Road Head Confessions of a Good Girl

For as long as I’ve been sexually active, I’ve never been one to shy away from an adventure.

Now I’m not someone who’s into nasty fetishes or bondage.

But I like the little dirty things.

For me, road heads are hot. Whips and canes are not.

When it comes to sex, I like playing with my mind more than involving pain or different apparatuses.

The good girl’s clean side

Now I may love a few experiments in the wild side. But frankly, no one sees this side of me unless they’re dating me.

On the outside, I’m demure, sweet and more cute than sexy. I’m the damsel in distress and the sweet girl who seems like she knows nothing about sex or the  male species. I’ve even dated a tough guy who told me he thought he’d dirty me if he touched me, whatever that meant!

But date me and take me, and boy, you’d see a wild side you would never have known existed. I’m quite proud of this dual personality I can portray to the world. It’s an exciting high that always surprises any guy I date.

But now that you know I’m not weird or way too dirty, let me get to my road head confessions.

My tryst with road heads

I’ve given a LOT of road heads.

I gave my first road head when I was 18, and ten years down the lane, I haven’t stopped doing it. There’s something about a road head that excites any guy, even if he’s a cowardly chickenhearted geek.

But once you’re done with a deed, guys like you a lot more. Probably because you just made them feel more daring and macho, who knows!

I like going on long drives and taking off on road trips now and then. Perhaps my interest with road heads just grew along with the boredom of road hypnosis. I’ve given a road head to almost every boyfriend I’ve ever had.

The first time I ever gave a road head was on a freeway. I was scared and yet, it excited me. My boyfriend had such a tough time driving, and watching him have such a *hard* time driving the car turned me on even more. I just wanted him to lose control of the wheel. Somewhere inside me, I knew that was stupid, but I felt more powerful and sexy. I could control a man with his shaft in my mouth. It was an exhilarating and empowering experience really.

Stares from other drivers

One of the most exciting aspects of a road head is the fear and excitement of getting caught. If you’ve given a road head a few times, there’s a good chance you’ve been seen by other drivers with your mouth near a gear shaft.

Getting caught is fun. The other driver almost always looks shocked and awe struck. If there are a group of guys in the other car, you’re always going to hear a lot of hoots and catcalls. I’ve never had a bad experience with road stares though, but I have heard a few stories from my friends where other cars try to trail you wherever your car goes just to get a better view. Creepy!

Topless road heads

Sometimes, I’ve intentionally gone topless with the windows down when we’re on a road trip. It’s really embarrassing if another car stays parallel to yours for more than a few seconds, but if it’s a quick zip past each other, it’s a sexy rush that just can’t be explained!

My only road head crash

One time with an ex boyfriend of mine, we ended up driving over the curb because he lost control of the wheel. It was a dark evening and we were cruising around a lazy suburb to while away a bit of time. Thankfully though, it was a just little hit on the bumper, and there was no damage to my head or his!

As we were recovering from the minor crash, a dad who was walking with his two daughters rushed to help us. And after seeing what we were up to, he turned to his teenage daughters and said, “See, this is why I tell you not to go out with guys!”

I guess he saw my boyfriend zipping his pants up as he came near the car. Both of us burst out laughing and sped away before we could hear anything else! It was so funny, I feel like laughing just thinking about it now.

Getting watched

There was this time when I did something I thought was unthinkable. I gave my boyfriend a road head while my best friend was sitting in the back seat. My boyfriend was shocked, my girl friend was laughing hysterically and I had a wild time doing a crazy thing I never thought I could. And at the end of the day, there were three horny people driving back home!

My first date road head

My funniest and most exciting road head was one I gave a guy on a first date with him. He was a great guy and I didn’t care whether it would end up being a one night stand or a long term relationship. After the date, I just wanted to have a bit of fun and thank him at the same time. We finished dinner and got into the car in the parking lot. He was trying to make a conversation with me before starting the car. I didn’t care to listen to him. I reached out, slipped his trousers down and have him a head. He was shocked, surprised, and looked down at me with a wide, giddy smile!

I asked him to start the car and drive. Shocked and awed, he excitedly drove back to his place, and after a good time in bed, thanked me for the best date of his life!


Road heads and the experiences

Are road heads hot? Are they really sexy? Well, they definitely are. Road heads are hot for the same reason why having sex in front of someone else or in public is hot.

It’s what you’ve always done, but you bring a new twist into a regular job. And that makes it more exciting and memorable. If you can create unique memories of the same chore, it’ll always stay fresh and exciting, don’t you think?

Road head do’s and don’ts for girls

# Know the road before you go down on him. Is the road safe enough for a road head? A guy can seem reckless at times, but you’ve still got to have your presence of mind.

# Don’t keep bobbing your head up and down, it may embarrass the guy. Remember that other drivers can see you from the back.

# Don’t bite or hurt him just to experience more emotions from him.

# You may try your best to make him lose his focus, but instead of trying to make him hit a tree, just focus on the fun.

# Don’t ever get carried away and sit on his lap or do something stupid.

# Don’t hold anything else in your hand like a cigarette. It’s kinky, but one mistake could do a lot of damage.

# Communicate with him, but don’t intentionally try to distract him.

Road head do’s and don’ts for guys

# Pick a lonely and familiar road. Don’t indulge in a road head when you don’t know where you’re going.

# Road heads are thrilling, but don’t let the passion and adrenalin get to you by driving fast.

# Don’t close your eyes to experience the pleasure better.

# Stay focused on the road even if all you want to do is drop your hands from the steering wheel and hold her head.

# Remember that the focus is not on the pleasure, it’s on the excitement of doing something wild and memorable.

# Never allow a girl to give you a road head when you’re drunk.

# Slow down completely if you’re having a hard time controlling the wheel and your mind. Better wild and safe than wild and sorry.


Road heads are fun and definitely memorable. But always remember that any distraction of this sort is against the law. Have fun, get naughty but never compromise safety for sexual pleasure, not when you’re on the road.


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