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Life is one big journey for you most of the time, Sag, and also 2022 has great deals of chances for you to laugh, love, discover, explore, and also broaden your mind in brand-new and purposeful methods!

Your ruler Jupiter has exceptionally mind-expanding power, and also it spends an unpredictable year going back and forth in between two very various powers: liquid Pisces at the beginning, aggressive Aries from mid-May to the end of October, back to Pisces up until late December, and afterward back to Aries to liquidate 2022! These extremes affect your moods as you go from deeply caring and also spiritual experiences to busy, personally empowering ones, so prepare to enjoy a bit of a roller-coaster trip for much of the year.

With your house planet’s backward duration between the end of July as well as completion of November, you get a much-needed chance to do some profound self-reflection, which is honestly something you like to do. Disregarding the disturbances of your (occasionally frantic) day-to-day life enables you to concentrate on what your internal consciousness has to claim as you review the experiences you’ve had up until now this year. Do you recognize those deep thoughtful concerns you like to contemplate? This is the time to obtain some responses.

The sun companions with your pleasant indicator from completion of November throughout of December, motivating you to connect with other people as well as a better cause (not that you also truly require the additional increase). Trying to find charities and methods to make other people’s lives a bit richer can improve your holiday experience this year, Sagittarius. Investing the holidays in a new city or nation is your dream, but there are plenty of wonderful experiences to be had closer to home as well.

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