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These Are The Four Most Romantic Signs Of The Zodiac

1. Leo

(July 23- August 22)

Out of all the fire signs, you Leo are the most romantic. You have the biggest heart, and you thrive in relationships since you prefer them long term. Regardless of how other people perceive you as either selfish or full of yourself, they actually don’t know that they’re missing out on someone who has the fullest capabilities to become the most selfless individual this world has ever seen. When a Leo truly loves you, you will feel surrounded by their loyalty and sacrifice at all times.

2. Taurus

(April 20- May 20)

Out of all of the earth signs, you’re the only one that can bring every earth sign hater to their knees when they say your kind are the most boring of the zodiac. You guys are the masters at romantically serenading someone. I’m serious, every single love song I’ve heard lately with a dedication to their girlfriends, turning out to be really sappy and cute then you can’t stop crying type of songs, yeah- most of them were done by a Taurus. I don’t know what it is, but maybe Taurus has a point of taking things slow? Maybe it really is the way to write the perfect love song, but it also might be the way to have the best love story.


3. Libra

(September 23- October 22)

This comes to no surprise, but everyone knows that you Libra are one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. Out of all the air signs, you are the die-hard romantic. The type of romance you come with is something not even a Leo, Taurus or a Cancer could replicate. You are the sign that literally brings that cliche line “I’ll do anything for you” from the movies to life. From candlelit dinners, a fresh bouquet of flowers for special occasions, to making the simplest trips to the grocery store romantic. You guys may love the finer things in life but not as much as the person you swear to be with for the rest of your days. You are the kings and queens of romance.

4. Cancer

(June 21- July 22)

Obviously, the sweetest water sign is the most romantic in comparison to its other colleagues. Romance from this sign in its water element makes the concept of practicality sound like a behind the scenes reel of a love letter. This sign will shower you with questions that will make you feel like there’s really someone in this world who truly cares about you. You’ll constantly hear them asking “have you eaten yet?”, “did you need me to get something for you before I leave the store?”, or “do you want to talk about it?”. Basically, you get the hint that these ones will take very good care of you.


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