look their way. The interesting energy you have at play all of December could lead you to giving off mixed signals to possible suitors. Mixed signals can turn into a serious dilemma regardless of your relationship status, so consider making your intentions clear!

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