August15 , 2022

The Dark Side Of Each Zodiac Sign In June 2020



One of the great tragedies of 21st century astrology writing is that so much of it is feel-good writing, as if
astrology is some sort of convoluted, perpetual compliment to humans simply because they were born. Okay, it’s
not all that bad, but we oen look to astrology for validation, forgetting that where there is light, there is
shadow, and in that shadow, the worst hides in the dark. Thus, every sign has a dark side, because no trait
always manifests in positive ways. Here’s a taste of each sign’s dark side:

Aries explosive temper is legendary, but even scarier is its impulsiveness. Aries’ last words are “hey guys, watch
this!” Aries acts on instinct, and acts before it thinks, meaning that it can do very regrettable things on impulse.
This can make it unreliable, and Aries knows it can use its temper to get what it wants in the immediate, even if it
ruins Aries’s prospects in the future. It doesn’t have a strong concept of the future, only of right now. Thus, it’s
more likely that Aries’s dark side is amoral rather than immoral, because immorality takes deliberation, which
isn’t Aries thing.


Taurus is perhaps the greediest sign in the zodiac, and it really, really doesn’t want you to know that. It’s
possessive, and it wants all of everything, and it may struggle to not take everything. It looks at price tags and
name brands; it equates being given the best of everything with being loved. Taurus can find sharing to be
painful, especially when it comes to labor; it will simply not do something and wait for someone else to do it.
Taurus deep down feels entitled to special treatment because of what it has given or what special qualities it
thinks it possesses.
Dark Side of the Zodiac

Gemini’s inquisitiveness and need to talk make it nosy, and it oen fails to keep secrets. In fact, the juicier and
more salacious something is, the more likely Gemini is to say something, oen feeling it has a duty to share the
news with the world or the person who wasn’t supposed to know. Gemini knows that knowledge is power and
can use information to manipulative people or simply to create drama for its own amusement. Why so serious,
anyway? Gemini doesn’t place a lot of stock in feelings, and the moment emotions become intense is the
moment right before Gemini slips out the door.


Cancer’s sensitivity can be weaponized, and its imagination can make it see the worst in everything. Cancer’s
protectiveness may make them lash out suddenly, without thinking. Cancer can sometimes thus think the ends
justify the means, and that so long as they’re protecting themselves or a loved one, it’s okay that they use their
claws to rip someone to shreds. They may even do that to keep others from leaving them or hurting them first
because of a fear of abandonment. Cancer can go to extremes to keep around those it’s attached to, giving them
whatever they want, no matter how dark or unhealthy it could be.


Leo’s fragile egos and deep fear of humiliation make it difficult for them to enter games or situations in which
they’re not guaranteed to win, so they may underachieve to shine places that are insanely easy for them to
shine. The drama queen in them leads to social aggression such as alienating others.
They don’t like to share the stage, so they undercut or ignore people and situations that are threatening instead
of rising to the occasion. Secretly, Leo is on the outside looking in even – especially when – it appears to be on
the inside having the time of its life.


Virgo’s need to be right and fear of losing control can leads them to justify behavior that hurts others, but as
Virgo reasons, is for their own good, because Virgo knows best. It’s the master of coldly delivered insults that rip
from the inside out. However, deep-seated insecurities that it’s not perfect and will never be can lead to selfloathing and self-punishment, constantly comparing themselves to others and going to extremes to control all
the details in their lives. This can turn into some seriously self-destructive stuff, like eating disorders and
obsessive behaviors in an effort to purge themselves of their darkness entirely.


Libra is actually the most duplicitous sign in the true meaning of the word and is least likely to admit to having a
dark side. Libra likes others to do its dirty work for them so its hands stay clean because it wants to see itself as
all goodness and light. It loathes confrontation, it will lie or create facades in order to smooth things over, oen
never revealing it’s true thoughts or feelings in order to spare others. This is how Libra finds power, something it
feels it cannot get for itself, so it has to hide behind stronger people.


Scorpio is the sign most oen associated with the dark side. It has jealousy in spades. Scorpio wants what
everyone else has, it may slip in unseen and take it away. Scorpio’s desire and coveting is endless, so nothing is
ever enough, and it will go to extremes to get what it thinks will satisfy. Scorpio can also be obsessive and
possessive, especially when it comes to people, including ones that don’t know that Scorpio wants them. It
suspects others of doing the same, so it always questions everyone’s motives, assumes ulterior motives in
everything, and insists on seeing the worst in others.


agittarius’s need for freedom can manifest as irresponsibility and a lack of attachment to other people. This
means a lack of giving a crap about getting along with people or simply doing things for other people even if
Sagittarius doesn’t want to or doesn’t see the point, since Sagittarius is fine with slipping away and popping up
somewhere else when things get too hot. Sagittarius is famous for foot in mouth disease. It also is willing to
gamble for the thrill without considering if it can pay its debts, and whether something is Sagittarius’s to gamble
away in the first place.


Capricorn can be so ruthlessly ambitious that it may seem that at its very worst, it’s always playing a game of
chess with everyone. At it’s best, it’s watching and playing politics, making alliances based on what that person
can do for them, and breaking alliances if that relationship is no longer advantageous or threatens to harm
Capricorn’s reputation. Pecking orders are important to them because they need a social ladder to climb to the
top, and no one can threaten that. Capricorn will win at all costs…eventually, and can keep grudges for a
lifetime. Capricornian revenge is a dish always served cold.


Aquarius takes delight in rebelling, even if it’s not sure why, even if there is no endgame. Aquarius is above it all
and smarter than everyone else. It’s bored with the world as it is and wants to create chaos just to see what
would happen. It despises plebes and basic bitches; normal is loathsome, and the more others hold a concept
dear, the more Aquarius is driven to rip that concept apart. Since Aquarius can have many ideas, it can’t
understand why anyone would hold onto one so dear, and if you’re not with Aquarius, you are against it.


Perhaps the worst thing about Pisces is that out of all the signs, it struggles the most to see itself honestly and
refuses to do so. It either greatly underestimates or greatly overestimates its capacity for darkness. Either way,
nothing is ever Pisces’ fault, because Pisces is a victim of everything. Pisces is more likely to harm itself and
destroy it’s own life and happiness than anyone else, but it is also likely to try to make others feel responsible for
Pisces self-destruction. If everything is someone else’s fault, then nothing Pisces does is wrong, so there’s
nothing to fix.