Zodiac Sign

The True Color Of Your Aura, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You have a gray aura because you are a cynic who has trouble trusting others.


You have a yellow aura because you are a lighthearted, playful person who is excited about the future.


You have a pink aura because you are sensitive and sensual.


You have a blue aura because you are an extremely generous person who is highly intuitive and enjoys helping others.



You have a murky brown aura because you are afraid of letting go, afraid of moving forward.


You have a red aura because you are grounded, independent, and self-sufficient.


You have a white aura because you are a highly spiritual person with a strong faith.


You have an orange aura because you are a vibrant person who lives life to its fullest.



You have a black aura because you’ve been holding onto a grudge which has been bringing you pain.


You have a green aura because you have a strong connection to nature and a natural ability to help people.


You have a rainbow aura because you are a creative soul with healing energy.


You have a purple aura because you’re a daydreamer. A visionary.

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