The month to balance everything. The energies will be right for you and you only need to keep your intuition work for you. balancing your body, mind, and emotion will bring harmony in the situations you are in currently and which aren’t progressing for you. when you treat yourself with more respect and have more confidence in your capabilities people too will start seeing that in you. it will help you further your cause.

Use your expertise and balance it with the kind of knowledge you possess and even the gut feeling. The calmer you are the better the position for you will be n every aspect of your life.

Mantra: I AM calm & peace within, in every situation, now & always.



It seems that there will be much for you to be happy about but with the opportunities coming in, the way you’ll be using your ideas this month and the proper furthering of your life, there’s an inner dissatisfaction, avoid. You need to accept it and look deep inside you to let it go.

Because this energy will stand in your way to progress further this month so instead of 100% you’ll be a recipient of only 60% cosmic luck which isn’t what anybody is looking for.

Accept the fact and then take the right action in every situation and this will pave way for your new and better reality this month.

Mantra: I AM creating opportunities to reap divine luck which is in my favor, always.



Angels say that your caution and boundaries that you’ve to build for yourself is the root cause of you feeling stuck and fearful. If you have the inclination of implementing your ideas or starting anything new, then they suggest that you wait for this month not leaping on every seeming opportunity, the operative word being “seeming”.

Which the opportunities will be as they will take your time & effort without coming to fruition. It seems that some people will try to manipulate you or will try to use your ideas for their good without letting you know.
Be cautious of whom you open up or make an acquaintance of. Networking will only work for you this month if you’re keeping a level head.

Mantra: I AM guided & protected by the divine forces, always.



Be more open in your communication to yourself and others. When you accept your vulnerability and see what your own flaws are you’re one step ahead in healing them and not letting them make a fool of you. your consciousness this month is needed in everything you do, because there’s a lot of manifesting energies for you and you’ll want to use them for your highest good.

You think you are level headed and practical while your emotions rule your world, so this month its better to keep a tap on them because they might attract difficulty for you. It also seems that your efforts will be bearing fruit but with a lot of push and hard work from your side. Whatever it is, don’t miss out on the chance to work things out in your favor.

Mantra: I attract the right opportunities and success in materializing with my dreams, now.



Angels say that the cosmic energy is attracting the right situations and the right people to you. the ball will be in your court this month in that how you turn things around in your favor with the situations and people around you. the more you use your emotions and gift of the gab to guide you and work through a situation the better it will be for you.

If you’re the skeptic in understanding that the balance you seek with your partner (both professional & personal) won’t change things for you then you’re in for a surprise this month. The more aware you are of your emotions and the more you direct them to the right goal, you will be manifesting your desires that quickly and easily.

Mantra: I seek balance and harmony in my life, now & always.



Inner conflicts can only be resolved through the proper understanding of what you really want and this month as you make a move and work out your life, you need to clear your intentions.

You may be feeling a lot confused and don’t know where to head as many of you are going through a transition phase where you’re moving in a new and better territory and times, but in between time is the most difficult for many as it is now for you. accept the changes happening within and outside and work through changing your confusion and chaos because that’s the only thing in your hand.

Even when you’re not able to grasp everything that the universe is presenting, go with your gut-feeling and flow with the changes. Don’t resist anything this month surrender is the right power word for you.

Mantra: I AM surrendering to the divine will, now.



You will be in anticipation and in waiting but the Angels say that the month of September is the right time for your growth and advancement.

So, taking the right action will be necessary and you’ll also get indications either by the cosmic forces or by a change in the situation or through some people which will indicate that whatever you’ve been waiting for is happening and will come to fruition very soon.

If you have had a certain dream/idea and you wanted to make it your reality then don’t just strategize but make a move and let your actions open doors of opportunity for you.

Mantra: I AM taking the right action that is ensuring my future success, now.



Don’t let your ego drive your opportunity away from you. you feel a lot and get personal at every turn which isn’t the best thing to do. Detach from people and situations which aren’t working for your highest good and which aren’t paying you anything good.

Balance your expertise with sensitivity, your intuition with your mind-power and you will be moving ahead faster than you thought. Many of you may feel stuck because the stubborn attitude you’ll take against some good opportunities.

When you start feeling that ask yourself what is important to you, reaching your goals or getting into petty scrabbles of ego?

Mantra: My actions are directed towards my highest good and success.



Angels say that you need to make a movement. It may be that you’re moving to a different place from where you were right now, or you’re getting new opportunities to drive you. Whatever it is the Angels say that this is the right action for you at this time. Always remember to start somewhere with your ideas and don’t let them become stale and jaded. Work hard and create opportunities for you should be your mantra for September.
Use your thoughts to drive success and not the failure. How can you do that? Just keep focusing on what you want and not on what you don’t want to happen.

Mantra: My ideas are implemented as they attract the right opportunities for me.



Universe asks you to know that you are the authority in your life so don’t let others have power over it. Your actions and your decisions will ultimately lead you to the future.

So, if you aren’t listening to your gut-feeling but the advises of others then things may get difficult for you to sustain and advance.

This month is a time for attracting abundance in every form so Angels say that you need to stop worrying so the wrong energies don’t flow in your life but the right one. Keep a level head and decide after analyzing but it should not be from the point of fear or doubt.

Mantra: I AM confident in myself and reap rewards for my good.



Angels ask you to be cautious and not let any fear guide you this month. Go with what your gut feeling is telling you, and don’t fall prey to superfluous things and promises. Choosing your battles or arguments is up to you and Angels say not to waste time that isn’t worth giving energy to.
You need to work for your betterment and so the last decision should be yours in everything. Use your understanding, knowledge, and sensitivity along with your intuitive thoughts and there will be better chances of not getting yourself into difficult situations with difficult people. Creating a boundary at this time will be important for you.

Mantra: I AM guided and protected from the situations that are not serving my highest good.



The longer you keep yourself trapped in your past, the worse it will become of the good situations that you may be attracting. This month is the time for you to leave the old and move on to the new. And this move is not only physical but more on the mental (thoughts) and emotional level.

If you keep carrying burdens you won’t ever be able to use the opportunities that are coming to you. stop looking and giving energy to what had not worked in your life and that ranges from your goals to people.

Expectations may not have met in the past but that should not bring misery in the now. As you move ahead or try to you will start seeing marked changes this month.

Mantra: I let go and forgive as cosmic abundance is mine to claim, now & always.


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