July3 , 2022

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They can’t stand the spiel. They will not feel devastated to the point of crying for months.

They won’t start pointing fingers at you and blaming you for all your mistakes in the relationship. They won’t force you to stay either. On the contrary, strong women know that sometimes separation is inevitable and that is why they are so strong.

They will not only let you go, they will encourage you to do so.

If you do decide to go, strong women will respect your choice because they understand that everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled.

They also know that life goes on and that they will survive this separation because they are familiar with the process. They have had to part ways with the people they loved many times, so they never let anyone be the sole source of their happiness and emotional fulfillment.

Strong women know that you shouldn’t demand the affection and attention of others because true love should be simple.

Strong women know that good people will not go away. And if someone decides to leave, it’s just the wrong person.

They also realize that a breakup means a new beginning and they are not afraid to start a relationship again with someone else.

These women are brave and fearless, and instead of mourning their loss, they will once again open their hearts to love. They believe in love and don’t let anyone destroy their dreams.

They will have more strength to achieve their goals thanks to your absence, they will become stronger and achieve their dreams.

So instead of asking you to come back, they’ll focus on themselves and love each other more. They will forgive themselves and move on.

Because one thing is certain, once strong women say goodbye, they never back down.

And if one day you change your mind and want another chance, it will be too late. Strong women always move forward and never get stuck in the past.