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Horóscopo de Taurussio para Noviembre 2018: Love


The activation of the South Node in the VIII House of Taurus, on July 4, makes it imperative to leave behind trauma and complexes, which threaten trust and intimacy in relationships.

The advice of more experienced family members, or professional psychological support, can be valuable tools to help you overcome obstacles, change perspective, and avoid arguments.

It is important to remember that with the South Node in House VIII, the North Node moves to House II of Taurus, so we talk about overcoming attachment to individuals or objects, and opening up to new experiences.

This trend will be reinforced by the Venus Star Point (Sun-Venus conjunction) in the II House of Taurus, where Venus completes its retrogradation process, until 06/25.

The apparent pullback from the planet of desire, coupled with the Venus Star Point, suggests that it is time to take apart (wrong) personal beliefs, and work on deserving consciousness (believe in what you deserve).

Finally, on 06/22, Neptune’s retrogradation will begin in the XI House of Taurus, so it is recommended to avoid trusting (too much) people who have just joined your group of friends or colleagues.

Horóscopo de Taurussio para Noviembre 2018: Money


On July 3 the Sun – Venus conjunction, known as Venus Star Point, will take place over House II of Taurus. This astrological event aims to promote financial organization, based on the goals/wishes that are part of the life plan.

Additionally, the Venus Star Point in House II of Taurus encourages the analysis of alternative sources of income, or complementary to the usual ones (example: consultancies, teaching courses or workshops, among others).

Let us remember that during the Venus Star Point, the planet of desire will be in a retrograde phase, and it will only be until 06/25 when it begins its direct trajectory, inviting to work (concretely) on the materialization of the proposed ideas.

However, the fact that the Sun remains in House II of Taurus, until 06/20, indicates that it is possible that the native receives interesting business proposals, salary benefits, or bonuses, during the first fortnight of July 2020.

Another astrological aspect to consider, in this period of the year, is the activation of the North Node, on 06/04, in the aforementioned House II. This transit refers to investing in projects that allow enjoying financial stability and independence in the short and medium term.

When the North Node is positioned in House II, it indicates that the South Node is located in House VIII. For Taurus natives, it means that you need to focus on settling old debts, and cultivating trust in interaction with partners or family, practicing tolerance.

Keep in mind that on 06/06 the penumbral eclipse of the Full Moon will take place in Sagittarius, precisely on the House VIII of Taurus, which suggests that it is necessary to have patience to deal with delays in obtaining funds, the management of family wealth, and the payment of taxes, insurance and related.

In the workplace, Juno’s presence in House VI of Taurus refers to the material commitment to tasks and the workplace; however, the presence of Saturn retrograde in House X, indicates that the subject is evaluating other options, associated with their professional future.

On the other hand, on July 02, Pallas retrograde will enter the IX House of the sign, where Pluto and Jupiter are also in apparent backward phase.

This alignment speaks of editorial or academic projects that are in the process of analysis; significant corrections on web pages; and international procedures that must be resumed (patience).

Finally, on 06/18, the retrogradation of Mercury will begin in your House III, so it is recommended to avoid getting involved in rumors or gossip, which may turn against you, especially if they arise in the work area or community of residence.

We suggest you take advantage of the apparent backward movement of the communication planet to practice concentration exercises; create supports for documents, images, videos and audio recordings, in digital format; and reflect on new study opportunities.

Do not forget that on 06/21, we will have the annular eclipse of the Sun in Cancer, also over House III of the sign. This event highlights the importance of not falling into unnecessary discussions; maintain honesty in communications; and take the time to clear up old misunderstandings.

Horóscopo de Taurussio para Noviembre 2018: Health


The activation of the North Node in House II of Taurus (06/04) promotes the discovery of new interests, and the construction of a scale of values, aligned with the present.

Also, this astrological position encourages the search for emotional independence and internal security; in addition to overcoming attachment to people, objects and material goods.

The presence of the South Node in House II, indicates that the South Node is located in House VIII of the bull, resulting in the assessment of its own capacity for transformation and resilience.

With the South Node in the VIII House of Taurus it is essential to take care of mental health, and work on the healing of old emotional wounds, preferably with professional psychological support.

In the same way, the South Node in House VIII can become a formidable ally in discarding old beliefs and prejudices, and reinforcing trust.

Another astrological aspect to consider, during this time of year, is the entry of Mars into the XII House of Taurus (06/27), which is especially helpful for those trying to understand how to overcome the patterns associated with repressed anger and frustration.

Mars in the XII House of Taurus also points to an active practice of spirituality, the defense of the rights of the least favored, and the manifestation of great unconscious activity.



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