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Horóscopo de Piscessio para Noviembre 2018: Love


The Venus Star Point in Gemini will take place on 06/03, over the Fourth House of Pisces, inviting you to ask yourself about the self-imposed restrictions that have hindered your path to personal growth.

This astrological event will also place the focus on the weight of family expectations; fear of leaving the comfort zone; the idealization of work as an excuse; and the type of interaction you want to have with the family of origin.

With the Venus Star Point, and the retrograde planet of desire (until 06/25) in the House IV of the fish, you can learn from the past, or become a victim of circumstances.

It is important to keep in mind that on July 4th, the North Node will move to the IV House of Pisces, giving the native greater clarity about their true wishes, and long-term goals.

In the same way, the North Node in your IV House, supposes to strengthen the bond with the emotional world; develop a healthy affectivity; undertake the search for home (metaphorical or literal); and understand family history.

On the other hand, the retrogradation of Mercury in the fifth House of Pisces, from July 18 to July 12, indicates that, when discussing with children or subordinates, it is advisable to avoid drama and openly listen to the other’s opinion, calmly.

With the retrogradation of the planet of communication in the V House of fish, it is essential to work on the need for approval, and to assume that you are valuable simply because of who you are. Love and trust.

Keep in mind that it will be in the same House V of Pisces, where the annular eclipse of the Sun in Cancer of 06/21 will take place, which can materialize as a sudden crush, by a person who had remained outside your radar.

However, before starting a new romantic relationship, take the time to get to know the other and their intentions better (Mercury retrograde in the V House of fish).

The solar event holds great creative potential for you, so it is recommended to take with you what you need to take note of your ideas, at any time (electronic devices, paper and pencil, agenda).

With respect to the social circle of the sons and daughters of the fish, the presence of Uranus in House III speaks of the interaction with brothers or neighbors, as a means of obtaining a fresh perspective on the issues that concern you.

However, the configuration formed by the retrograde stars in your XI House (Pluto, Jupiter, and the asteroid Pallas) suggests caution in dealing with friends or colleagues, to avoid misunderstandings or the breakup of a relationship.

Horóscopo de Piscessio para Noviembre 2018: Money


July 2020 will be a promising period for the natives of Pisces, in financial matters. The entrance of Mars in the House II of the sign (06/27), suggests an intense dedication to obtaining resources, both through the usual means and entrepreneurship initiatives.

It is important to keep in mind that Mars in House II of the fish, can encourage risky investments, so it is recommended to request an independent opinion, before making a final decision.

On the other hand, the presence of the asteroid Juno in the VIII House of Pisces, indicates that the subject is aware of their responsibility towards the family economy, and the administration of the shared heritage.

In the workplace, the activation of the South Node in the X House of Pisces (06/04), invites us to recognize that authoritarianism and the illusion of control can harm your image in the professional environment.

Creativity and curiosity are also part of a leader’s qualities, so you don’t have to hide them. The retrogradation of Mercury in the V House of Pisces, from 06/18 to 07/12, will impose the revision and updating of the projects, adding your special touch.

The fact that the penumbral eclipse of the Full Moon in Sagittarius on 06/05, occurs precisely over the X House of Pisces, implies possible disagreements with people in an executive position.

Likewise, there is the possibility of having a minor accident in the work area. It is wise to prioritize, and not use your career as a means of evading the outside world. Remember that in difficult times, there are people you can count on, such as family and close friends.

Another astrological aspect to take into account, during this time of year, is the entry of Pallas retrograde into the XI House of Pisces (06/02), a location where Pluto and Jupiter meet, also in apparent decline.

With this configuration, failures can occur in planning or launching collective initiatives. The presence of Uranus in House III of the fish indicates that the use of new technologies to spread or communicate ideas will be a decisive factor in moving forward.

Horóscopo de Piscessio para Noviembre 2018: Health


The onset of Neptune retrogradation in Pisces (06/22) involves paying due attention to the manifestation of psychosomatic disorders, food poisoning, medication side effects, foot injuries, and ailments involving the lymphatic system.

Likewise, Neptune retrograde in the sign of the fish can cause difficulties to fall asleep or have a restful rest, so it is suggested to implement the practice of meditation, or relaxation exercises, before going to bed.

As Saturn continues to retrograde in the 12th House of Pisces, the native may adopt a dogmatic attitude in the face of adversity; however, flexible thinking will be the key to overcoming the pitfalls.



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