July2 , 2022

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She is the kind of woman who will love you for who you are and accept all of you.

She will see your flaws and kiss them anyway. She will see your weaknesses but still believe in you and your strength.

She will still trust her life and heart in your hands because she trusts you.

And no matter how hard you hurt her, she will always be the one to take the high road. She will always be the one who will walk away with her head held up high, even if she is falling apart inside.

Even if she loves you wholeheartedly, she will still find the strength to pick all of the pieces up and leave.

She is the kind of woman who learned things the hard way. She learned how to love because she was never loved properly.

And she does it with her whole mind, body and heart.

When she gives herself to you, you know you have all of her. Because she never had anyone like they had her.

She learned how to heal herself because people who were supposed to be there for her never were.

She learned how it hurts to be left, how it hurts to be lonely next to someone she loves more than anything in the world. And she swore to never do it to anyone. She swore to never do it to you.

She is the kind of woman who will always find another second chance to give to you, because she believes in you.

She believes in love. She will always keep all those memories of your happiness close to her heart, but make no mistake—she will never put up with your betrayal. She knows her worth and she knows what she deserves.

It took her years of wrong and toxic love to learn it and now that she knows, she will never let it go. If you make her feel like she is not good enough, she will walk away.

If you make her wonder if there is another woman, she will walk away. If you make her feel worthless and humiliated, she will never look back.

She is the kind of woman who never comes back.


She will fight for you all the way, she will give you all the chances in this world. But once she walks away, she’s gone for good.

And when you think of her in the night, when memories of her body come back crawling in your mind, she will not be there.

When you realize that she is the best thing that ever happened to you, she will not be there. When you realize that you treated her like shit, she will already be someone else’s treasure.

Not because she needs love, but because love needs her.

She is the kind of woman who will never cheat on you, because she knows how loving a cheater breaks you.

She is the kind of woman who will never make you question your worth, who will never make you wonder if she is going to leave.

She is the kind of woman who will be your biggest support and your biggest fan. Because she struggled on her own.


She had to find a way to guard her own back and to pull herself forward when everything else was working against her. And she knows how a little bit of support can do wonders.

How even the slightest bit of love can make you feel better and even the shyest smile can brighten up someone’s day.

She is the kind of woman you will regret losing, not because of her body. But because of her brilliant mind and remarkable passion.

Because of the peace and storms she brings with herself, chasing away the boredom from your life. Because she is both gentle and fierce, both bright and dark, both sun and moon.

She is the day to your night and the sand to your oceans. And once you chase her away, you will soon realize that there is something missing. Soon you will realize that it was you who made her leave.

You didn’t know how to handle her fire, so you tried to put it out. Because you didn’t know how to look in the light, you tried to drown her in your darkness.

And because you didn’t know how to love her wholeheartedly, you took away the love she had for you.