June27 , 2022

The Hunter’s Moon Is Approaching, Which Means November 2020 Will Be *Extra* Spooky


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This month we have yet another specialty full moon: the Hunter’s Moon on October 24. Get ready, because this one is dark, as in Halloween is coming a few days early this year.

What is it?
The Hunter’s Moon refers to the full moon in October. Because this one occurs deep into autumn, it functioned back in the day as a signal to ancient hunters to make one last grab for meat before the frigid winter months. Basically, this full moon is the “last call” for fall.

Why should I be scared of it?
This is truly a Halloween-themed full moon. It’s in Taurus, the sign of stability and growth, which is ruled by Venus, currently in retrograde. (Did you forget about Venus retrograde? Yeah, that’s going to continue until November 15.) But furthermore, Venus is actually in Scorpio right now and will be in opposition to this full moon.

Wait, what are “oppositions”?
Oppositions are exactly what they sound like: enemy relations. This means we get the tensest aspects of each celestial body. The moon rules our emotions, which will feel a little more fragile and volatile than usual. Meanwhile, our instincts for love, harmony and diplomacy are likely to give way to jealousy, discord and separations. Whoa.

Is it all bad news?
Although this lunar event will come with a lot of challenges, the good news is that every full moon offers up the opportunity to reexamine something that isn’t currently working in our lives. In this case, it’s likely to revolve around material possessions, money or love. If they aren’t actually adding value to your life, this is the cosmos nudging you, telling you that it’s time to make a change.

The other good thing about a full moon is that you tend to see it coming. If you’re feeling no tension on the horizon, honestly, you’re probably in the clear!

So lean into it and throw on a horror film with a friend. Both the movie and the Hunter’s Moon will be over soon.