July2 , 2022

The Detailed Moon Horoscope 2019


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The Moon Horoscope 2019 of BILD der FRAU reveals what the state of the moon means to you. Read the detailed horoscope for each star sign here – with the Mondstands table for the whole year!

When is the best time for an operation or a visit to the dentist? Should you start fitness training today or better a month later? The correct answer is often the moon. Because he has a powerful effect on our physical and mental health. The various moon positions activate certain forces that affect humans, animals and plants. Find out more in the 2019 super precise Moon Horoscope by Mauretania Gregor.

Moon Horoscope 2019: What to Expect in Love, Job & Health

The lunar phases have a big impact on our lives – and on our everyday lives. What does this exclusive Astro Guide for 2019 predict? The strict Saturn continues to go through the dominated by him sign Capricorn. Uranus, which is in urgent need of change, finally moves from March to the “holding” bull. There are fights programmed. Socially, politically, privately – nowhere is wrongdoing covered up any longer. Anyone who seeks power and money in public office is unmasked. Result: loss of trust, reputation, influence.

Even personally, considerable turbulence is possible. Some succeed in a liberation strike, which, however, can precede a painful separation.


Why the moon calendar is so important to us

The various moon positions activate certain forces that affect humans, animals and plants. More and more people are aware of this power. Hairdressers invite you to cut their hair at full moon, gardeners pick vegetables on special fruit days, physical education teachers advocate cardiovascular training with the moon waning: they all want to live “naturally” – after the moon!

No wonder: With new moon about the detoxification of the body is greatest. Anyone who separates from new habits (chocolate, red wine) at New Moon has the best chance of persevering. Those who are weakened by illness, best populate his body with increasing moon. At full moon we often sleep restless, dream intensely. Scientists have also observed that full moon nights are more dangerous: the police are preparing for more acts of violence. Animals bite more frequently during full moon nights. And midwives bring twice as many babies on a full moon.

Because you lose less blood as the moon wanes, your surgery will perform better. Also, who starts a diet, has greater success! It is also important for us in which zodiac sign the moon is currently standing. While the sun takes a month to travel through a zodiac sign, the moon changes signs every two to three days.

Zodiac signs and their impact on our health

It is also important for us in which zodiac sign the moon is currently standing. While the sun takes a month to travel through a zodiac sign , the moon changes signs every two to three days.

Each body area is associated with a zodiac sign. This means that if you want to do something good for a body part, then on a day when the moon runs through its mark – it works better! Exception: an OP!

But: Bad behavior (too much stress) has worse consequences on these days. Example: If you experience cold drafts on Bull Moon days, not only can you get a stiff neck, but also tonsillitis. But if you have neck tension and treat yourself to a massage, it works especially well.

Here you can see which parts of the body are affected by which sign of the zodiac:

  • Aries: head, brain, eyes, nose, upper jaw (with teeth)
  • Taurus: neck, tonsils, ears, thyroid, voice organs, mandible (with teeth)
  • Twins: lungs, shoulders, arms, hands
  • Cancer: breast, stomach, liver, bile
  • Leo: back, heart, circulation, diaphragm
  • Virgo: intestines, spleen, pancreas
  • Libra: kidneys, bladder
  • Scorpio: sex organs
  • Sagittarius: Hips, pelvis, sacrum, thighs
  • Capricorn: knees, bones, joints, skin
  • Aquarius: lower legs, veins, ankles
  • Fish: feet