Seriously Red Flags: Not-So-Hidden Signs A Woman Will Always Misinterpret

We all like to give relationship advice to our friends as if we’re experts on love. Sadly, that is the complete opposite of the truth.

While we like to pretend that we have all the answers, that isn’t exactly the case. We still end up falling for the same old lies and mistakes a little bit too often. It seems like we’re constantly giving our lover the benefit of the doubt and letting things slide.

The truth is that every woman is constantly interpreting her lover’s actions completely wrong. We’re becoming blind to the red flags in the relationship. It seems like a part of us is trying to find a more positive explanation of the issue rather than acknowledging what’s really going on.

Instead of pretending that everything is okay, it’s time to come to terms with what’s really going on. We’ve come up with the top 20 red flags that women seem to constantly interpret wrong in a relationship. It’s time to stop giving our man the benefit of the doubt and actually realize that he’s doing something wrong.

The sooner we catch these red flags is the sooner we’ll be able to work on our relationships. Who knows, maybe it’s time for us to ditch our problematic lover and seek someone new!

20He Constantly Talks Poorly Of His Ex

There is absolutely no reason that he should be talking poorly of his ex. While you might try to make excuses that this is okay since he’s not fond of her, she’s still someone who once played an important role in his life. This is a major red flag that endless women keep interpreting wrong.

If he’s constantly bashing his ex, that means he’s not over her! He has built up negative emotions over her that he just can’t let go of. He’s not happy with how things went down and is trying to figure them out by talking poorly about her. While he might try to convince you that he’s completely over her, don’t fall for it.

19His Friends Influence His Decisions

Women often interpret their lover’s friends completely wrong. These are the people your man is going to go to when he has a relationship issue. If your lover is easily influenced by his friends, that isn’t exactly ideal. If you’re not on good terms with them, get ready to have them bash you.

Don’t think that you can just ignore his friends. They will totally push your lover away from you if you aren’t exactly in their good books. His friends have a huge influence on his decisions. Make sure that you’re friendly with them so that they don’t double cross you. His friends are sure to influence his decisions, so you better make a good first impression.

18Ultimatums Are Early On In The Relationship

If you notice that ultimatums are already present early on in the relationship, you should prepare for some issues to arise. You might interpret this as your lover taking the relationship seriously. He isn’t willing to play any games and is telling you what he wants up front.

While it’s nice to know that he’s serious, this is actually the wrong interpretation. In reality, he’s probably pretty obsessive with having power in a relationship and is declaring his control early on. Don’t let him get away with dictating relationship ultimatums at any point. The relationship should be a balance of power and understanding, not a power play by one partner!

17He Won’t Apologize First

Luckily, most women are able to pick up on this red flag. But they’ll usually let it slide as they justify it as being part of their lover’s nature. That couldn’t be more off as it’s more than just a personality trait.

If you notice that your man is never willing to apologize first, you should take it as a red flag. This shows that he’s not willing to compromise with anyone and is waiting for you to bend over backward for him. The only time that he’s willing to admit that he was wrong is if you do it first. This totally isn’t how a relationship works as often times it is only one person that was wrong. Don’t apologize for anything that isn’t your mistake!

16Positivity Is Always Overpowered By His Negativity

This has to be one of the worst traits ever. If his negativity is constantly overpowering any positivity in a relationship, it’s best to just let him go. While we’re sure that you’re able to realize that this is a major red flag, it’s actually much worse than it appears.

Don’t assume that he simply has a pessimistic perspective on life. He’s actually not willing to change his ways, even for his new lover. He thinks he can get by in the relationship by focusing on negativity. Rather than letting his pessimism slide, it’s time to be real and deal with it head-on before it ruins everything you’re trying to build!

15The Flirtation Seems To Have Disappeared

It’s completely normal for the relationship to reach a more comfortable stage where the spark has died down a little. You two have completely gotten to know each other and sometimes feel like best friends more than lovers. However, the last thing you want to do is misinterpret the state of your relationship.

