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LIBRA LOVE HOROSCOPE 2022: 12FEED YEARLY PREDICTION   You're Fair-minded, and additionally, you'll commonly do practically anything to stay clear of a conflict in your lovemaking....

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    The Super New Moon In October 2020 Is Bringing Powerful Energies This Week

    We are about to experience the closest Super New Moon of 2020 on 16th October. The New Moon will be in the sign of Libra, bringing in some balancing energies.

    Being a Super Moon, the energy of the Moon will be felt more intensely. The Moon may not be visible, but its presence will be felt by all as it draws us into the depths of our souls. The Moon will have a heated aura, which will be both magical yet harsh.

    The air is already heavy with uncertainties, and the Moon will only add to it. Expect some painful memories to resurface.

    As Libra shines a light on relationships, we will better understand which areas need to be rebalanced. Those who have been neglecting the self to aid others will now have the time to close in and find new ways to love the self.

    New Moon in Libra Brings Us Back To Ourselves

    The New Moon in Libra is going to help us return to ourselves, without any shaming. It will remind us that we can only tend to others when the self is full.

    If relationships have been troublesome, don’t jump to conclusions yet. You might have to find new ways to deal with it, but be patient for now. The New Moon is all about patience and inner work.

    Super New Moon And Retrograde Energy

    New Moons are associated with new beginnings, but the New Moon in Libra this month is surrounded by confusion with Mercury and Mars in Retrograde.

    The outside world is spinning right now, but we can always focus on ourselves. With both Mercury and Mars in Retrograde, every step forward will feel like an immense leap. There will be delays and miscommunications too.

    Best to avoid important discussions during this period. While this period seems challenging on the collective front, we can work on our intuitive powers and reconnect with our spirituality.

    The New Moon in Libra is a great time for spiritual awakening. We will be more susceptible to insights, and Arcturus is helping us advance now.

    This star is believed to be the home of Arcturians, an advanced race. They usually carry heart-centered energy, and the star will be quite active under this New Moon. Arcturians are very pure, and their energy is one of healing.

    With the influence of Arcturus under this Libra Moon, we will be encouraged to focus on self-love. We need to care for ourselves as much as we care for and tend to others. We need to forgive ourselves in order to evolve.

    If you want to evolve with the Super New Moon in Libra, you have to shift your awareness towards your heart. Try to see your problems and shortcomings through the eyes of love. Find a place within where only love reigns.

    It is not practical to live in such a state all the time. But the light from Arcturus is our reminder to be kind to the self and more forgiving of our mistakes.

    This energy can also be channeled through creative activities. Trying to create something with your own hands, and you will see the energy flowing. It nourishes the soul.

    The Super New Moon in Libra this October is going to be a powerful luminary. Remember to be gentle with yourself and look towards the light. Work with the energies coming your way, and things will work out fine!

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