June27 , 2022

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The last month has been surreal when talking about astrological events..

From the solar eclipse, to the Blood Moon to several planets turning retrograde, it has affected humanity alike, although the effects have been more on the particular 4 zodiac signs- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, owing to the fact that the partial solar eclipse took place “at 18 degrees and 42 minutes in Leo, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 14-to-24 degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.”

This sealed the fate of these zodiacs, and will continue to affect them in various ways, over the course of the year.

The Mercury retrograde also threw a wrench in the plans of these zodiacs. Although these people are some of the most determined, or in a negative way, the most stubborn people, they can also be reckless in their single minded focus that can create a problem for them and people around them, in several ways.

It is needed for them to understand that all these events that took place, were similar to a red light, where one needs to stop and ponder over their actions, and not hurtle like a bull in a china shop.

Not beating behind the bush folks, but the times are going to get difficult for you if you don’t realize that now is the time to introspect and not be reckless, for that would, in turn destroy everything that they have strived so much for, and would end up destroying them, and the people around them.

That is something no one wants. Be careful people, dangerous times are ahead. Let go of this thinking that ramming everything in your path to your destination will actually take you to your destination. What you need to do is stop, and think. Waste a minute of your life, rather than wasting your whole life.


The king of recklessness and adamancy, you have to realize that this period would either make you crave someone to the extent that you would lose into your temptations, or it would make you so self-conscious that you would be spending your days singing your own chants. This time, you need to let it all go, and not put your mind to anything. For, one would lead you to become so dependent on someone that you would not be able to see yourself alone and the other would make you so selfish, that you wouldn’t look at someone beyond your fingertips.

Think wisely, and don’t be callous. Wait, and watch. Strike, when the iron is hot.


If you feel like Nemo, that has been finding its way for the last two years, don’t fret any more. The last solar eclipse for the immediate period would bring in several changes in your life that would help you find your way. For, the lights would always guide you home.


Please don’t lose hope. You have come a long while during this troublesome time, and good times are ahead. Don’t give up whatever you do, for it wouldn’t do you any good. According to reports, this period will actually bring in good news for you. Maybe job opportunities or leadership options are in store for you? But remember, you can only get these, if you don’t give up.