If the flirting has disappeared, that is a major red flag. Your man should still be throwing some kind words at you here and there to keep things going. If the spark has completely died down, that means your relationship is going downhill. Your man is soon going to seek out that spark, and it might not be with you.

14He Has A Ton Of Female Friends

If this is the case in your relationship, you should probably figure out what it means. You might’ve let this slide as you justified it to yourself as your lover simply having a ton of friends and some of them being girls. However, if you’ve noticed that the majority of them are female, there might be something off.

There will always be the possibility that your man could fall for his friend. Who knows, maybe they were together initially and have now ended up as friends. Don’t simply dismiss this and rather figure out what draws him to female friends. There is probably something else going on, and it’s your job to figure out what it is!

13The Relationship Is On His Time

If the relationship is constantly on his time, then you have a major issue on your hands. While you might try to interpret this red flag as your man simply being busy and taking control of the schedule, this isn’t the case.

Rather, he’s showing that he thinks that his time is much more important than yours. He’s looking for a way to make sure that the relationship is benefiting him all the time. If you’re not willing to run on his time, then he’ll find someone who is. It’s time to stop interpreting this red flag as him simply being busy and come to terms with his desire for self-interest in the relationship.

12He’s Overly Dependent

While it might’ve been cute that your man was initially dependent on you, you’re soon going to realize that this is a hidden sign that there is much more going on. You probably were more than ready to have your partner depend on you when times got rough, however, there is more to the story.

The truth is that your man probably doesn’t have his life in order. Rather, he has some trauma that he’s not willing to deal with and is hiding behind his partner in the relationship. This might raise some issues in the near future as you begin to question whether your partner is with you out of love or dependence. While you’re always going to be there for your man, you have to make sure that he’s not overly dependent.

11Past Mistakes Are Always Brought Up

If he’s not willing to forgive and forget, it’s time to let him go. We all make mistakes and it’s a normal part of every relationship. However, if your partner isn’t willing to move on from the past, a ton of issues are always going to come up.

Don’t simply interpret your lover bringing up past issues as him being invested in the relationship. He actually wants to start up another fight in order to get something out of it. He probably wants you to show him attention and prove how much you care for him. Don’t let your man take advantage of the situation and stir up drama whenever he wants you to prove your feelings towards him.

10It’s His Way Or He’s Not Doing It

There is nothing more annoying than dating someone who isn’t willing to do things any other way than their own. While they might want to pretend that their way is the best for everyone, it probably isn’t. They’re just looking for a way to manipulate everyone around them and they’re doing it for their benefit.

If you find yourself dating this person, it’s time to stop letting his selfishness slide. He probably doesn’t know what’s best and is instead focused on having everything go his way. Don’t interpret this as him knowing everything; he’s actually just selfish. A relationship so isn’t going to work if someone is constantly focused on their own self-interest.

9The Relationship Isn’t Exclusive

If the relationship is still not exclusive, that’s a major red flag. While you might try to justify it as your man not being ready to put a title on what’s going on, there is much more to the story. The truth is that he’s not willing to acknowledge the state of your relationship and is just looking for what benefits him the most.

Not putting a label on the relationship gives him the freedom to talk to other girls, as he made no promises. However, the second that he makes it official with someone is the second that he’s promising to only be with you. It’s time to make it official or move on. We’re not about to let someone take advantage of us!

8He Doesn’t Respect His Family

It seems like he’s constantly telling stories about how much distaste he has for his family. While much of it is completely justified, some of it is a little bit unnecessary. You might want to interpret this as him not being happy with his family situation, however, there is probably much more to the issue.

If he isn’t able to even respect his family, then its probably him that’s the issue. He should be the bigger person and at least appreciate everything that they have done for him. Instead, all of this constant complaining is so not fixing anything. Try to motivate your man to work on things rather than always being consumed with negativity.

