Our Monthly Horoscope For January: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

Everyone is brimming with excitement when it comes to the start of a New Year – what will the horizon bring? When it comes to astrology, January 2019 involves a few recurrent themes for each star sign, including finances, fluctuating energy, and mental health. A few lucky signs will be blessed by the presence of furry animals in their life! The beginning of 2019 is intriguing with some unusual planetary events, especially when it comes to your love life.

While a Cancer sign will find themselves puzzled by passionate chaos in their romantic lives, Aquarius girls may be questioning the reliability of their friends. This will be caused by the New Moon early in the month passing through different sectors of astrology. This is also why some signs will find their mental health becoming a focal point of their life.

During the middle of the month, the Full Moon should offer a solution to most astro signs enduring financial changes – if you’re one of the signs facing financial change, don’t fret! It is typical of January alignments to emphasize money.

And of course, everyone is feeling the presence of Jupiter settling into various sectors and charts, as the gaseous planet settles into its position for the next year. Be careful Taurus ladies… Jupiter is settling into your health sector, which will offer some surprise challenges! Want to see how astrology will effect you this month? Here is your January horoscope for lifestyle, relationships, and love.

24Pisces Horoscope: Life Will Be Hectic For You While Planets Shift In Mutable Signs

January commences with five planets in mutable signs! As a mutable sign yourself, life might become hectic. It will be important to choose an outlet to escape pressure, such as exercise or dance.

This planetary event may incite an incident involving credibility. Try not to let this moment define your month by becoming argumentative or frustrated. If you maintain positivity despite the craziness, an opportunity involving group support will occur. A new friendship is likely to develop. Despite early pandemonium, late January will settle down, and this is the perfect time to make promises and form goals to determine what you want and desire from life.

23Pisces Love Horoscope: You Always Turn A Blind Eye To Red Flags, But That Could Change This Month

In your desire to materialize your fantasies about love, you tend to rationalize flaws and red flags into something they’re not. Maybe it’s time to break this pesky habit. Will you glue on the blinders, or will you dare to open Pandora’s box? It is one of your most beautiful qualities to see the best in others, but it is also the reason you’re always getting hurt.

A hurtful secret is on your horizon involving your love life. All the signs will be there for you to predict the inevitable, but you have to make the choice between addressing the issue or pulling the blankets over your head.

22Aries Horoscope: The Beginning Of 2019 Will Be Defined By Tempting Travel Opportunities And Energy!

A tempting travel opportunity will greet you immediately at the beginning of 2019! You’ll have to face your fears to make a challenging decision – to stay or to go? If you can face your phobias, you won’t regret it.

The planets are providing extra energy for you after you survive the holiday weekend hangover. This will useful, especially when you have asteroids and luminaries residing in your sign during January that will cause you to feel sluggish. Your bursts of natural energy will be the winner, and you’ll find the motivation to get your obligations and responsibilities done before you make time for fun.

21Aries Love Horoscope: You Might Start To Worry You’re Settling For Less In Love

You demand perfection (because you deserve it), but January may greet you with unsettling thoughts. Is your love life not shaping up to how you envisioned it? These thoughts can fester, and fester they will, Aries girls. Let’s call your attention to a situation in your relationship where you are compromising your integrity and morals for an intense connection.

If your love life is turning you into someone you don’t want to be, it is time to look yourself in the mirror and decide if love is distracting you from what you really care about in life. Is love really enough for you?

20Taurus: Jupiter Settling Into Your Health Sector Will Cause A Lot Of Over-Indulgence

You’ve heard that January is the time for ‘fad-diets’ and healthy resolutions, but you’re going to skip that and continue the holiday treats. Jupiter, the big gaseous planet, is settling into your health sector for the year. This will be the beginning of a year-long challenge to avoid over-indulging. You just can’t stay away from those sweets!

This will be occurring at the same time your confidence is on the rise. You’ll see yourself as more attractive, which is why you feel like you have the wiggle room to indulge in extra snacks. Try not to give into the sugar cravings!

19Taurus Love Horoscope: You’ll Be Unusually Hypersensitive This Month, Especially When It Comes To Your Ex

As a grounded soul, emotions do not cause you turbulence, but everyone has days where their emotions win out. You might be surprised by a dream that makes you think about your ex. You’ll be unable to control your thoughts, and you will find yourself thinking about this past relationship 24/7.

If anyone in your life brings up the topic of love, you’ll find yourself becoming defensive or changing the conversation. Until you get a grasp on your unresolved feelings for an ex-lover, your sensitive side will be off the charts. Perhaps this could be the perfect time to realize there is more to life than love?

