Our Monthly Horoscope For February: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

While stress for Valentine’s Day is beginning to brew, it is time for every sign to turn their lens inward and focus on their mental health. Not everyone will be feeling peaceful and lovey-dovey vibes.

February has the signs split down the middle, with half of the astro signs experiencing boosts in motivation and cosmic energy, while the latter half shift into nesting periods of low energy.

Water signs, especially, should prepare to get cozy this month. Jupiter shifts into retrograde, which is the main culprit for everyone’s varying energy levels. Scorpios won’t be able to stop themselves from curling up on the couch and binge-watching Netflix… Meanwhile, a Capricorn will be organizing a plan for world peace.

For Pisces, texting will be their downfall when it comes to dating, while Virgo will be urged to keep their love life under wraps. The New Moon will challenge everyone’s ability to communicate, which always leads to unnecessary drama.

February is strange, to be sure, but how will it affect the most romantic month of the year?

So which signs will spend the 14th solo, and which signs will be swept away on their dream date? Here’s every sign’s monthly horoscope for February, including lifestyle, relationships, and love.

24Taurus: A New Moon In Aquarius Is Planting Seeds For Your Future, Particularly In The Area Of Your Chart Concerned With Your Work

When the New Moon enters Aquarius, subtle changes will begin to blossom in your life. The focus will be on your job, particularly where change has been long overdue. If you feel like your position in your work has grown stagnant, it is time to change. As a Taurus, change is a painful topic for you.

You appreciate a work-atmosphere that is comfortable, but you should breathe easily knowing once you set your mind to something, there is no stopping you!

If you confide in your friends, you will find your most eccentric buddies will offer you the best advice.

23Taurus Love Horoscope: You Should Entice A Lover With An Elaborate Plan

Slip out of your comfort zone to move your relationship to the next level. Whether you’re in a homey long-term partnership, or this is only the second date, the opportunity for love is in the air. You should find success in your love life this month if you shock your lover with an elaborate plan.

If rose petals on the floor sounds cliche, try and think of a unique date that your honey has always wanted. Stretch the limits of your creativity and see what you can do to make his eyes pop out of his head.

22Gemini: The Presence Of Mars Will Force You To Place All Your Energy Into What You Believe In

Confrontation is not always your style, but when something you feel passionately for is challenged, you may need to find your voice. If there was ever a time for you to be pushy, it is now. For February, this is particularly true when it comes to your relationship.

If you believe your relationship is meant to last, don’t let outside forces corrupt what you trust in.

Invest your resources in your gut feeling and instinct. Be prepared for greater honesty and openness, and don’t shy away from emotional vulnerability. To make the best out of this month, clear the air whenever possible.

21Gemini Love Horoscope: You’ll Notice A Lot Of Romantic Attention Heading In Your Direction

You might spend this month wondering if cupid hit you on the butt. It doesn’t matter if you are single or taken; you will be receiving surprise attention all month long. Welcome and unwelcome. Be prepared to hand out your number if you want, or sneak away from someone you are just not interested in.

If you are in a relationship, be wary of your partner’s jealousy. If he is the jealous type, extra attention in your direction could cause him to act up. Remember; he should be happy to show you off, and it is immature if he is upset about other people looking at you!

20Cancer: Be Prepared For A Lesson In Putting The Past Behind You

Your greatest source of anxiety is the fear of rejection or abandonment, and this often stems from hurt feelings or trauma. You are sensitive, so it’s easy for the past to scar you!

As Mars travels through your relationship house, now is the time for you to stand up for what you need.

If there is a relationship in your life that makes you uncomfortable or feels unhealthy, tell the other person how you want to be treated. Regardless of the result, put the past in the past. Moving on will be the best option for your mental health, and it will be a much-needed lesson.

19Cancer Love Horoscope: Your Inner Child Will Interfere With Your Love Life, Especially On Valentine’s Day!

Everyone has their inner child—whether it’s an impulsive urge to jump in puddles and dance in the rain, or dig your heels in during an argument, your relationship with your ‘inner child’ is an interesting one. It tends to rear its head when you are feeling sensitive, and as a Water Sign, that’s often.

Plans tend to go awry on Valentine’s Day, so don’t be uptight when your hope is wounded. Try to be flexible with your partner if special plans have been made; remember it’s the thought that counts! Hopefully you are with someone that cherishes your emotional outbursts… even the negative ones.

18Leo: What Once Seemed Attractive To You Will Change

No one’s taste remains the same forever. If it did, we would be stagnant, uninteresting creatures. A change in your definition of ‘attractive’ doesn’t necessarily mean someone becomes less appealing to you, but it could. It could also mean a dream of yours begins to fade away.