7He Opened Up Way Too Quickly

It’s always a red flag if your partner opened up a little too quickly. While you might have convinced yourself that he feels comfortable around you, there could be more to it. It seems like he’s looking for someone to depend on and transfer all of his issues onto.

You shouldn’t have to deal with every one of his problems early on in the relationship. This might mean that he’s looking for someone to be there for him rather than seeking a genuine connection. This totally isn’t what you want as the foundation of your relationship though. Don’t misinterpret him opening up quickly as his way of showing how much he adores you; there might be something else going on.

6Anger Issues Seem Like An Every Day Occurrence

While we could deal with a few outbursts if he’s a little stressed, if they happen every day then it’s actually a serious issue. The last thing that anyone wants is to reach the stage in the relationship where they’re being consumed with constant negativity. If he thinks that he can freak out on you whenever he feels like it, he is more than wrong.

Don’t let your partner take advantage of you with negative outbursts. While you might want to interpret it as him being stressed, this totally isn’t going to slide. Your partner has to understand that you too have emotions and are easily impacted by their negativity. Try to be there for your partner but don’t let him control the relationship!

5He Projects His Issues Onto You

It has to be one of the worst things when you notice that your partner is projecting his issues onto you. While we all need a little help to deal with our problems, we shouldn’t be forcing anyone to deal with them as it’s not their responsibility. If you notice that your man isn’t able to deal with anything on his own, you should bring this issue up.

Don’t misinterpret this as your lover trusting you and seeking advice. The truth is that he isn’t able to deal with anything on his own and is instead looking for you to do so. Rather than working together on these conflicts, it seems like he’s dumping everything on you. This so isn’t going to slide as no one deserves to deal with issues that aren’t their own.

4The Compliments Seem To Be Disappearing

It seems like he’s getting a little bit too comfortable with how things are going and isn’t putting in as much effort as usual. While things were initially going amazing, it is all slowly beginning to change.

The compliments are disappearing and he’s not putting in as much effort as usual. You’re probably interpreting this as reaching a very comfortable stage in the relationship. While you may have reached that milestone, it doesn’t mean that all of the amazing parts have to disappear. If your man isn’t willing to tell you that you look beautiful as he thinks you already know that, he’s so off. Relationships require constant effort from both people to make sure that things keep working!

3His Freedom Is A Top Priority

There are little signs here and there where you’ll begin to notice that he prioritizes his freedom over everything. He doesn’t feel the need to be tied down as he desires the ability to do whatever he wants. You might want to interpret this as his love for control, but there is so much more to it.

Instead, he’s completely intimidated by the commitment and would much rather be in charge of everything on his own. The second you end up in a relationship is the exact moment where you have to give up some control in order for things to work. You’re not able to do everything your way as there is someone else in the picture. Don’t confuse his fear of commitment with anything else!

2Double Standards Are Common In His Eyes

He’s so used to getting his way that he’s convinced that he should always be able to get things to fall in the exact order that he wants them to. If you notice that he’s never willing to compromise, that’s because he’s more focused on whatever will benefit him most.

Don’t try to justify his approval of double standards as him being influenced by society. Instead, he knows exactly what he’s doing and expects that his relationship will go the exact way that he wants it to. Sometimes that means that he isn’t willing to compromise at all. Instead, he’s looking for a way to have things work out in his favour, even if it means creating a double standard. His self-interest is his number one priority!

1He’s Obsessed With Social Media

This just isn’t going to work. While we’d be the first to admit that we can get a little social media obsessed here and there, we don’t want our lover constantly on his phone. This is a major red flag as most women interpret their lovers obsessed with social media as his need for approval.

Instead, it seems like he’s constantly on social media because he isn’t happy with his life. He’s looking at what everyone else is doing, rather than coming to terms with his own life. It seems like he isn’t completely happy with his relationship, either, when he spends time checking up on others. While he might desire approval, he’s more so looking at what the rest of the world has to offer as he isn’t content with what he has.

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