18Gemini Horoscope: You’ll Feel A Need For Experimentation And Excitement

Your need for excitement isn’t characterized by seeking out daring adventures or spontaneous decisions. Instead, you’ll enjoy the New Year with some unique recipes as you cook healthy meals and experiment with your palette. After that, you’ll consider finding a new job or testing foreign technology. It might not sound exciting to others, but you’ll have a blast trying new things and anticipating the unknown.

If you want to open up your possibilities, try to set time aside for organizing your finances! Consulting an account could lead to a pleasant surprise.

17Gemini Love Horoscope: A Conversation Will Go South, But It Will Give You A Chance To Grow

You should always be excited to change in a relationship. If you fight to stop change, your love life will never grow! One of the best ways to grow in love is to resolve conflict… unfortunately, the conflict can break your heart in the moment. You shouldn’t worry about any conversation being detrimental this month. It is almost guaranteed a conversation will swing south, and it could explode into a lasting fight. However, remember the stars predict the two of you will realize how much you mean to each other, and you will work to find a compromise. With a new understanding of your partner, you’ll feel happier than ever.

16Cancer Horoscope: A Stray Will Wind Up On Your Doorstep, And It’s Exactly The Remedy You Need For Your Impending Health Dilemma

Do you smell funny, or have animals fallen in love with you? It might sound strange, but in January, you will become the object of animals attraction. Could it be a stray kitten? This furry bundle of joy will be exactly what your heart needs.

Your health and working conditions will begin to transition in 2019 – this doesn’t mean for the worse, but the change will take its toll on you. As a Water Sign, you’re hypersensitive, which is why change is hard on you and animals adore you. Even if you feel like you don’t have time for a pet right now, opening your heart to an animal is what you need.

15Cancer Love Horoscope: Swirling Emotions Could Cause Chaos In Your Love Life This Month… But Is All Chaos Bad?

A relationship that is always chaotic is toxic and unhealthy, but a little pandemonium can stir up excitement and passion. A Solar Eclipse early in the month will send your emotions into a frenzy. Whether your’re single or taken, a bit of conflict will result in a romantic embrace, and this will be the running theme for the entire month. You should expect frustration, but this frustration will always be resolved. Your breath will be taken away on a daily basis, and you’ll finish the month hoping this electricity never dies.

14Leo Horoscope: A New Environment Will Drain Your Energy Away

This month will be emphasized by your health. You need to focus on keeping promises regarding your exercise and diet, as stress in the workplace begin to drain your energy. A new environment, likely in your workplace, will effect your mental health. Don’t be surprised when you enter the middle of the month feeling sluggish and sleepy.

In order to combat your impending exhaustion, the best remedy would be to start a creative project. It will help restore your psyche, especially when the Moon in your opposite sign tries to steal your stamina away!

13Leo Love Horoscope: A Sweet Surprise Could Sweep You Off Your Feet

Your love life will be challenging this month, but the ‘sweet surprise’ will make it feel all worth it. The difficulties will begin with mixed messages between your partner and you. A chat about your physical passions will go awry. You’ll begin to feel like the person you care for isn’t who you thought they were, and you may have some bleak nights with an aching heart.

Luckily, the stars predict your partner will realize the importance of a loving gesture, and will surprise you with something romantic. Expect the unexpected, because this surprise will appear just as you think it’ll never happen.

12Virgo Horoscope: Your January Will Be Defined By Happiness, Especially When It Comes To Children

Aside from the maternal and paternal astro signs, Virgo are known for being particularly good with children. These little humans will be the source of great joy for you this month. 2019 begins with you feeling recharged to start new projects, and you feel motivated to address issues at home.

During the middle of the month, spending time with children will boost your creativity. Children will also be a great source of laughter for you, energizing your spirit and placing a permanent smile on your face. Don’t get too many ideas though – if you think about starting a family (or having more children), be prepared for humorous backlash from your partner!

11Virgo Love Horoscope: Your Love Life Will Feel Poetic All Month Long

Everyone desires to feel like they’re living in a fairy-tale. This month, a poetic, romantic gesture and a soul lesson will define your love life. You’ll feel comfortable communicating the depths of your emotion, which will be fueled by the aforementioned gesture that could sweep you off your feet. Softening your guard will open your world to new levels of passion and depth with someone you have feelings for, and you’ll begin to feel like your love life is fiction instead of fact. Cherish the way your love life makes you feel this month!

10Libra Horoscope: You’ll Spend Most Of Your Energy Balancing Your Home Life And Work Life

If you want to make the best of this month, you should spend your time making your home comfy. Create the space you have always dreamed of having, because if your home life becomes hectic, a healthy space can keep you balanced. If it’s possible to work from home, you should seize the opportunity.

Professional life and family life will string you along all month, which could drain your energy. Time for leisure will free up towards the end of the month, but you should focus on staying ahead of the game! It will ultimately lead to happiness.

