What are the zodiac signs with the strongest intuition? Each sign has different aspects and characteristics. Some are more extrovert, others communicative, stubborn, artistic, among many other possibilities. Every sign has negative and positive energies that we can be used for your own advantage if you learn how to identify and work with these powers.

Intuition is one of those characteristics and, definitely, some zodiac signs have it stronger than others, but also, they deal with it in a different way.

If you are one of those people who can guess things without even trying, that feels what’s coming in your stomach or your heart and by looking in someone’s eyes instantly knows if that person can be trusted or not, maybe yours is one of the zodiac signs with the strongest intuition.


If you are an Aquarius or you have this zodiac sign strong in your natal chart, you are probably a very intuitive person. Aquarius is the most intuitive of all signs. In fact, this comes as a surprise most of the times, but it’s true!

Aquarius has a natural connection to the Universe. People of this sign live together with the Universe, which makes them the most intuitive ones. If you are Aquarius, your decisions are probably impulsive, but you know that most of them are also correct and they come in the best possible time.


Your intuition works especially when things get tense, or when bad situations are approaching. If you are a Gemini, you know you hate conflict, you run away from it as soon as it seems to be near, and you are lucky enough to feel it.

One great thing is that you can spot toxic people at first sight and you never give a chance to these relationships, which saves you from a lot of problems.



One of the most sensitive signs from the zodiac, they have an ability to create powerful connections with everyone. This deep bound reflects in instinctively knowing the vibes the other people are sending you. You can sense negativity even before it arrives!

If you are Pisces, you can read others easily and also make friends and create bounds. When you feel negativity in other people, you usually step away, not feeding toxic relationships, which is excellent for you. Learn how to trust yourself and what your gut tells you.



Full of passion, Aries’ intuition is life-saving! If it weren’t from it, you know you would put too much of your energy into people and situations that are not worth it. Your sixth sense is excellent.

Your intuition is especially incisive when it comes to knowing the intentions of others and lets you know when to be more cautious than usual. Usually, you can predict when things are going to be dangerous and damaging for you, and you can step away from it in time to protect yourself.



Perfectionists, Virgos are fanatic when it comes to aesthetic. What it means is that you have a natural detector for things that are not right, imperfections and errors. You pay attention to small details that go unnoticed to most of the people.

Unlike the previous zodiac signs with the strongest intuition, Virgos might conflict with their intuition since they are also extremely rational, and both things don’t seem to be compatible, sometimes.

If you are in one of the zodiac signs with the strongest intuition, learn how to deal with it and take the most out of it. Half of the world would give everything to be able to be as intuitive as you are, so enjoy it.



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