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The Most Competitive Zodiac Signs In November & December 2022, According To Your Zodiac

Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and also Aquarius are the zodiac signs who MUST win at every little thing.

Exactly how competitive is your personality?

If you were born with an Aries, Capricorn, or Leo horoscope, you probably already recognize that you’re rather fierce when it pertains to developing your toughness and authority.

Also Libra, the most unified, balanced sign in astrology can be incredibly affordable regarding points, but differently.

As an Aquarius, I could not be the most affordable zodiac sign, however, I am affordable.

There’s something I love regarding winning that makes me wish to take on people and reveal to them just exactly how awesome I am.

Of course, that’s only when I’m not stating how remarkable I am, but you obtain my point.

When it pertains to competition, some zodiac signs take it way and also far. They are the ones that like to contend anywhere and almost everywhere so that they can claim that they are the best of the very best.

And also when they’re not competing, some zodiac signs still can turn one of the dullest or non-competitive scenarios right into a competitor.

I do not know if I would think about that a present, always, but these zodiac signs seem to believe that competitors are constantly the solution.

I recognize, I know I claimed that as an Aquarius I don’t have the most affordable character, yet I did claim that I still do like competitors.

I may not be as aggressive as Aries or as brutal as Capricorn (it holds), however, I can place my game face on if I need to.

Now, it could simply be my point of view, yet I think a little dose of healthy and balanced competitors is never a negative point. It keeps individuals on their toes and also it’s often nice to scrub a win in your BFF’s face every once in a while, even if you’re simply contending for enjoyment.

That stated I would certainly favor putting my all into a competitor with somebody, knowing that I’m either going to win or shed, as opposed to starting a lively competition with my friend that’s just for enjoyment.

That said, I do like competitors in the workplace, in an atmosphere where healthy and balanced competition isn’t necessarily urged, however, can help enhance every person’s interest to function harder and also push their limitations.

And also, the end outcome is usually positive because you’re already using the same team; so, every person wins! Yet when it involves friendly competition, it’s difficult for me to get out of that frame of mind and bear in mind to be spirited.

Understanding me, I would inadvertently make it a significant competitor for no other factor than intending to win.

Since I consider it, maybe I am much more competitive of a person than I make myself out to be.

I think it’s a good thing that I’m on this checklist, isn’t it? Here is one of the most competitive zodiac signs of astrology, including myself, Aquarius.


Aries, you love being first in actually everything that you do in life, and the only way you understand exactly how to be first is by competing with others.

You might attempt to play it off as spirited as well as not extremely serious, yet when it concerns you, competition is always severe.

You tend to be a sore loser as well as a very braggy champion.

Every that said, competitors are exactly how you keep your energy up. Being affordable provides you the power and indication to your life, and you aren’t one to reject yourself some fun in life.

While you do like to search for competitors in everything you do, you’re truly just ever before seriously severe regarding it when it comes to things and also scenarios that are essential to you.


Leo, your love of competition originates from wishing to be the best of the very best at the office.

You love the suggestion of getting ahead in your career through the competition since you like the thought of enjoying while still revealing to everybody around you that you are the best.

When you do contend, you attempt to keep it laid-back and also fun since you do not want to be referred to as the individual who can only split a smile when she’s beating everybody else down.

When it involves your personal life, including your loved ones, you don’t have a competitive side.

Unless you’re just being playful, you don’t see the factor in competing with individuals for enjoyment.

You like to leave the competition to your professional life where you can shine without stressing that you’re mosting likely to hurt a person’s feelings or be as well affordable.


Scorpio, your love of competitors goes together with your passion for life.

You may not always like competing with somebody, but you do get extremely excited in particular situations and can not constantly control yourself on your own.

Because you’re a fire indication, you are very abundant and also flourish on the excitement that life brings.

Occasionally, life brings competitors, yet you try to keep it playful regardless of what.

You may seem like an extremely extreme zodiac sign, but in truth, you are a great deal more sensitive and fun-loving than individuals give you a credit rating for.

You prefer to keep points easygoing than perhaps shed a friend as a result of hardcore competition.

That said, if you are feeling affordable and also not in a lighthearted means, then you’re not one to show mercy to individuals you are competing against.


Capricorn, you like competition since it is your method of showing other individuals that you are the GOAT (greatest of all time).

You like being the one in charge and also you understand that competing is the easiest means for you to win, which is the most basic way for you to verify to individuals that you aren’t just speaking crap when you say you’re the very best.

And also, you like the thought of being the one individuals pertain to when they need aid with something. As well as if that implies having to defeat several times in competitors after that so be it.

For you, competition is all about giving it your all and also disappointing any kind of grace. When you take on people, your only idea is winning.

Luckily for you, you are not that aching of a loser, although you don’t truly like shedding anyhow (who does?). But instead of getting upset over it, you know that all you need to do is maintain completion until you win.

When it concerns competitors, you can develop into an entirely various person; one that wants to win at all costs.


Aquarius, you are just one of those rivals who likes to keep the competitors to themselves.

That indicates that you might not readily admit that you like competitors, yet when you have an opportunity to compete against someone and also perhaps win, you’re around it.

For you, competitors are about confirming on your own that you are the most effective.

You do not always care about defeating the various other individuals so you can hold it over their heads, but you do wish to prove that you have it in you to complete.

An additional point that you do not always like to confess is that you can occasionally get very jealous of others.

As well as also when there isn’t an actual competition going on, you occasionally create a fake competition in your head simply to see if you can do away with that jealousy you’re feeling.

It could not mean much to vanquish a colleague on a task you’re both dealing with, however to you, it implies that you can press your limitations and also still attain something meaningful.

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