Self-Love Looks Better On You Than  Heartbreak

I no longer have the patience for inconsistency, for hearts that change at the first bump in the road or people who say everything right until things go wrong. I no longer have the tolerance for people who promise me the world then fail to show up when mine comes crashing down. I no longer have the energy to keep trying so hard for people who are waiting for the first sign to give up on me.

I no longer have the innocence to believe the lies I want to hear so I could keep going, I no longer have the faith to believe words that are not followed by solid actions or play games to prove that I care less. I no longer have time for dishonest love or hesitant hearts or almost relationships.


And I guess this is what happens after you’ve been burnt so many times, after you’ve given out a thousand chances and got none in return and after you’ve been betrayed time and time again. You begin to give yourself the love you didn’t receive, you begin to invest all your love and energy in yourself, you become for yourself everything others couldn’t be for you and when that happens, your self-assurance stems from you, from your self-love and from your own validation. You become the center of your own life.

Because the truth is self-love looks better on you than heartbreak. Self-loves looks better on you than chasing after the wrong people. Self-love looks better on you than staying with someone who doesn’t see your worth. Self-love looks better on you than being in a relationship that dims your light.

And when you’re equipped with a good amount of self-love, you automatically reject those who can’t love you with the same intensity, you switch off your buttons when people push yours and you stop watering those who don’t help you bloom. Because self-love looks better on you than self-loathe. Self-love looks better on you than self-pity.

Because if all those failed relationships taught me something, it’s that every time you choose to be alone instead of being with someone who doesn’t soften your heart, you win. Every time you walk away from a toxic situation or from someone who chooses not to give you everything they’ve got, you win and every time you give up someone to heal yourself, you win, Because self-love looks better on you than heartache and healing looks better on you than self-inflicted pain.


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