Something you have always loved will dim, and it opens up room in your life for newness.

There is an astrological event this month involving the Sun and Pisces that suggests you will merge energies with someone at the deepest possible levels, such as spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically!

17Leo Love Horoscope: Being Sentimental Will Work In Your Favour This Month

You slay the gift-giving game. When you are in a relationship, you always have a way of wowing your partner on Valentine’s Day. Typically it is because you don’t mind spending your cash, but this year, you should focus on sentimentality. A thoughtful card could go a long way.

But the importance of being sentimental should not only be applied to February 14th. If you want this to be a strong month for your love life, show your sensitive side. You may have scoffed at sentimentality in the past, but you should embrace it today.

16Virgo: It Is Time To Decide Where To Hold On And Where To Let Go

You tend to be the critic of the Universe. It’s time to let go of that identity. Instead of focusing on everything that is ‘wrong’ around you, decide which parts of your life you need and want. It is time to cut away the areas of your life that highlight your negativity.

The best way to see which parts of your life are the ones to hold on to is to go with the flow.

This is not your style, but let your energy and heart go to where they are happiest, and you will ultimately see what was never that important to begin with.

15Virgo Love Horoscope: Keeping Your Heart To Yourself Will Be Your Best Play This Month

You are guarded with your emotions, and this month, that works just fine. While you decide which direction you want to take your life in, your love life should not be inhibiting your decisions. For you, perfectionist of the stars, your emotions will only distract you this month.

If you’re single, stay home alone on Valentine’s Day and turn off your phone. If you are in a relationship, take things slow and insist on extra alone time. As a Virgo, you try to play love smart, but everyone can be blinded by their emotions when they try to make big life decisions.

14Libra: Venus Will Help You Find Balance In Your Professional And Family Life

Did you know Venus is your guardian angel planet? The presence of Venus will help bring your most important friends closer to you.

Cherish the presence of your friends in February, as they will be your saving grace when you begin juggling your work and family life.

Venus will remind you that you are in this lifetime to create balance and harmony, which means you will eventually relish the challenge to harmonize your house and your work. If you haven’t already, you will come to the realization that we are all teaching what we most need to discover.

13Libra Love Horoscope: Cosmic Energy Could Make You Feel Emotional When It Comes To Decisions Involving Love

Venus will influence your house concerned with relationships, and this usually tugs at your heartstrings. You might wonder if your elemental boundaries are shifting when you get weepy about a comment taken the wrong way—are you turning into a Water Sign? Every girl is allowed to have their emotional days…

If a conversation about the next step in your relationship comes up, be mindful of how you react. You don’t want a good thing to sour because you control your feelings! If you find time for self-reflection or meditation, it could clarify your true hopes and dreams.

12Scorpio: As A Water Sign, The Cosmic Energy Of This Month Will Quiet You

The Sun in Aquarius will highlight the importance of your emotional foundation. This means you will feel a constant need to cocoon and relax. Be careful when making plans, because you will be feeling unusually flaky.

Take this time to reflect on how you want to move forward in the future.

If something has taken an emotional toll on you recently, it is time to put it in the past. You can create a life filled with greater passion if you transform negative energy into motivation. Everyone views you as a goddess, so do not forget your inner power.

11Scorpio Love Horoscope: Someone Will Celebrate You, Regardless If You’re Single Or Taken

When you are single, it is easy to feel unappreciated. As a Scorpio, you enjoy the attention love brings in your direction. You know you deserve to be worshipped! Be prepared for a surprise celebration even if your heart has free reins.

A handsome gentleman might buy you a drink, or you could receive a love letter detailing how beautiful you are. If you are in a relationship, a celebration will be expected, especially since Valentine’s Day is approaching. Your partner could go over the moon with his plans for you.

10Sagittarius: Jupiter In Retrograde Will Prove To Be Challenging For Your Motivation

It won’t be long before you start wondering why you feel so sluggish. Don’t stress; it is not a lack of vitamins or upheaval in your routine… it’s just Jupiter.

You are known for being able to see the glass half full, but you might not feel motivated to be positive this month.

If you find yourself searching for answers this month, look towards home. Home will help guide your emotional foundation, whether that is on your own or with family. The worst thing you could do for your health this month is travel.

9Sagittarius Love Horoscope: A Positive Romantic Experience Will Come At A Cost

When there are high expectations, tensions can grow fierce. If you are in a relationship, expect to have a tense, grueling fight this month. While it may leave you in tears, this is the cost your romantic experience will come at.

