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The perfect relationship – men think differently, women too

Posted: September 15, 2019 by XPOFeed

Maybe you often get the impression that men and women do not really work well together. They usually have different ideas of a perfect love relationship. Already in the early stages of many relationships, it turns out that a man seems to approach the subject differently than a woman.

You’ve probably once complained that a potential partner simply can not decide on a true partnership after a promising start to your relationship?

Added to this is the fact that, apart from the sexual orientation, people can be shaped in very different ways due to previous experiences in their own family when it comes to love relationships.

We think that this is a very complex topic , but here are some answers and suggestions for your questions .

What is a perfect partnership?

Let’s briefly explain what this little word in advance really means:

  • Perfect

Adjective, meaning: If something is so good that you have not the slightest exposure to it.

Sounds a bit utopian, right?

How perfect partnerships should look depends very much on the respective cultural circumstances, which can vary from social form to social form.

When it came to a perfect relationship, the idea of ​​starting a family was often in the foreground in addition to economic security. Today, these aspects do not seem to matter too much.

These days, you’re more likely to put ideas of love and personal happiness into the limelight. The problem with this approach may be that the ideas of happy living circumstances can be individually very different.

You have probably already had the experience that happiness is a difficult to grasp and hard to define state. In general, we tend to guess when we are unhappy. Sexual orientation also plays a role in defining when a relationship is perfect.

With that in mind, it’s worth taking a look at how men would describe relationships and their personal happiness in this context.


From the point of view of a man

Moving away from the idea of ​​a family-and-marriage-only connection between two people could have created many insecurities, especially among males.

From a men’s point of view, women today seem much more independent and therefore more sophisticated in the non-material sense. To be supposedly responsible for the happiness of another person can be a very unpleasant, stressful feeling for him. Assume that by nature he feels most responsible.

Since male beings are usually struggling to express feelings and emotional beliefs , misunderstandings between the sexes are open to the door. Even if he, like women, longs for closeness and security, he seems to shy away from firm agreements at the beginning of relationships.

Sometimes this condition can last for years, so the woman feels he just can not decide.

Many men also see their personal happiness primarily in the development of personal interests and in the professional realization. They are then unsure whether the potential partner is the right one, giving them appropriate freedoms to live their lives.

Probably the most important thing for your sweetheart is the erotic sensual exchange with you as a partner. But you should not imply that he is only concerned.

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What is important to him?

In fact, today, given the sometimes too many options, men do not find it easy to decide what they really want.

Therefore, you can hardly expect a standardized statement shared by all male gender partners .

In summary, however, you will be able to bring it to this common denominator:

He wants to make you happy and not unhappy in the partnership . In addition, it is likely to be said that he prefers a shared laugh and a happy partner when asked about his preferences.

Your sweetheart will probably appreciate it, even if he can fool around with you once. And you are not only his love partner, but sometimes the best buddy.

To put it in a nutshell – men like it more generally uncomplicated. They do not want to be constantly criticized and fined. Although it is a cliché often described, your lover is best ” tamed ” in freedom . A humorous, relaxed partner guarantees a perfect love relationship rather than a clinging, supercritical person.


How women see it

What do you say when asked for the perfect relationship? You will probably speak of trust, happiness and love . Also, closeness and understanding play an important role for you, if it is to be perfect with him.

In general, it will be easier for you than expressing your feelings, you would like to talk to him about emotional issues, and generally communicate a lot with him. Many women also strive relatively early to clearly define contact with a man as a relationship.

Here, the first points of conflict between the sexes can arise if he postpones this point in time. Also, the fact that you act much more attentive to him as a woman can make the differences in the approach between you massive.

Maybe you have had the impression, like many women, that in the beginning he is very restrained or that a back and forth occurs in the intensity of a contact?

If such behaviors continue for a long time, problems in an emerging relationship are not uncommon. If you still wish for children, you will rate the partnership more in this regard. Then you may see a perfect relationship more in terms of a family to be found .

The bottom line is you’ll probably also be able to reduce your idea of ​​a love relationship to feelings of personal fulfillment and security. At this point you are quite similar.


Two make one

If personal realization is at the center of interpersonal relationships today, it can be very difficult to achieve this state of happiness . You may be aware that the constant pursuit of one’s own kick may have a lot to do with selfishness.

When two people in coexistence each strive for happiness and self-satisfaction, many factors must come together so that this endeavor is consistently congruent with both. These feelings are very subjective and difficult to grasp.

In the end, the complexity of the topic has little to do with the fact that men and women have different ideas about relationships. Rather, it has to do with the fact that two individuals meet here. Both have intense demands on the perfect life and the other.

This is often accompanied by great expectations of the other person. These expectations can often not be met by the other. You probably already had a similar experience.

There is a tendency to blame others for their own unhappiness. However, your own dissatisfaction often has more to do with yourself than you would like to admit.

If you want to build a life together with another person, then you can take responsibility for your inner fulfillment so as not to become co-dependent . It will greatly relieve your husband if he realizes that you are not blaming him for your happiness. Assume that your sweetheart wants to see you happy.

14.8 years on average holds a marriage!

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To shape a common life

Since today there are only a few rules for living together, you are both allowed to think for yourself how a life together and the perfect love for you can look like. That requires, among other things, that you can talk about these topics. Feelings of happiness do not set in, because you consider each other in the state of first infatuation by a pink glasses as perfect.

Also a common everyday life wants to be organized. If you succeed in permanently integrating the initial fascination and ease into your love relationship, chances are you both view them as near-perfect. It is between you every day to compromise.

He will meet you, for example, when it comes to your need for closeness or intensive exchange. You can meet him if you can accept his freedom needs with his best friends on the football field as well. A perfect state would not be dynamic and does not correspond to the everyday life you have with each other.

Perfect relationships are changing, just as life changes a little every day.

It is therefore more important than the pursuit of the perfect love relationship to respond together to external circumstances and changing circumstances and seek consensus . That may not sound very romantic, but could make you both happier every day.


Satisfied versus happy?

If you are feeling very desperate now, because you think that yours and your loved one’s ideas about your life together are too drastic, you have several options:

You can…

  • On the one hand, you realize that you really do not fit together because your ideas for a life together in love and respect are incompatible .
  • On the other hand, consider whether your demands on the man by your side and your life together may be too high.

Have you ever thought about whether long-term satisfaction is not even more important than a short fortune?

Many wise people have understood happiness as the intensity of a special moment, while satisfaction creates warm feelings over a long period of time. Therefore, if you do not expect every day that your partner will rain red roses for you, you may be moving faster towards common fulfillment than you initially assume.

Even if you are a family and there are children, personal satisfaction is a particularly important aspect, while an extreme exhilaration can be very fleeting. In addition, you must always be aware that self-realization and self-optimization can compete with your love life.

It always raises the question of whether there is a perfect life, a perfect self and a perfect relationship at all. These thoughts are completely independent of the different ideas men and women have of a perfect relationship .

In the end, each one of you is an individual, not just gendered.

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