2020 has already left with its planetary influences and its ruling planet Mars. 2021 begins with the influence of the ruling planet that is the Sun. Astrological energy changes and affects different signs differently, but there is a common general trend.

Every 36 years there is an era and since 2017 we are living the Saturn era, and this implies that there is a favorable energy in terms of long-term growth, but it also generates more seriousness in the issues and leads to patience.


The combination of the ruling planet Sun and the era of Saturn raises the need for self-knowledge and personal development, as well as a tendency to individuality; in other words, the star father drives the highlight of personal talents, of our essence.

On the other hand, the Sun as regent facilitates us to leave a more conflictive year (2020 , with its regent Mars) and we are finding where to apply with more prudence and less disputes. People will seek their purposes and the tendency will be to want to shine, illuminate, lead as the star that rules the year.

At work people will want to do things with meaning, which has to do with their vocation. Above material wealth, it will seek to be accomplished and with pleasure in what is done. There will also be a dose of wanting individual recognition.

In love, relationships will be sought where they feel valued and at ease, no tortuous or manipulative relationships. Self-love will be strengthened and more stable than occasional couples will be sought.


Let’s briefly see what impacts the king star will have on each of the signs for this 2021


In interpersonal relationships and in love, Aries must maintain good humor and not be so serious this year.

You will give vital importance to work and professional development, but you will have to know how to adapt to new situations and plan projects well, especially in the financial aspect, where it is also preferable to save a little.


Taurus faces 2021 as a year of learning. That is, being open to the new (even to listen to other people’s opinions) and enjoy taking care of yourself. Invest in knowledge, courses and studies to grow. Explore your charisma well and also seek for recognition.


Gemini, beware of financial investments, this year you must go for the safe and run few risks. It is possible that in love there are changes and you must accompany these changes with good disposition. Good omens in the professional field, as well as new business opportunities.


The ruling planet this year will make it easier for Cancer natives who are single to realize a stable and long-term relationship. Good planning will be essential for doing well at work and with finances, especially if you want to get rid of debts.


The natives of Leo will want to shine in their jobs and will have many and very good opportunities to do so. Stable emotional relationships, but you should not overdo it with your excess of ego. This year Leo should worry a little more about their health.


Virgo will have a positive influence of the ruling planet that will advance their self-knowledge and highlight their talents, especially in the professional field. You will feel like learning new things and you may start new studies.


Libra will be more focused on family and relationships. There will be good communication in general, but you should not neglect the rest of the areas, since at work there could be a promotion, but only if you try hard and work harder.


Scorpio natives will be more open to meet new people and begin new ties either in the emotional plane or in the commercial area with new business partners. Intellectual work and learning will be very important topics and to which you will devote a lot of energy this year.


Sagittarius will want to improve the way they have been organizing their life. This year will be dedicated to better planning and better setting your priorities, whether in the field of finance, at work and in relationships with family and friends.


Capricorn will have a year with many possibilities of growth. Solar energy will give you strength to stand out in the professional field, but you must dedicate yourself with effort since the fruits will be quite satisfactory, but in the long term, therefore you must also practice patience.


This year will be of ups and downs for Aquarius natives. They will have a storm in relation to feelings and therefore they will have to prepare very well emotionally so as not to suffer too much. It is a year to strengthen and satisfy personal and spiritual searches.


The natives of Pisces will restructure some relationships, change some areas and also friendships. You will have new ideas at the professional level and it is possible that you will start new ventures that will have good results, but not in the short term.


2020 will lead to the development of very intense passions. Remember that we are talking about the planet that bears the name of the god of war.

Patience will not be a very prominent virtue with Mars as regent of the year 2020 . Everything will be more informal, often improvised and carried away by impulses, more by heart than by reason.

Mars is a generator, it helps to start new things although it does not imply that you have to finish them. In fact more than one will remain unfinished. It symbolizes the beginning, the birth, although without knowing very well how everything that has just started will end.

On a sexual and passionate level, the relationships will be very intense, living fast and showing a lot of emphasis. However, they will usually be brief relationships, but they will leave a good taste in your mouth.

Mars as regent of the year 2020 is also related to accidents, so you have to be careful. Especially for those accidents that are caused by fire or by going too quickly or motivated by anger.

On a political level, it is a year of strength, where the representatives of the citizens are going to be young and energetic people who will act as leaders, showing before all an image of working people and sportsmen.

Together with the ruling planets by year and by cycles, there are also by days of the week. As the name implies, the planet of the god of war will also be of his day of the week. The first day of the year 2020 is on a Tuesday, so it will be an ideal time to start a project or the start of a physical preparation plan.

Therefore, the ruling planet of the year 2020 is Mars, a period in which energy, important decision making or leadership will be prominent features.



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