Perhaps the battle will make your partner realize he loves your more than ever, perhaps your relationship will grow stronger than ever… the bottom line is, the fight will be worth it. If you’re single, expect a knight-in-shining-armor type to make an appearance. After an unpleasant encounter, a handsome stranger (or maybe you know him?) will come to put a smile on your face.

8Capricorn: The Stars Predict You Will Be Feeling Unstoppable This Month

Plenty of signs are struggling with a lack of energy this month, but not you! In the first week of February, Mars will enter your sign, and the planet of action is exactly what your busy schedule needs. You are about to become one with your passion.

You love this new attitude, but be careful not to run over your friends in the process.

It is easy for you to be blind to others when you are on a mission, especially when you depart from your usually reserved nature. Don’t forget to take a breath and remember the ones you care about!

7Capricorn Love Horoscope: You Should Be Very Private About Your Love Life This Month

Everyone knows the most private relationships are usually the healthiest. If you are broadcasting your love all over social media, it will seem fake. You should stay especially quiet about any conflict in your love life.

Whether you are single, dating, or committed, keep the details under lock and key. The stars predict a surprise conflict-of-interest could throw a dagger into your happiness this month, so wait until the following New Moon to open up about how your dating life has been to friends and social media. Will you dodge the storm or chase it?

6Aquarius: You’ll Be Focused On Making Everyone Around You Happy… Try Not To Forget About Yourself!

If anyone has ever doubted you love humanity, your attitude in February will silence them. You will begin the month by acknowledging the unique ways in which you view the world, and your earnest passion to help others. After that, it is off to the races.

While you are busy helping the people you care about, direct your thoughts down positive paths.

It is time for you to learn you cannot change the world until you understand what makes you truly happy. Try to create a community where everyone is encouraged to be themselves, and it may offer you the insight you need.

5Aquarius Love Horoscope: Conflict In Your Love Life Will Interfere With Everything Else

This may not be the honey-sweet-horoscope you were hoping for this Valentine’s Day, but the bumps in the road are the reality of love. Unfortunately, Jupiter in retrograde will spin your love life off its wheels. If you are single, your dating life will be eerily quiet. If you are in a relationship, you might discover your partner needs a bit of space to think.

You have to go through the valley to get to the mountain! Consider February time to fall in love with yourself while your romantic interests play coy. Besides… do you even really need a man?

4Pisces: This Month You’ll Focus On Nesting And Cocooning For One Interesting Reason…

It can be difficult for you to let go of the past, but you are preparing yourself to do so in the upcoming weeks as your birthday approaches. Hold on to the beauty of the past, and nothing else.

It is not easy for you to depart from intense emotions, so letting go of the emotional baggage you are carrying from the last year requires lots of rest.

Jupiter in retrograde will transform you into a homebody as you spend extra ‘me’ time focusing on your mental state. When the Sun returns to Pisces on the 18th, you will feel more comfortable in your own skin.

3Pisces Love Horoscope: Your Downfall Will Be Communication, Especially When It Comes To Texting

Why is texting the bane of love’s existence? It might be fun to flirt when you text, but subtext can easily be lost… and miscommunications will run rabid. If you want to make the best of your love life (and avoid overthinking) this month, try to stay away from texting.

It can be intimidating when you opt to call someone, but you might enjoy listening to your lover’s voice. Stay away from texting on Valentine’s Day! Emotions are always heightened on days when there are expectations. Unless you want something you say to be taken the wrong way, make sure communication is your top priority.

2Aries: Mars Will Help You Move Towards Your Latest Dreams

The stars are brewing up the perfect formula for you! Your guardian planet, Mars, is moving into Capricorn, which is defined by ambition, responsibility, and discipline. This will make it easier than ever for you to achieve your dreams.

You are known for chasing your passions spontaneously, and that is how you should continue to live your life.

February highlights your initiating qualities, so be ready for any residual nerves to wash away as you set your vision on what you want. Love, promotions, health, lifestyle… the world is your oyster this month. Don’t miss your opportunity when the universe is on your side!

1Aries Love Horoscope: A Display Of Deep Love Will Have Your Heart Feeling Full

Has anyone ever done something for you that makes your heart melt? Well, be prepared for your chest to feel like a wishy-washy puddle, because someone is about to show you how much they care.

You will look into someone’s eyes and see a passion that spins you into orbit. It could be a dream gift, or it could be something more unique. While it is likely to materialize on Valentine’s Day, don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t arrive until the end of the month. Your lover will try his hardest to sweep you off your feet.

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