9Libra Love Horoscope: A Family Member Will Offer You Advice You’ve Needed To Hear For A Long Time

Surprising wisdom can come when you least expect it. If your love life has felt complicated or confusing, be prepared for a family member to offer a beacon of hope. It is likely this advice will come from an elderly family member. They’ll offer stories about life, love, loss, and the importance of opening your heart despite the need to protect yourself from hurt. “What is life without love?” they might say to you. Their wisdom will put your love life into perspective, which is why you should seek out your family when you’re left feeling conflicted in love this January.

8Scorpio Horoscope: Even When Your Financial Sector Takes A Blow To Start Off The New Year, You’ll Maintain A Positive Frame Of Mind

Yeesh… no one wants to start the year stressing about finances, and you refuse to allow a dismal banking situation get you down. Even if money feels tight throughout January, you will maintain a positive outlook. If you’re versatile in your job skills, you earnings should increase.

Everyone around you will notice your wry humor and clever responses. It might be a new resolution, but you’re taking things less seriously and enjoying the possibilities life has to offer. It will be up to you to decide if this attitude will last throughout the year.

7Scorpio Love Horoscope: Your Love Life Will Be Filled With Weird Conversations About Money

The term ‘January blues’ is often associated with everyone’s aching bank accounts, and not even your love life can escape these awkward conversations. If you are in a relationship, be prepared for confusing conversations. You’re talented at seeing through lies, so keep your radar on for dishonesty coming from your partner. The stars foresee deception (or a little fib) in your future.

If you’re single, a date might turn sour when the topic of money rises. If there’s awkward tension about who’s paying the bill, maybe you should take a breather from your love life and focus on your finances.

6Sagittarius Horoscope: The Winter Months Aren’t Able To Quell Your Fire, Especially To Start Off The New Year!

Between the Moon entering your house of finances (which will give you extra spending money) and your friends showering you with advice about your future, you’re feeling a little more confident and feisty. Despite the winter cold, your fire will be on full display this month. You’ll face a few quirks at home and in the work place with a positive, energetic attitude.

If your temper flares, exercise will be the perfect outlet for your pent up emotions. Going with the flow will be challenging this month, especially when it comes to siblings, but balancing patience and your explosive personality will be your best bet.

5Sagittarius Love Horoscope: Be Mindful About How You’re Communicating In Order To Stay Happy

Your fire is making you chatty! You’re eager to communicate in your relationship about everything that pops into your mind, but this could lead to miscommunication. You might not consider how your words come across, which could lead to hurt feelings and unhappiness. You hate feeling misunderstood, but it might be inevitable if you aren’t careful about what you say. Communication is delicate in a relationship, which is why your love life is vulnerable during January. If you take time to think about what you say, your love life should be full of starshine and rainbows.

4Capricorn Horoscope: Your Relationships Will Provide A Stable Environment

Think to yourself: what is the one relationship I can count on unconditionally? That relationship will be your anchor this month. Jupiter topping your chart emphasizes the importance of social interactions, and the value of these interactions could define your happiness this month.

Communicate with your friends and family about your feelings. You should remind yourself about the downfall of taking revenge; what goes around comes around, so if someone steps on your toes this month, seek sanctuary in the comfort of others. When your mind is stormy, their mind will be clear, and your relationships will help guide you.

3Capricorn Love Horoscope: You’ll Realize You Need To Stop Chasing The Ghosts In Your Love Life

You’ve been living in the past, and you haven’t even realized it. You may be in denial about chasing your ghosts because it doesn’t sound practical that you would do something so foolish, but it’s the truth. Are you pining for your relationship to be the way it use to be? Are you dreaming of a former flame that was destined to fail? In January, you should make it your resolution to avoid creeping through social media or overthinking past conflicts. It might be time to look in the mirror and ask yourself what you really want. It is time to convince yourself to move forward.

2Aquarius Horoscope: Your Relationship With Nature And Animals Will Deepen

Planetary transits in your charts will deepen your appreciation of nature. You’ll find yourself constantly yearning to be outside, especially near wild animals. This will help you gain a better perspective on your role in the universe. It might sound crazy, but trying to communicate with neighborhood animals will be good for your soul.

January will be spiritual for you, which is a positive way to start off the New Year. The stars recommend you visit unfamiliar places of worship or practice a new ritual, which help you gain a better understanding of others. Perhaps your next travel destination should be somewhere mystical?

1Aquarius Love Horoscope: A Friend Might Have A Surprise Agenda That Will Harm Your Love Life

You pick your friends carefully, so it will come as a surprise to you to discover a friend might not have your best interests at heart, especially when it comes to your love life. The stars foretell foul play involving friendship, and it likely has something to do with romance. Perhaps a close friend has a crush on the same person you do, or they have eyes for your boyfriend. If your instincts are telling you something is off, listen to them! Keep your eyes peeled for secretive communication, and be prepared to have a conversation you never wanted to have.

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