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The Dating Trend Each Zodiac Wishes Would Die


Sending mixed signals. You wish more people would be upfront about their emotions.


Pretending not to care. You wish more people would embrace their feelings instead of worrying about appearing clingy and coming on too strong.



Friends with benefits. You wish more people would be willing to get into actual relationships with people they’re attracted to and consider a close friend, instead of keeping things casual.


Netflix and Chill. You wish more people would go out on romantic first dates instead of hanging out inside their own stuffy apartment.


Ghosting. You wish people would admit when they aren’t interested in you instead of dropping off the face of the planet and making you guess what went wrong.



Almost relationships. You wish more people would put labels on their relationships instead of stringing others along without making a commitment.


Casual s*x. You wish more people would search for a deeper connection, for true intimacy, instead of engaging in one-night stands and never speaking again.


Playing hard to get. You wish people would put actual effort into relationships instead of fighting to be the one who cares less.


The talking stage. You wish there weren’t so many steps between flirting and in a committed relationship. 



Dating apps. You wish more people would value face-to-face conversations instead of trying to create relationships over a phone.


Playing games. You wish more people would be straightforward with you instead of pulling you close and pushing you away, based on the day.


Toxic relationships. You wish more people would choose the single life over being stuck in a toxic relationship with the wrong person.

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