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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Be a Serial Killer In July 2022

When you’re examining your horoscope, you’re probably seeking an understanding of relationships, work, or personal growth. But possibly you’re much more intrigued by particular personality types– perhaps ones that place the “scary” in the horoscope. Just as your zodiac sign can expose whether a person is passionate, driven, or tranquil, it can also unearth some more sinister details– like if a person could be extra inclined to murderous tendencies. Continue reading to discover the zodiac sign probably to be a serial awesome, from simply a little bit bloodthirsty to most homicidal.

When you’re inspecting your horoscope, you’re possibly seeking an understanding of partnerships, jobs, or personal growth. Yet possibly you’re extra interested in particular personality types– maybe ones that place the “horror” in the horoscope. Just as your zodiac sign can disclose whether somebody is passionate, driven, or calm, it can likewise uncover some more ominous details– like if someone could be a lot more inclined to homicidal tendencies. Keep reading to discover the zodiac sign most likely to be a serial killer, from just a little bit bloodthirsty to most homicidal.


Determined as well as compulsive, Capricorns will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal. And also given that they’re ruled by the tyrannical world of Saturn, they can also have a quite destructive power complex. “As a serial awesome go, they operate as one of the most efficient and critical ones,” claims Mysticsense astrologist Rachel Cuban.

Capricorns take pleasure in playing “the lengthy game,” says psychic Aycee Brown. “It’s not as easy as killing for them,” she says. “They justify their action as if they are doing great for a reason.”


Sensitive cancers find regulating their feelings an uphill struggle. “Ruled by the moon, their feelings are connected to ever-evolving lunar cycles, making them unpredictable and also unforeseeable individuals,” says Cuban. “Consequently, this can result in explosive outbursts and also devoting terrible criminal offenses of enthusiasm.” Still, Cancer cells’ killings are less likely to be intended. “They run according to their feelings and eliminate on a whim,” adds Cuban.


While Geminis do not rank at the very leading of the serial killer leaderboard, they are still very strong contenders. As one more mutable sign, “they make adaptable and indecisive people, matching the very same perilous power of a transitioning period,” claims Cuban. They additionally take place to be very charismatic and also charming, as well, which is “an essential component of a serial awesome’s twisted method Operandi.”

Brownish adds that their “split personality” can make it very easy to trick others. “They are usually ones that have best lives by day and then at night their other side appears to play,” she says. “So when they go back to the normal life they can claim that they are ‘excellent’ in the life they lead.”


Like the other water signs, Scorpio similarly has a dark, scary side that is ruled by feeling. “Scorpios are famously manipulative, revengeful, and hold their cards close to their chest,” says Cuban.

The sign is also ruled by Mars, earth of activity, enthusiasm, and aggression. “The dark side of Scorpio permits them to fulfill their dreams concerning murder,” adds Brown. “They have considered it before but when they act, it’s out of petty vengeance and their egos need to win.”


Sagittarians are synonymous with spontaneity as well as risk-taking, and also they have far less consideration for effects and also consequences. As a mutable indicator, “they may be less effective at covering their tracks than a Capricorn, however, their hedonism and also nonchalance makes them far more likely to commit a killing than many other indicators,” states Corbin.
” Their kills will involve adventure and thriller and also taking targets on a trip,” Brown states. Murder is “like a game to them.”


The last sign in the zodiac, Pisces is the most likely to be a serial awesome. As an additional mutable indicator, they are “versatile as well as quick-thinking people,” claims Cuban. That makes them a dish for potentially cunning wrongdoers. “Pisceans, specifically, are especially delicate individuals, leading with their emotions as well as taking everything to heart,” includes Cuban. “This can bring about pretty unsafe situations if a Piscean has a homicidal streak.”

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