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The Best Days To Have Dental Work Done According To Astrology

The Right timing to Do Everything in 2020, According to Astrology

Setting up your 2020 calendar? Here’s what the Farmer’s Almanac has to say about when to schedule everything from little tasks like hair appointments to massive life events like weddings.

Every year, the authors of the Farmer’s Almanac conduct thorough research on the movements of stars, moons, and planets. Armed with these astrological calculations, they’re able to determine the most auspicious days of the coming year to perform many different tasks. The 2020 edition of the Old Farmer’s Almanac debuted in September 2019, with a full two-page spread showcasing the “Best Days for 2020” chart. “This chart is based on the Moon’s sign and shows the best days each month for certain activities,”.

Find out just how accurate they are when predicting the weather.

The best days to begin a diet (to lose weight)

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Turns out you can be forgiven for not beginning your resolution diet right on New Year’s Day! If you’re trying to lose weight this year, astrology says that these days are the best to start dieting. Plus, find out the trendy New Year’s resolutions experts say never to make.

January: 14, 19

February: 11, 15

March: 13, 23

April: 10, 19

May: 16, 21

June: 18

July: 10, 15

August: 5, 11

September: 3, 8

October: 5, 14

November: 1, 11

December: 8, 12

The best days to have dental work done

Sure, you may roll your eyes at the suggestion that there’s a “best” day to schedule such an unpleasant obligation. But, according to astrology, there are days every month where you’re better off having it done.

January: 13, 14

February: 10, 11

March: 8, 9

April: 5, 6

May: 2, 3, 29, 30

June: 25, 26, 27

July: 23, 24

August: 19, 20

September: 16, 17

October: 13, 14

November: 9, 10

December: 7, 8

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