These Are What a Long Distance Relationship Feels Like

How does it feel like to be in a long distance relationship? With all the known unhappy endings and stories of heartbreaks attached to people’s experiences on LDR, why are there still others who are willing to take the risk?

The truth is, if done right, a long distance relationship can be the most beautiful thing that can happen to any couple. While it’s filled with challenges and lined with obstacles, the fulfilling rewards and the beautiful moments in an LDR make all of these worth the try.

These are what a long distance relationship feels like.

1. It is scary.
Preparing for a long distance relationship can be scary because you have to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for all the changes that are going to happen as soon as you live a life far away from your significant other. This is an early stage where you feel confused, anxious and scared of what distance can do to your relationship.

However, you should keep in mind that being scared is not at all that bad. It just means that you truly care for your partner and you’re afraid to lose them. What you can do is to convince yourself that everything is going to be okay because you’re not going to do it alone.

2. It makes love feel real.
As what was mentioned in the first section, the fear and anxiety that come with starting a long distance relationship are just normal responses to physical separation. Instead of looking at this situation as something to be sad and lonely about, look at LDR as a proof that your love is real and true.

Because regardless of the challenges of being in this relationship, both of you are still willing to make it work come what may.

3. It is fulfilling.
Looking at how far you’ve come and how strong you both have been in facing the challenges of an LDR will give you a strong sense of fulfillment. You made it this far and you have continuously made it work since you made that promise to be together despite the time and distance apart.

It also makes you feel that you are in the right place and you are with the right person. Surviving and making a long distance relationship work is a testament that you are both mature enough to keep a long-lasting relationship.

4. It strengthens you.
Being in a long distance relationship will test your courage, patience, and maturity – and everything that you do and how you react to situations that involve your relationship say a lot about how strong you are as a person.

Even if you started off as weak with a heart that can easily be broken by the simplest arguments and misunderstandings in your LDR, trust in the fact that you will grow stronger and wiser as long as you accept these heartaches as a part of the process of growth.

5. It can be inspiring.
A healthy and stable long distance relationship can be your source of inspiration, thanks to a loving and supportive partner who will always be there to cheer you up on every victory or defeat.

An LDR can be inspiring in the sense that it helps you work hard, do better and perform your best in order to be the best version of yourself as a preparation for a better life, finally reunited with the one you love, in the coming future.

6. It can motivate you.
In connection with the previous section, an LDR can be one of your motivations to grow as a person, succeed in your profession, and inflame your passion to just live life to the fullest. It helps you appreciate how living life, no matter how far you are from your partner, can still be exciting because you know that you are looking forward to a happier future when you are finally together.

You don’t just idly wait for time to pass. Instead, you create yourself and curate your life according to the image of that person that you want to be in the future – the person who you will become, someone perfect and happy for that person you will spend the rest of your life with.

7. It is liberating.
LDR can give you the freedom to just be yourself and live life outside of your relationship. It will help you realize that love and romance are not the only sources of happiness that you can find in this world. You can also be happy spending time with friends, family, and even spending time with yourself.

8. It is empowering.
A long distance relationship feels empowering because it helps you realize the strength, courage, and understanding that you thought you never had.

It empowers you to be stronger despite the obstacles that come your way as a couple; it gives you the courage to face the unexpected and to venture into other aspects of your life that you did not dare to touch because you were too afraid to try; most importantly, it helps you understand your partner’s and your own strengths and weaknesses.

9. It is beautiful.
Being in a long distance relationship feels like embracing the beauty of life and love. In an LDR, you have the chance to see the true meaning of love beyond the physical, a love so powerful that it can conquer and overpower the challenges of time, distance and everything that comes its way.

LDR shows you that love is such a beautifully delicate yet enduring force that helps keep two people emotionally and spiritually connected, despite the fact that they are miles away from each other.

10. It is full of hope.
A long distance relationship helps you hold on to even the tiniest and most subtle hint of hope – because you believe that your love is worth waiting and worth fighting for. An LDR love feels like the happiness that it brings can never die as long as you both believe that every sacrifice, every moment apart is worth it.

If you’re about to start a long distance relationship, you should understand early on that it’s not like any other commitment. LDR has a way of bringing out the best and the worst in couples, so you have to have the strength and the faith to keep going.

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